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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
National rank 1-Thailand (24 Feb 2010)
Date of birth 18.11.2008
Day 364
Date of death Several times
Residence Central Thailand (Thailand)
Maryland (USA)
Official residence of: Peshawar, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan
Former official residence of Dover, Delaware, USA
Sex Male
Congress of United States of America
Congress of Thailand
President of Thailand
May 5th, 2010 – June 5th, 2010
Preceded by Albert Neurath
Succeeded by KuBu
Military rank Icon rank General**.png General**
Aircraft rank Staff sergeant 2.png Staff Sergeant**

Gates Schellinger is a former Cabinet member from the Icon-USA.png United States and a President of Icon-Thailand.png Thailand who ended career in Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan.


Gates Schellinger had earned 19 Hard Worker achievements.

During the time he worked, it was believed by him that he was being ridiculously overpaid by Jimmy_Miller.


Gates has earned 14 Super Soldier achievements.

Early during his eRep career (within the first 24 hours), Gates was recruited by Istarlan, who was competing in a National Guard recruitment drive. He signed up and was quickly accepted, as the National Guard was undergoing a massive overhaul at the time and needed recruits. After showing the ability to follow simple instructions and a heightened amount of activity, he was appointed to the first group of Officers (or Platoon Leaders), of the brand new Training Division (the precursor to the Training Corps, that was formed when the US government split the National Guard into two separate branches). He led members of the 3rd platoon (the 2-3), which at one time ballooned to almost 50 recruits. He was highly active and a consistent, if not an overly zealous communicator, for this he was recognized yet again, and when Kyle321n was appointed as the CO of the new Quartermaster Corps, Kyle took him along as his 2nd in command and appointed him as Distribution Officer.

Gates Schellinger was the second and the last Quarter Master General to supply the entire eUS armed forces. He served as acting Quartermaster General during Operation French Toast, and the Indonesia-Argentinian War. He then was promoted to full QMG and served during The Mexican Invasion (aka Operation Taco Bell, a name which he does not like, he prefers Operation: Rad Tornado), the subsequent USA-Portugal War aka Tequila Sunrise, and during the first parts of the Romanian campaign in Asia, most notably WSR 1 and 2. Gates announced that he would be stepping down as QMG once a replacement could be found and trained, after then-president Uncle Sam's refusal to repay a private party for a RW that if successful would have stopped the Portuguese advance, that, coupled with a lack of confidence in the Administration, and in his ability to serve with Uncle Sam for the remainder of the term (He did not know that Sam would be impeached at the time of his resignation).

In the wake of his announcement then General of the Army (Symrstar) was operating under his belief that an out-dated pre-V1 document stating the parameters of a previously failed Quartermaster Corp, was still the current guidelines for the position. The outdated military document said that the Office of the Quartermaster was a subjugate division of the USA Army Branch, even though it was obvious that the office of the QMG had evolved into a Military wide logistics operation and was no longer answerable only to the US Army. Believing that it was his right to name the next QMG, he announced to the Joint Chiefs, without any prior notification, that he was appointing Equality_7-2521 as the new QMG of the armed forces. Equality_7-252 was an individual who clashed with many members of the Command staff of the Marines, including Vice Commandant Eugene Harlot. As a result, Harlot immediately appointed Sukoidha, a Marine officer that had previously served as the Marine attache to the QMG, as the QMG of the Marine Corps, and as a result altered the Logistics system into the system the US employed.

The distribution system the US employed was similar to the one Gates put in place as Acting QMG during OFT, with the exception of the Soldier work program, to make weapons, whereas Schellinger would have to buy Weapons off Domestic and International markets to supply soldiers. The military companies, a program that members of the military had been pushing for in Congress despite Congress' reluctance to nationalize markets, were finally implemented during Gates' term as QMG, after he used his influence as a member of Congress to fast-track the bill after months of pointless debate.

After a hiatus, he returned for later a short stint as an officer for the US Army, but after realizing he had lost a lot of interest in the game, and couldn't put the effort he once used to into it, he instead joined the Marines as a grunt, where he served until the virus RL infected him, and caused him to wither away.

During Gates' last return it was discovered to be a member of the Stardust Crusaders (Military Unit).


Once Gates could join a party, he joined the newly formed Nationalist Party. He was part of the group of core members that would become to known as "The Detroit Pistons of Politics" (who were known as the Bad Boys of Basketball) and at once was within 30 members of becoming a top 5 party. He was elected from Delaware to two consecutive terms in Congress.

