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Icon-Thailand.png Thailand

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Sumatra
Map of the region
Original owner Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Capital Medan
Language English, Bahasa Indonesia, local dialects
Moving zone C5
Last update '
Resource Icon - Cattle.png

Sumatra is an island and a region of Indonesia. The capital of Sumatra is Medan. Sumatra is the very first Indonesian region captured by a foreign force, in this case American Force, in the course of Indonesian - American war. It was however retaken soon through resistance war.


Sumatra is the westernmost region of Indonesia. Due to it’s connection to Southern Thailand, it is considered to be a strategic region in terms of connection to South Asia. Due to it’s importance it also become a vulnerable region, being – most of the time -- the first to take the hit from an attack from South Asia. Sumatra is neighbored by following regions:


Indonesian population distribution, November 2010

With a population of 850 as of June 10, 2011 (Day 1298), it is the second most populous region in Indonesia.
During the transmigration program Sumatra became one of the top priority of the destination region, due to it’s position, and the importance and vulnerability caused by it.


Sumatra has always been a region rich with Icon - Oil.png oil since the beginning of the discovery of raw materials. Today, Sumatra is a region with Icon - Cattle.png Cattle resource.


The following table lists the known Mayors of the region in chronological order.

Date Term Started Mayor Party name
21 December 2007 silvester
21 January 2008 nobita
21 February 2008 sirhc
March - July 2008 Unknown
21 August 2008 Linker Indonesian Defensive Socialist
21 September 2008 Linker Indonesian Defensive Socialist