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Stranger Here Myself

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth November 24, 2009
Date of death Early 2012 (est)
Residence New York
Sex Male
Newspaper The New World Economist
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Stranger Here Myself was a well-known economist and writer. He was born in Malaysia on day 735 of the New World and lived in Switzerland before becoming an Irish citizen on March 17, 2011 (St. Patricks Day)[1]. Throughout his life he has been involved in various political, military, and economic movements and events.

Citizenship History


Stranger Here Myself started his life on eRepublik in Malaysia on the request of Nagyzee who was at that time the President of Malaysia. With the agreement of the Malaysian community, Nagyzee was organizing a "friendly take-over" with a group of Hungarian and Croatian users who wanted to build up the country. Stranger Here Myself contributed to the efforts of these new citizens who donated a five-star hospital, invested heavily in the Malaysian economy, and organized training wars to strengthen the Malaysian military. This group created a golden era for Malaysia by entering the Sol war games, stabalizing the currency, and defeating repeated invasion attempts from neighbouring Indonesia.


Eventually, seeing a nice community in Switzerland, Stranger Here Myself decided to move from Malaysia. Soon after moving to Switzerland however, Russians and Ukrainians fashioning themselves after a Shaolin Sect made a take over of the country. This group was hostile to locals, as their goal was to establish a base for pro-Russian operations. Stranger Here Myself assisted in the long struggle for independence by organizing and supporting the resistance, even getting elected once in the Congress and serving as Minister of Finance. Unfortunately, these foreign forces would prove too strong, and the resistance's efforts would fail. After about a year, Stranger Here Myself grew tired of the never-ending work of an ATOer in a losing battle. After another year of being inactive, he decided to make another move.


In pursuit of a nation where he could fuel his interest in the economic module, Stranger Here Myself moved to Ireland and gained citizenship on March 17, 2011. He then began to contribute to Ireland's economy, and after a month he was well involved in the countries media and in the new political party Eire Aonair, which was founded on the same day as his arrival. Unfortunately, within the first month of his new life Stranger Here Myself would be faced with political takeover attempts once again. Ireland and his political party would both come under attack from a group of PTOers based out of the UK. Stranger Here Myself's past experience in fighting off these hostile immigrants had been an asset to the current population of Ireland. As a result of Stranger Here Myself's increasing involvement in the community he would receive community awards: In April he won the award for "Most Acclaimed Publisher[2]" and in May he won the community award for "Loveable Rogue[3]". In June of 2011, under the election of Irasian to Ireland's CP, Stranger Here Myself would accept the role of Ireland's Minister of Finance[4]. On August 25, SHM was elected to Irish Dail with 8 votes (tied for first by the highest number of votes). Immediately after being elected to Dail however, Stranger Here Myself resigned in order to move to the USA.


On August 30 Stranger Here Myself had his US citizenship accepted by Kijiman after having moved from Ireland a few days earlier[5]. Stranger left Ireland after losing faith in the Irish political scene after his former political party, Eire Aonair, began to admit members who he saw as enemies of the nation. After moving to the USA, Stranger changed the name of his newspaper from "ThinkBig!" to "The New World Economist[6]". SHM again got involved into politics, becoming a member of the Libertarian Party.

Business and Economics


S-Mart Worldwide

S-Mart was a small scale business venture created by Stranger Here Myself using some initial currency and loans. It was a retail chain operating out the USA that offered packs of goods on the black-market at discount prices. The organizations newspaper would public a catalogue each week, and orders were accepted through a google form. Orders worth Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD or more would be delivered through the Trade Protection service of a well established international bank.

Casino Malacca

Casino Malacca was the first state guaranteed lottery in Malaysia. It was founded by Stranger Here Myself, and soon extended to the Philippines and Singapore. The Jackpot was deposited in the central bank of Malaysia, and, to avoid suspicion, the winning number was the first number drawn like real life UK lottery EuroMillions.


While in Ireland Stranger Here Myself has contributed to the creation of many economic organizations including The Moynihan Group and the eIreland Chamber of Commerce. He was also given the position of Foreign Economic Policy Advisor of the May 2011 Irish government. He would later resign from the position as changes to the game in the same month made it impossible and impractical. In June of 2011 Stranger Here Myself was appointed Minister of Finance by newly elected Country President Irasian. During his economic work with Eire Aonair, Stranger Here Myself was either critical in or a leader of such projects as The Eire Aonair Test Run Company Project and The Moynihan Joint Investment Group.