His first term was in January 2009, which was mainly dedicated to correcting the fall out from the Francoing. He didn't promote much legislation the first term and wasn't overly vocal early on. Later he became quite boisterous and would routinely call out other members of Congress for being unproductive or "lame", over the formation of Congressional Committees, and the Congresses Refusal to close open wars with France and Portugal in order to "save money", his arguments that they could pose a serious threat to National Security later down the road fell upon deaf ears, and Congress, instead chose to err on the side of assumed fiscal responsibility, in case they wished to attack Portugal or France later down the road.

During Gates' second term, he was much more active in passing Legislation, he fast-tracked the Publius-Jay Act (a title which he totally just made up, but forgot what it was called, but it involved Publius and John Jay to some extent), a bill which would approve the creation and use of Military run weapon companies, and called out other members of Congress for delaying the important piece of legislation for over a month, because they were debating unimportant details of the bill. Gates' also officially proposed the US invasion of Mexico, in Congress, which was quickly approved, and Sam shortly thereafter proposed it in game. The proposal to have a training war had been debated at great length before in Congress as well, and it was obvious that the US military strength needed to be greatly improved, but there was a stall in the discussion, trying to figure out who and where to attack, and how to actually proceed with a training war. Gates' facilitated the process by proposing Mexico, in what would be called a Forced training war. The Spin, and the handling of the Mexican Invasion he was not responsible for. Splitting time during his second term of Congress between being a politician and QMG, he was less active than he had been previously, but was still a vocal and outspoken member of Congress, not afraid to call out members for perceived or actual "lameness".

When Gates announced his resignation as QMG he also announced that he would be retiring from eUS politics as well. He had grown extremely frustrated with the situation and said that he only foresaw, a continued trend towards needless bureaucracy, for the sake of self-promotion, and advanced party politics, that would only seek to impede lasting change, improvements, and reform that needed to take place.

Gates upon hearing the news that Estonia, a country he had been a fan of, would gain its independence, decided to move there and help out with the elections because of the threat of a TO, and the raiding of the newly found treasury. He came on his own and unaffiliated with any other groups of people, but because of his status of ex-Atlantis, he was lumped in with a group of Canadians and a militant organization called Umbrella Corporation, which before his arrival had strong-armed the native Estonians out of the provincial government and basically took over. Operating outside any government he just offered suggestions, and wrote an article and proposed Project 27, a plan which he thought might better their chances at maintaining a majority in Congress. Project 27 ultimately failed, because many members of the Canadians and Atlantis group supported it and got on board, and the Hungarians, who had worked with the Estonians, won the elections. Gates' failure taught him a lesson about politics and he established the Global Douche-bag theorem, to explain the futility of many political systems, because of the individuals that are ePoliticans, he had been familiar with this idea before but believed it only to be compartmentalized to domestic US politics.

After his failure in Estonia, Gates wandered around, travelling from country to country, just "chillin" he eventually made his way back to the USA and ran for Congress as a joke, and then rejoined the military before his departure from the game.

Gates would eventually return to eRepublik, he revived himself, and got up from the streets of Central Greece, and focused on his Iron Company. He was eventually lured to Thailand by Vincent Garibaldi, and against his better judgement would run for Congress as a warm body and a blocking candidate as a member of Pattana Unity Party, and would subsequently win both times.

His experience in Thailand has taught them that the most efficient Congresses are the threatened Congresses.


Gates owns the newspaper The Hamburger Conspiracy. He views himself as an underground sensation, as he only has 120 subscribers, and has never been a fan of self-promotion or spam, but has a number of influential and quality individuals subscribed to his paper.

Gates began his journalism career as a serious and passionate writer, which over time evolved into a writing style that utilizes whimsy, sarcasm, and parody

Fun Facts to know and forget

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Gates is a Jack of all trades. Through a number of different circumstances, he has amassed at least a 4 skill in all 3 areas of professions (as of v1)

Gates is eRepublik's official Global Scapegoat

Gates has won every election in which he hasn't voted for himself, and has lost every election in which he did.

Gates is a Lewdite

Gates has an unhealthy obsession with Science Fiction

Gates has some of the most annoying individuals in eRep on his friend list, most notably Hutch, Heymans, and the Baugh.