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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth January 2008
Date of death Unknown
Residence Gotaland, Sweden
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Major.png Major
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Mombassa was a politician and soldier from Sweden who lived in Russia. He was last known to be a member of the CPSU and ExeCom of the Internationale. He became father of the Swedish president Per-Otto.

Political career

When Mombassa first joined eRepublik he decided along with Lasse Kronér and Ernst Johansson to start the first communist party in Sweden - Marxistkommunistisk Front in February 2008. The party was very successful and with a maximum of 30 members in it's golden days the party managed to both recruit new left-winged members and strengthen the left-wing front in Sweden. The party introduced many, for the swedes, foreign ideas such as a planned economy. In June MKF was hijacked by multi-accounts and the party was closed down.

After the hijacking of MKF Mombassa moved, along with comrades from MKF, to Norway to affiliate in the Russian resistance with RRF against the norwegian oppressors. During his stay in Norway he took part in the hijacking of the Party United Russia which led to the defeat of Sasha Igorovich.

After the hijacking of United Russia Mombassa led an expedition to South Africa with one purpose; to reform the country to a communist state inspired by George Orwell's novell 1984. Mombassa created a party in South Africa under the name African Socialist Party, which was planned to be renamed to "The Party" once they got majority in congress. The expedition was less successful due to the fact that South Africa was at the same time invaded by Croats. The Croats managed to get more votes leaving ASP with second most congress seats. The expedition was after the failure decided to be stopped and Mombassa moved to Sweden.

In Sweden Mombassa once again restarted MKF, but due to the bad conditions in Sweden to run a left-winged party he decided to move back to Norway.

After taking part in the revolution in Norway by the RRF, which led to the liberation of Russia, Mombassa started KGB with the acceptance of the Russian government. As chairman of the KGB Mombassa started to write press-releases, in his newspaper "Voice of Mombassa", from the KGB, which became widely hated by both communists and capitalists. After death threatening "thoughtcrimers" Mombassa was told to immediately stop all media activity within the KGB which led to he's retirement from the organization.

He also went and set up the Communist Party of the USA, with Heymans. This was a short lived endeavour, as the USA is incredibly fearful of anything remotely socialist.


Mombassa is notorious for his controversial language, and with statements like "Democracy is overestimated" and "Daner är ociviliserade vildar som hotar att bruka våld" he is considered as a maniac by many people.