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The BOBLO Award was an award given by the British citizen Bob Boblo every 6 months (with an exception of 2010). The BOBLO award winners are announced in Bob Boblo's newspaper The Freudian Slip. There have been 6 editions of the BOBLO awards:

  • Edition 1 was published on January 1, 2009
  • Edition 2 was published on June 19, June 26 and July 14, 2009
  • Edition 3 was published on April 15, 2010
  • Edition 4 was published on January 1, 2011
  • Edition 5 was published on August 1, 2011
  • Edition 6 was published on January 1, 2012

Edition 1

The winners of edition 1 are[1][2]:

Award Winner
Worst spammer Shadowukcs!!!
Most constructive spammer Taytaz
Best Avatar Dishmcds
Best Username elbanaan
Innovator of the year Kaleb
Belgian of the year Malchert
The 'He didn't win Belgian of the year, but was awesome so here's an award' award Roeland
The 'same goes for this guy' award Funky44
Croatian of the year Relic
Aussie of the year Tim09
Yank of the year Dishmcds
German of the year jerryGFL
Welshman of the year Bremer
Lithuanian of the year Benskius
Malteser of the year Malta_1990
Not malteser of the year because they're actually called maltese you idiot! Tommy Tommasino
The 'Wait so who won out the above two?' award Malta_1990
The 'He needs an award anyway' Tommy Tommasino
*Drunken Irish Guy of the year Final Destiny
Drunken English Guy of the year Paul Hudson
Drunks of the year *The Unity Party
Quote of the year Ayca (to mr. brodie):
"Also, you post like somebody who's going to die alone."
Worst Policy that didn't pass Lets invade Icon-France.png France for the lulz XD
Worst Policy that did pass Lets invade Icon-France.png France for the lulz XD
Best policy that didn't pass Social responsibility Contract
The 'Ooooh, Aren't I so controversial, look who I gave that award to' award. Bob Boblo
The 'Thank **** he didn't win award' 94asm
The Oh **** he did win award Shadow
Fluke Victory of the year Rayf Drayson
The surprisingly good award Rayf Drayson
Mayor of the year AngelFeather
The 'I'll start with random name beginning with T' award Taytaz
Stealth Spammer of the Year HazzN
Belgian Spammer of the year Palodigon
The Indian Saviour Award srachit
Immigrant of the year Kokach
Emmigrant of the year Widdows9000
Quitter of the year Widdows9000
Return of the Year Widdows9000
Party Crusher of the year KBoomer
Paratrooper of the year Deilos
The Wilbur award Flamur
The c*** award Chrisclamp
The B****** award Victor Petrescu
Alliteration of the year Big Boy Bulley
Calculator Maker of the year Kumnaa
Journalist of the year Frufru
Biggest Head (physical size) Hassan Pesaran
Biggest Head (figurative size) Dishmcds
Anti-PCP troll of the year William of Orange
The Epic Fail Award Jacob Campbell[3]
The Seriously Epic Fail Award Billy Bright[4]
Cheesiest citizen CheeseBall
Bonniest Citizen Bonnie Prince Charles
The seafood award Squiddy
Ryhmes with the man Award Hassan the man!
The 'nice' award Piperbunny
The 'nice' award 2: This time its personal Frufru
The 'nice' award 3: Boldly going where no award has gone before Stan Wephen
The 'For god sake, just run for presidency!' award Stan Wephen
The Superman Award Stan Wephen
The 'hes already got 3, lets give him another one' award Stan Wephen
The 'Maybe I'm going too far with all these award for Stan' award Stan Wephen
The 'OK, this is the last one' award Stan Wephen
The 'lets break the pattern' award Bob Boblo
The 'you know I kinda like giving myself awards' award Bob Boblo
The epic awesomeness award rastari
Admin of the year Nelsaidi
The Lockhrana Award Shadow
The Brodie award for Brodieness mr. brodie
The 'I've missed out Sohir D:' award Sohir
The 'actually, looks like I've missed out quite a few people award' Sam010
The 'I've bareley given any to the righties' award Horatio Vowles
The 'And I've missed out lots of new members.
Oh wait it doesn't matter because of my twist ending' Award
Jacen Molare
Commie of the year Ip Lockard
The 'he really deserves an award' award Skinny Bones Jones award
The moral force award Twat-ers
Vice President of the year Jasperking
Alien of the year KIA Sneak
The 'DO NOT vote for this guy' award Deathtoll
The 'VOTE FOR THIS GUY' award Relic
The 'any excuse for propaganda' award Bob Boblo
Citizen of the Year YOU!!!

