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This page contains elements/concepts/ideas which are NOT part of eRepublik features.

A senator is an term for a Congressman or Congresswoman. Like the Prime Minister, it is an attempt to tie in the real life political system of Australia into eRepublik game mechanics. Senators are considered to be identical to congress members in every aspect except the name, being responsible in Australia for the proposing of laws and the accepting of citizenship.

Australian Senate

The Australian Senate (complete list can be viewed here), is responsible for making the laws in Australia. They debate the legislation on the Australian external forums, in the Australian Senate Hall.

Dutch Senate

In the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands the Senate wasn't the same as the Congress, it's was separate institution for old prominent players to help administrate the country.

Jobs Official in-game Congress member · Councillor · Employee · General manager · Governor · Minister of Defence* · Minister of Education* · Minister of Foreign Affairs* · Party president · President · Press director · Prime Minister · Secretary general · Soldier ranks · Spokesman · Vice president
*There are different minister position, some are official, some not, but all are mentioned in article Minister
User created Advisor · Ambassador · Budget director · Chairman of Congress · Chief of staff · Co-president · Commanding Officer · Director · Director of Embassies · Editor · Executive Officer · Founder · Governor of National Bank · Justice · Military Marshal · Minister* · Monarch · Officer · Parliamentary Group Leader · Politician · Recruitment Director · Secretary general · Secretary of Defense · Secretary of Romanian Staff · Secretary of state · Senator · Soldier · Staff Officer · Supreme Commander · Swiss Comitee of Immigration
*There are different minister position, some are official, some not, but all are mentioned in article Minister
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