Istria and Kvarner

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Istria and Kvarner

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Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Istria and Kvarner
Map of the region
Original owner Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Capital Rijeka
Population 676
Language Croatian, English
Hospitals 0
Defense Systems 0
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Istria and Kvarner (Hrvatski: Istra i Kvarner) is the westernmost region of Croatia which includes the Istrian peninsula, the biggest Croatian peninsula and Kvarner islands.

Istria has 445 km of intricately indented shoreline. There are stone-paved or pebble beaches suitable for all ages, especially for families with children, complemented by untamed beaches sheltered by untouched greenery.

The Istrian peninsula abounds with culturally historic monuments, natural wonders or gastronomic delights.
From the wide variety of Istrian food the following are particularly well worth a mention:
prsut - otherwise known as prosciutto (smoked ham), and the Istrian people claim it to be the best in the world;
manestra - a home-made pasta with truffles that represents the wonders of Istrian culinary delights. This dish is prepared with a kind of mushroom that grows underground and which is found by specially trained dogs.

The most important places in Istria are: Pula, Pazin, Poreč, Rovinj, Opatija, Umag, Novigrad.

Kvarner is an extraordinary natural entity, offering well-indented coastline and the scenic islands of the Croatian coast. As a backdrop there are the green and forested regions of Gorski Kotar and Lika, which reach high up into the clouds. This is where European and Mediterranean cultures meet - and blend. The largest islands in Kvarner are: Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab.

Rijeka (Italiano and Magyar: Fiume, Deutsch: Sankt Veit am Flaum or Pflaum) is the principal seaport of Croatia, located on Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea.


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