Sir Rex Fleddington

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Sir Rex Fleddington

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 8th December 2009
Date of death 2015
Residence UK
Sex Male
Minister of Education of The United Kingdom
December 2013 – January 2014
Preceded by Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Congress member of UK
December 2013 – January 2014
Party president of UK Reform Party
16th April – 16th May 2013
Military rank Icon rank National Force***.png National Force***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

SirRex was born in 2009, but was inactive for most of the time he has had an account. He was known for his radical views on how government should be run and his neo-marxist view on UK society. He preferred party politics to being in government and therefore struggles to make an impact on a grander scale than his party (PCP) level.

Political Career

Sir Rex Fleddington spent most of his early career named BillDelf. Most of his time, during his first year, was spent being tutored by the UKRP and Thomas765. After a year of learning the ropes, he decided to leave the game due to work issues.

After 2 years of alternating between being active and being inactive, 'BillDelf' decided to play eRepublik on a more frequent basis and changed his name to Sir Rex Fleddington. Sir Rex became part of a small group of players that were seen as the future potential leaders of the country, amongst this group were CottonPicken and LongShotZz. After months of hard work done by the group, LongShotzZ became pp of UKRP. After his successful term, SirRex became the next PP. Sir Rex had trouble with UKRP as a whole, his views were too far left for the centre-right party and the party slowly became critical of his leadership style. The main confrontation between UKRP and SirRex was when SirRex was criticised by Dishmcds. This resulted in SirRex lashing out at Dish, by questioning his activity amongst the party, but in the end SirRex withdrew from the argument because Dish used his previous experience as a leverage.

A few months after SirRex's term, SirRex developed left-wing tendencies with ideas like the seperation between elections and the forum as to reduce the amount of influence the experienced players had over the newer players. Ultimately, this failed and SirRex's desperation to make an impact on party politics led him to make plans for the creation of a new socialist party. Members of UKRP learnt of this news and most ignored it, but LongShotZz decided to help him develop the new party plans further.

After a month of planning the new party, it was eventually scrapped as SirRex left UKRP to join The People's Communist Party (PCP). Although LongShotZz was annoyed by this news, he joined SirRex in PCP. As soon as SirRex joined PCP, he pushed his plans from UKRP onto the, then, party president, Acroc. Although most of these ideas were turned away as they had already been introduced by the majority.

Within 3 months of being an active party member, SirRex became PCP's party president. The first half of the term was met with reforms to the party messaging system and the IRC party channel to make them more efficient and easily available to the entire party. The middle of the term mainly focused on games and quizzes. The last quarter of the term became a turning point in SirRex's career though. SirRex had planned for meetings where new players would learn more about communism and marxism as ideologies, but they were a point of conflict as half of the party were disinterested in learning about the ideologies. SirRex was furious with the idea that members of a communist party were against the idea of communism and, with that, he openly criticised a major influential group that the half that disagreed with him were a part of. The Dental Corps, SirRex found out after his term had ended, had a major influence over PCP and it's electoral decisions.

During this time, SirRex had became the national communist representative of the Comintern (a group that had a vested interest in protecting the rights of communists on an international scale). SirRex became a major member of the Comintern, becoming Secretary General of the international committee. SirRex was able to completely reform the Comintern to look after the rights of the new players instead of the workers. A week after this meeting, SirRex made controversial waves as he published the first official UK communist manifesto [1] which showed how communism could be accomplished within such a strict eRepublik system.

Military Career

He was a soldier in The People's Army, before becoming a recruit in Global Communist Armed Forces (UK military unit).