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Dio Shev

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Nationality Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazilian
Date of birth 7 February 2008
Day 79
Date of death Sep 02, 2011
Day 1382[1]
Residence Southeast of Brazil
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Mayor of Curitiba
21 April 2008 – 20 May 2008
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil
May 2008 – July 2008
Succeeded by Yugi
Vice president of Brazil
August 2008 – September 2008
Succeeded by Olorum
Mayor of Norwich
21 September 2008 – 13 October 2008
Preceded by Widdows9000
Congress member of Brazil
President of Brazil
17 December 2008 – 5 January 2009
Preceded by Timborium
Succeeded by Toboco
26 August 2009 – 5 September 2009
Preceded by Nosrial Olem
Succeeded by Vespasiano1981
6 May 2010 – 5 June 2010
Preceded by ItsMeYoshi
Succeeded by Jazar
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dio Shev, born as Reshev Villanova, was a Brazilian Icon Field Marshal.jpg Field Marshal and politician.

Personal Information

Reshev Villanova was born on the 79th day of the New World. Brazil had around a hundred inhabitants and the President of the nation was absent.

Reshev was the first minister of foreign relations of Brazil and commanded a secret military operation to defend Poland, as a general. He was also the editor of the 6th most read Brazilian newspaper, called "Voz do Brasil" (Voice of Brazil).



Reshev Villanova was born in the cold region of Curitiba. There he started to work in ACME Constructions and published his newspaper, called "Voice of Brazil", where he defended the interests of poor people and published articles about politics.

Political Career

Reshev started his political career in the MIB party where he was elected to the Congress. After realizing that the small party was manipulated by its party president, Reshev leaves the MIB party and helps Tyrant and Lasorv to create the first far-left party of Brazil, the PT, collaborating with ideas, drawing the flag of the party and suggesting the rename to Uniao Socialista Brasileira (Eng. Brazilian Socialist Union).

In the new party, which has achieved great popularity, Reshev continued his work as congressman and mayor, was invited to be the first minister of external relations of Brasil and came to compete for the presidency of Brasil. Reshev maintains good relations with other presidents and former presidents of The New World and also with the Internationale.

In Late 2009 Shev joins Partido Democrata Brasileiro.

Positions Held

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs (May 08 - July 08)
  • Mayor of Curitiba (May 08 - July 08)
  • Vice President of Brazil (Aug 08 - Sep 08)
  • Mayor of Norwich (Sep 08 - Oct 08)
  • Interim President (Dec 08 - Jan 09; Aug 09 - Sep 09)
  • President (May 10 - June 10)

Achievements and Accreditation's

  • Co-founder of the Brazilian Socialist Union;
  • First Brazilian Foreign Minister;
  • First Brazilian Vice President;
  • First person to become 2 times interim President of Brazil
  • One time elected President of Brazil

Serving The Queen

After struggling for the first time as a soldier in the front (Hungary's side), Reshev meets with some international mercenaries to talk. Tired of Brazilian politicians, he resolves to remain away from his homeland and get a job at Cardiff, United Kingdom, in the housing company of Mr. Final Destiny.

Landing in Cardiff, he looks for the local communist party. Then he joins the People's Communist Party (PCP), where he is received with great affection by his British, Irish and Welsh comrades. In the party, Reshev is invited by the president of PCP (Widdows9000) to run in Norwich Mayoral Elections. After accepting the mission, he wins and takes the reins of Norwich, where he maintains the "Municipal Health System" (funded by the National Health System) to keep Norwich citizens healthy and strong to serve UK's needs.

Military Life

Captain Reshev has participated in the following wars:

  1. USA-Canada War: On the USA side, but no shot was fired.
  2. Germany-Poland War: On the Polish side. Reshev Villanova has been sent to Poland to command a secret training operation of the Brazilian Army while defending Poland from German attacks. The mercenaries fought for free, infiltrated in the Brazilian Army.
  3. World War I: On the Hungarian side. The first mission where BRAMERCS' commander fought in the front lines, receiving his first medal.
  4. Finland's Independence: Fought for Finland, receiving his second medal.
  5. Poland's Independence: Fought for Poland.
  6. Slovakia's Independence: Fought for Slovakia, receiving his third medal.
  7. Russia's Independence: Fought for Russia, receiving his fourth medal.
  8. ATLANTIS vs France War: Fought for France, receiving his fifth medal.
  9. Brazil & Indo vs Argentina War: Fought for Brazil, receiving his sixth medal.


  • Contact: sugna777@ig.com.br