Edition 2

The winners of Edition 2 released in July 2009 are[5][6][7]:

Award Winner
The 'I'll start with random User beginning with T' Award ThomasR26
The 'Not Keen Enough' award Colt Silver
Worst misuse of 'sir' Sir Graystar
Best misuse of 'sir' Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
PEACE Spy award Dishmcds
The Epic Comeback Award Flamur
The 'Didn't get one last time, so I'll give him one this time' Award Intrepid132
Greasy Fast Speed Award Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
The 'Haha I bet you thought I'd forget that speed award challenge I set, but I didn't so ha!' Award Bob Boblo
The 'Yes, I gave myself an award, but what are YOU going to do about it' award Bob Boblo
The Wiki Maintenance Award srachit
The Hassan Pesaren Turncoat Award IndieKid
Little Hitler Award IndieKid
Is it a Cow?! Is it a Penguin?! No! Its an Award for Moolick Moolick
Best Username elbanaan
Best Avatar Elliot of Hull
Best Taste by a person with many avatars Wallyboy
Stupid Noob Award Sphagin
Pulbobloitzer Prize The Economist
(Iain Keers and Scipio The Great)
Most Overrated Robot Robocop
Most Underrated Robot BFSte
The c*** award Cohen Nazar
Biggest Head (physical size) Hassan Pesaran
Biggest Head (figurative size) Dishmcds
Anal Retention Award Teh User
The Epic Fail Award SaraDroz[8]
The Seriously Epic Fail Award Malta_1990[9]
The 'Ooooh, Aren't I so controversial, look who I gave that award to' award Bob Boblo
The 'with that I have eclipsed Stan and now hold the most Boblos! Haha!' Award Bob Boblo
Ryhmes With Man Award Stan Wephen
The 'Oops Hes pulling back now' award Stan Wephen
The 'I better give one to someone else' Award Lukcia
The 'Thinking about it, I could have given the rhymes with man award to Jan.
Oh well I'll give him this one' Award
John F Baker
Best Blood Suction Count Drakula
Best.....other......suction Lee Richards
The 'Yay Attention!' Award Tommy Tommasino
Idiot Award Divinitywolf
Most Unfortunate Misspelling Deathtool
The 'A decent brigadier but not as good as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Award' thehorseltd
The 'Needs a Starship' Award Trooper_c
Billy Bright's least favourite user Mahmoud Ibn Abdullah
Random, Pointless Award to feed my PCP bias Shyguy1001
The 'May as well give Rayf an award' Award Rayf Drayson
Rising Political Prospect Award (Left Wing) Scipio The Great
Rising Political Prospect Award (Wishy Washy Centrist) Mr Woldy
Rising Political Prospect Award (Right Wing) LordJustice
The 'oops I missed out Patrick' award Patrick Reckitt
The Serious Award Deilos
The 'I Obey, Homerotic Master!' Award HazzN
The Liberator of spam Award mr. brodie
The Saviour of spam Award mr. brodie
The Messiah of spam Award mr. brodie
Buck Passing Award Malta_1990
Ugliest Citizen Meghan
The Tamasz Trolling Award Goku_Jones
'Just Because he asked nicely' Award RyanMcCulloch
Provider of the most substantive evidence that 3 As are cooler than 2 Draaglom
Best Almost President Relic
The 'Only 10 votes away' award Relic
The 'I wonder if anyone guesses why Relic is getting so many awards' award Relic
Best Duke of Wymbourne ever to grace eUK Mr Woldy
The 'Lord of Lords of Lords of Lords' Award Funky44
The 'wishes he was Spanish' award Del Fuego
The Award that went down the river Nile Frater
Satirist Award Parrington
Outstading Achievement in the Field of Preserving Justice Dysophonia
The 'hiding behind an org' award Teh User
The RAWR award Uncle Sam
Banana Award Jack Harris
Worst offensive against capitalisation Craig Rossiter
The Pig Disgusting Foreigner Award Emerick
The 'Bwahaha! I bet you didn't predict that!' award Bob Boblo
The Gay Pride Award Anaxima
The 'Maybe these attempts to be unpredictable are going to far' Award Bob Boblo
The misleading username award Nice Guy Eddie
The not misleading username award Dodgy Dude
The ROBOFAIL Award John Forseti
The 'he managed to be awesome despite the overall suckiness of owls' award Lando Khan
The Frank Furglar Knowledge Award for dicephering every aspect of the game in 5 minutes Frank Furglar
The 'he really deserves an award' award jerryGFL
The 'I'll give him two since it took him so long' Award jerryGFL
The Epic Awesomeness Award rastari
Papal Order of Chivalry rastari
Sexiest eUKer Hassan Pesaran
Best BBH Poster Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
Uber ultimate citizen Award that is blatantly not just to give this edition a credible award to compensate for the lack of 'of the year' awards Wyli
Lifetime Achievement Award srachit

