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MCross.png I, Admiral of the Fleet R.R. Napier, President of the Military Honours Committee, hereby award Wallyboy444 the Military Cross as conferred by the United Kingdom Military Honours Committee.


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Nationality Flag-UK.jpg British
National rank 143
Date of birth December 4th 2008
Residence London
Commanding Officer of Special Forces
October 5th 2009 – November 5th 2009
Preceded by Vinners
Succeeded by Widdows9000
Congressman of UK
Rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***

Wallyboy444 is a citizen of UK and a member of its elite force Special forces, which is doing everything possible to stop the EDEN forces from invading and taking London.


Wallyboy444 joined eRepublik late last year (4th December) starting out he joined the home guard of the UK, the Royal Guard and was put under John Forseti Sergeant of B2. He quickly impressed and was promoted to Sergeant of his own squad A4.

Due to the in-activity of the Royal Guard (which was always a problem) Wallyboy seeked more, he joined the free-lance patriot corps group Camelot, run by Iain keers. The group quickly became a success under the leadership of Iain and wallyboy as well as Shyguy1001 and IndieKid. However the group struggled in itself due to the UK's military force taking on the same 'corps' system as Camelot. Wallyboy hit strength 11 (at the time the strength level boundary for special forces) and quickly left Camelot to join the elite of the UK in the special forces military branch.

Wallyboy also rose quickly in the ranks of special forces and became chief supplier of kit for its members. After the term of Vinners as CO, Wallyboy applied and with the recommendation by Vinners was appointed by Necrosis/Glorious Failure as Special forces CO. After Wallyboys term he continued to play an active role in special forces and whilst seeing a period of in-activity quickly re-arose as the battles between the PEACE and EDEN forces intensified. Still in special forces Wallyboy will continue to take an active role as a soldier until the Summer holidays where he looks towards using the time he has to take a more active role and perhaps a more active positioning.


Wally News is the newspaper edited and published by Wallyboy444. There are 2 readers subscribed to this newspaper.