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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
National rank 351
Date of birth 15.05.2009
Residence South West of England
Sex Male
Political party The Unity Party
Congress of South West of England
26th October – present
Preceded by Lord Weiis
Congress of East of England
Ministry of Home Affairs Apprentice of UK
6 July 2009 – September 2009 (est)
Congress member of UK
July 2009 – August 2009
British Ambassador to India of UK
7th August 2009 – October 2009 (est)
Military unit The Royal Guard
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

MiloMan is a citizen of the United Kingdom, Congressmen for the South West of England, Member of South West Council and Apprentice in the Ministry of Home Affairs. He has ran two campaigns to be TUP Party President in the past, and is currently contesting the position.


MiloMan was born on the day of 542 in the new world in the North East of England. He signed up to the forums almost straight away and was active in many forums discussions.His forum activity as made him a household name in the eUK. When he was able to join a Party he joined The Unity Party. He was inspired by such people as Malta 1990, Mr Woldy and John Forseti. He runs a Newspaper called BBC News 24. He is active in games such as eCricket. He Played for England in the eAshes and in the eCricket league he represented the Northern Team and came top Bowler with 13 wickets.

Political Career

In June 2009 MiloMan first ran for congress in one of the UK's busiest regions, Northern Ireland, he was unsuccessful in a tight race.He was not to be upset and when Hassan Pesaran was elected president in July he applied to be an apprentice in the Minstry of Home Affairs and he worked hard under the leadership of Mr Woldy to help players by PMing them about issues ranging from Wellness to War. He Moved to East of England after his upset in Northern Ireland to be an active TUP member in region of which there where none.Soon he became active on the regional forums and became Head of Entertainment for the region.In the July Elections he won his seat in a nail baiting race where he won by one vote.On the 7th August MiloMan was named British Ambassador to India.

He lost his seat due to being on holiday and couldn't campaign. He has moved to the South West of England and his a member of there council. He was elected a Congressmen in the South West.

Military Career

When he able to fight in battles he joined the The Royal Navy in his squad he was commanded by Nice Guy Eddie and his first real war was the Greek Independence War and the Second Israeli Independence War or has Campaign his known Turkish Resistance Campaign. When the Navy he Updated he served on HMS Voyager in Pacific Fleet and was soon promoted to Lieutenant. He Served in Many Battles in Great War of 2009. His Navy career was cut short due to Congress and Has Recently Transfered to the The Royal Guard in Squad A1 "The Dukes" in Dog Squad 1 where he is Corporal.