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Doraemon 1-web.jpg
Nationality Flag-Singapore.jpg Singaporean
National rank 50
Date of birth 13.04.2009
Residence Singapore City
Sex Male
Political party Birthday Party
Military unit eSingapore Armed Forces
Military rank Icon rank Commander*.png Commander*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Jerry Tan (born 13 April, 2009) is a citizen of Singapore and currently resides in Singapore City, Singapore. He is a pure Singaporean player and is an avid supporter of Birthday Party in Singapore.

History of JerryTan

Early Life and Career

Jerry Tan is born in Singapore City, Singapore when it was just created two months ago. He found a job at Singapore City Food created by an organisation named Singapore City Bank. He is an avid player, he played eRepublik everyday. He trained and work everyday. However, his wellness kept decreasing as his food is only Q1 and is not enough to replenish his everyday reduction of 2 wellness(working at a Q1 company, -1 wellness, training, +unknown wellness). He currently have 8 friends. When he told his friends about it, they recommend him not to train because they think it was not necessary in Singapore. One of his friends told him to move to a country that has a Q5 hospital and is constantly in war. There is two choices- Indonesia or Romania. He is recommended Romania but he chose Indonesia due to some reasons. He moved to Xinjiang rather than Sumatra as it has only Q4 hospital.

Life in Xinjiang

He moved to Xinjiang on Day 519. He originally was employed to StarGate Nutrition owned by StarGate Command Centre but was sacked an hour later due to insufficient wellness(The comapany wanted a minimum of 90 wellness). He later found a job at Mech Rifles owned by Mechatronix. He also fight whenever there is war in the country, this caused him to level up very fast. According to him, it was easier to live in Xinjiang than in Singapore City, as he can have a Q3 food easily in Xinjiang than in Singapore City. He owned a newspaper called The Jerry Times but not many people read it. He also never constantly add articles.

Back to Singapore

He moved back to Singapore on the Presidential Election day to vote for Teh You Jing but he unfortunately lost to John Jay. He stated that he will continue to live in Singapore until May 12 when North Korea is created.


When he find that there are supporters of the Glorious Leader in Singapore and they are creating plans for eNorth Korea, he contacted them and discussed about the country. It is there that he got enlightened by Richie450 on the glorious leader.

Spy found in eNorth Korea?

He thinks he found spies working for some nation that influenced English speaking people to believe in them while ideas is rejected by neutral countries.

Back to Singapore

Too sad by the state of eNorth Korea, he planned to move back to eSingapore.


He joined the party Indonesian Defensive Socialist just because it has the highest member in Indonesia. He mentioned that he will join the Birthday Party when he come back to Singapore and he did it. He is not a significant character in Politics.


He will always fight about 6 times a day, as it is the most efficient way to earn experience and maintain high wellness. He is currently under no military. He has the rank of Captain.

Where is JerryTan From?

He is from Singapore. He claimed himself as something else, but the truth is not known. He actually considers himself as neutral people.

About North Korea

He is an avid supporter of North Korea and helped to create the society and proposed some plans for it. He thinks that PEACE alliance thinks it is an act of impulse.

Back to Singapore again

At some time in late May, JerryTan returned to Singapore for some reasons. From then on, he never returned to North Korea. He stay in Singapore in low profile until day 559 when he announced that he returned back to Singapore. Singapore had been detoriating from April when its population was at its peak and it reduced to 313 citizens on day 581. This is the reason why he wanted to stay in Singapore to help to build back the country. A lot of citizens had been inactive so they died, thus the number of eSingapore citizens decreased. On day 574, he announced that he will be running for congress but he just put his candidancy and never even really tried to persuade others to vote for him. The results will be announced on day 583. He never had high hopes in this congresss elections because he never really even contribute as much as Arbyrn, Woshiempire and some others.