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Icon-Canada.png Canada

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Yukon
Map of the region
Capital Whitehorse
Population 75
Language English/Inuit

Yukon is a region in Canada and its capital is Whitehorse. Yukon occupation started in July 2009. On July 29, France successfully entered the Yukon region. Due to tactical reasons, France "gave" the region to the United Kingdom on August 3 and on August 4, the region was than "given" to Iran.


Yukon is neighbored by following regions:


The following is the list of the known Mayors of the region:

Date Term Began Mayor Party
21 May 2008 Lia The Norsefire Party of Canada
21 June 2008 Lia The Norsefire Party of Canada
21 July 2008 Tantis The Norsefire Party of Canada
21 August 2008 trof Canadian Paradox Party
  • The position of mayor only existed during the original beta phase of eRepublik.