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Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth Day 359 13.11.2008
Date of death Discovered dead January 2013
Residence North East
Sex Male
Faith Bobloism
Congress member of United Kingdom
January 26th 2009 – February 25th 2009
Served under North West
February 26th 2009 – March 25th 2009
Served under North West
July 26th 2009 – August 25th 2009
Served under Quebec
Party president of People's Communist Party
June 16th 2009 – July 15th 2009
Preceded by Dan Fallows
Succeeded by Stan Wephen
April 16th 2010 – May 15th 2010
Preceded by Bob the terrorist
Succeeded by Ayame Crocodile
Military rank Icon rank Colonel*.png Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
 In an eWorld gone to hell in a hotpan who is left to fight for British dominance in her former colonies and a cheap bottle of White Lightning with only a few mouthfuls gone? 

Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar, 1st Earl of Essex, also known as Pope Digby II the Pious was born in November 2008 in the United Kingdom. He was living in London and has been active in the military and politics as well as the eRepublik UK forums since his birth. Throughout the length of time he has been in the UK he has been fiercely loyal to the People's Communist Party and the armed forces (Navy, RAF and Paras). He became a master in the fine art of spam under the personal tutoring of Bob Boblo and Taytaz and resides in Bob Boblo's House within the halls of the Holy Spamican. He also wrote for his newspaper, Voice of the Workers, almost regularly.

12-time award winner of BOBLO awards.

Political Career

Shortly after he joined eRepublik, Sir Digby became a member of the People's Communist Party. He quickly became a Journalist for them in the Press Committee, often writing a wide variety of articles - from satire to thought-provoking articles. His newspaper, Voice of the Workers, was regularly publishing ever since his first article written on Christmas 2008 during the battle for the Wallonia in the war between the United Kingdom and France.

After having moved to the North West in early January 2009, he became a candidate for the Congress elections and was elected under a Wildcard with 7 votes. He quickly became active to help improve the region, creating the Manchester City Council, writing articles with Transport for London to encourage people to move to the region and donating all of his Congressional allowance given from the Bank of England to the Council.

On February 25th, after having served one term, he stood for re-election, which resulted in him winning with 30 votes, giving him the status of 4th most votes in the UK on the official results.

He was elected Party President of the People's Communist Party on June 15th and steered the party to win 10 Congressional seats and the CP-supported victory of Hassan Pesaran. The PCP's org (People's Initiative) was revived by him and he regularly published articles, all of which gained Top Rated status.

On the 15th of April 2010, Sir Digby once again became the Party President. Under his month in power, he began a long progress of growth for the party, continued by his successor Ayame Crocodile and, following a disappointing Congress election and political difficulties for the country presidency election, strengthened ties between the People's Communist Party and The Unity Party - after which, under the leadership of Ayame Crocodile and the help of the Unity Party, the party went on to win 8 seats in the May elections.

Military Career

Sir Digby's fearsome battle cry

Originally Sir Digby joined the Royal Navy as a private of Sergeant Kittten's B Platoon. Soon after he joined, however, the squad sergeant became inactive and was discharged from the military. He was offered and accepted the role of sergeant and remained at that position until offered a promotion to the position of Rear Admiral (3IC), before resigning in protest of the leadership and lack of real work.

After having left the Navy, he was out of the armed forces for a while. However, he joined the Royal Air Force when it was founded and was then transferred to the Paras, the last posting is known that Digby held.

He has fought in many campaigns around the world and his military rank in eRepublik was Icon Field Marshal.jpg Field Marshal.

Royal Navy Service Medal Special Forces Service Medal

French Toast Campaign Medal Nordic Campaign Medal

Belgian Independence Campaign Medal

South American Campaign Medal

North Atlantic Campaign Medal

Political/Military Positions

Member of Parliament:

North West - (consecutive) 2 terms

Quebec (UK Administered) - 1 term

Under Minister of Defence

Apprentice of Foreign Affairs

Chairman of the People's Communist Party - 2 terms

Royal Navy:

Private of B Platoon (promoted)

Sergeant of B Platoon (promoted)

3IC of the Royal Navy (resigned)

Royal Air Force:

Airman (transferred)


Paratrooper - (last known position)

Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x13)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x6)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x1)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x13)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x2)
for People's Communist Party

Religious titles
New title
Position Created
Pope of Bobloism
16th April 2009 - 21st September 2009
Succeeded by
Pope Horice I
Preceded by
Pope Lando I
Pope of Bobloism
20th January 2010 - 7th April 2010
Succeeded by
Pope Horice II