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Medal - Distinguished Service Cross.png I, Prime Minister Calbe, Commander-in-Chief of the New Zealand Defence Forces, hereby award Kyle321n the Distinguished Service Cross as voted by the Senior Officers of Central Command.

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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth October 7 2008
Residence Indiana
Sex Male
Newspaper Fightin' 'round the World
Congress member of Indiana
26 November 2008 – 25 December 2008
Succeeded by Wilson Pollack
Vice President of Nationalist Party
26 November 2008 – 16 February 2009
Succeeded by Ogdensign
Congress member of Indiana
26 January 2009 – N/A
Preceded by Wilson Pollack
Party president of The RAMROD Coalition
16 February 2009 – 18 March 2009
Speaker of Congress
28 February 2009 – N/A
Preceded by ProggyPop
Vice President of USA
19 March 2009 – 22 March 2009
Preceded by Joe DaSmoe
Succeeded by PrincessMedyPi
Military rank Icon rank General***.png General***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
This soldier has been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by the New Zealand Defence Forces

Kyle321n was a respectable citizen of Indiana.


Kyle321n is a journalist, military leader and former Congressman. He is the chief editor of Fightin' 'round the World and was commander of the Crimson Hawks, a branch of The Crimson Order. He was known for being outspoken on quite a few issues, including supplying the military and import taxes. Being known as a horsefucker, he is best known for his Rickrolling the entire nation[1]. English was his first language, but he was able to speak German.


First avatar featuring the Indianapolis Colts.


Kyle321n started his life in Indiana. He started off as a simple citizen, but quickly learned of the National Guard. Shortly after being enlisted, he was promoted to a Platoon Leader in the Second Division.

He then met his wife, Alyssa Sondotter, and started a family with her. They bore one child, Jewitt. Shortly after the birth of Gates Schellinger, they travelled to Israel. While on vacation in Israel, the Turkey-Israel War began. In the panic to return state-side, Alyssa was killed by a car bomb; supposedly placed by The Party. He and his family would carry the grievances against The Party and Turkey his entire life, and upon moving back to Indiana he set forth his goals to become a congressman. He spends most of his days living in Indiana, unless there is a war going on, in which case he lives in the Military bases in Florida.

Start of a Political Career

Kyle321n first started out his career as a member of the Libertarian Party. He was active in the forums, and in October he asked to be on the ballot for congress. Due to the many glitches, the game was suffering, Time, the Party president was unable to put him in the list. This made him upset, but he set out to do his best to learn more about the country and run a successful November campaign.

November rolled around and Kyle was able to run from his home state of Indiana as a Libertarian. He released his first and second campaign articles for the November elections. He was able to win the elections, helped by the fact that he was unopposed.

Military Career

Kyle321n moved up quickly in the military, soon moving up to the Executive Officer of the US National Guard. Symrstar moved on from his post as Commanding Officer and Kyle took over as the Commanding Officer. After only 2 weeks in the position of Commanding Officer, he moved on to the Quartermaster General for the United States of America. He has retained this position for nearly a month and has started to make massive reforms in the Office of the Quartermaster.

Early Political Career

After winning the November elections, Kyle decided to help found the Nationalist Party (NP), which was formerly known as RAMROD. He was then appointed to the Triumvirate and named to the Recruitment and Welcoming Committee. He then became known as Rod Farva, and changed his avatar to show the change.

Kyle321n became Rod Farva after the creation of the Nationalist Party and change his avatar to this.

During his first term of congress, he tried to be as transparent as possible, using his newspaper to show his constituents how and why he voted for all proposals of congress. After these comments in the forum about a Chinese MPP, he became known as the honorable horsefucker.

December 20th rolled around and it was time for a second campaign. Things were going great especially when his main competition, JaMat, fled the country stealing US military money as he left. On Christmas morning '08, he arose that morning to find himself not on the ballot. He was very angry that he was left off the ballot because of the Top 5 Rule.

Kyle321n decided to show a more patriotic side when he chose this avatar to use for his December Congressional Run.

Business Life and Post Congress

Before the switch to V1, Kyle321N started his organization, Nelco Industries. He opened up one business, GLB Gifts. It was a very successful Q1 gift company, and he was able to make enough money to upgrade the company and start up a diamond company, GLB Diamonds. The diamonds were not as successful after the switch in the production formula and he decided to shut down the businesses. He then saw a Q1 hospital company for sale, and always wanting to own a construction business, he decided to buy it.

Kyle321N decided to sell the gift and diamond company and focus on his Hospital company, Dr. Funke's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution. He reopened the business on December 31st, 2008 with 1/4 of a Q3 hospital built.

After he found out that he had lost his congress campaign, he became very active with his businesses, getting many highly rated employees.

A Potential Merging

When Kyle321n found out that Emerick would be leaving the country, and thus leaving his seat as the Libertarian's Party President. Kyle decided to run for this seat of his former party in January '08, vowing to bring a merger of the Nationalists and Libertarians, and to infuse the party with energy and activity. He lost the elections and afterwards returned to the Nationalist Party. He was upset that his effort went for nothing, but he vowed that he would bring the Nationalist Party up to the Top 5 some way.

The Return to Congress

Kyle made his triumphant return to Congress on 26 January 2009. Kyle wished to run for Indiana again, since that is the state he was eBorn in and has made his home. While he couldn't run as a Nationalist, he moved parties for the election and ran as a member of the United Constitutionalists Party. He again used his newspaper to release not one, but two campaign articles. In a hard fought elections, he was able to take eight of the fifteen votes cast, and win a seat to congress once again.

Becoming a Congress Mainstay

In February, Kyle continued running for Congress as a representative the Nationalists, but this time under the United States Workers Party. He had no trouble defeating his opponent in Indiana, taking home 80% of votes. In March, he ran under the Conservative Party and received eight of thirteen votes against his opponent from the USWP. April showed another win for Kyle, albeit closer than other elections, with only seven out of twelve votes cast for his ticket with the American's Advancement Party. May was even closer, as his run under the USWP garnered only ten of eighteen votes. This gradual decrease culminated with a

A new(bie) beginning

Kyle has recently reopened his American wood company, The Squimm Group, and has started hiring skill 0 people for $2. He has also signed up to get them a gift service, offering his newbie employees Q2 gifts each day. This benevolence will soon be bestowed upon his hospital company employees, but he is waiting until the current hospital is finished.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • His RL birthday is March 21st (3/21), the first day of spring and the astrological sign Aries.
  • "Did you know Kyle's voice can sooth the angriest of beasts?

I heard Chuck Norris plays tapes of Kyle's voice to go to sleep" -Gates Schellinger

Kyle321N's Wellness Chart as of 30 January, 2009
Military offices
Preceded by
Kenneth Sutton
Quartermaster General of USA
20 December 2008 – 28 February 2009
Succeeded by
Gates Schellinger