Edition 3

The winners of Edition 3 are[10][11]:

Award Winner
Award Giving Award Bob Boblo
Award Giving Award Giving Award Bob Boblo
Award for outstanding service in the field of ear education Tortea
Grammatical mdness awrd lol.! romansoldier
Inane Username Award coram_boy
Catchphrase Stealer Award coram_boy
Most Zealous Recruiter Parrington
Equitable Award that is equal to all other awards Johnobrow
The Ayn Rand Award that is earnt Necrosis
Mongolian Award Lando Khan
Most Unwashed Ryan Bewick
The 'needs moar mayonnaise' award Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
The 'I feel compelled to give him multiple awards' Award Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
The 'I still feel compelled to give him multiple awards' Award Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
The 'Deathtoll can't beat my hoard' award! Bob Boblo
The 'Rhyming Award' Award Bob Boblo
The 'needs less As' Award Draaaaaaaaaaaaglom
Name partially sounds like urine Award Peejik
Best Force User Temujin94
Best pollonator The B
The 'Reminds me of cataracts' Award Karacticus
The 'I prefer alligators but what the heck...' Award Ayame Crocodile
Accurate Username Award Nice Guy Eddie
The Lockhrana Award jerryGFL
The Epic Fail Award Maddog Jones (Just, in general)
The Seriously Epic Fail Award Meghan[12]
Worst misuse of 'sir' Sir Botham
Best misuse of 'sir' Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
The 'Can't think of a decent award for this guy, but meh I'll give him one anyway' Award Lord Weiis
The 'May as well throw in another for myself' Award Bob Boblo
The chicken award for being afraid of Ireland GLaDOS
The 'Don't vote for this guy' Award GLaDOS
The 'Don't blow for this guy' Award GLaDOS
Most Underrated Spammer romansoldier
Most Overrated Spammer Lionbeard
Most Overrated British Military Hero Arthur Wellesley
Rising star of spam Blaggard
Best BBH poster Blaggard
Best Avatar Valorum
Best Admin Funky44
Best Username elbanaan
Papal Order of Chivalry John F Baker
The Uber ultimate citizen Award that is blatantly not just to give this edition a credible award to compensate for the lack of 'of the year' awards Mr Woldy
Lifetime Achievement Award Malta_1990

Edition 4

The winners of edition 4 are[13][14]:

Award Winner
The 'I'll start with a random user beginning with T' award The B
Second best Bob Bob the terrorist
Best terrorist Bob the terrorist
The serious award for serious citizens Darkmantle
The Immanuel Kant award for funny typos Mrs Bull
Best human rapist Blaggard
Best Sheep Rapist Maddog Jones
Best Miscellaneous Rapist romansoldier
Worst misuse of 'Sir' Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
Best misuse of 'sir' Sir Scott Williamson
Not the best, not the worst, misuse of 'sir' Sir Botham
'Ryhmes with man' award Jan 'the man' Baykara
'Ryhmes with Iran' Award Jan 'not from Iran' Baykara
'Ryhmes with can' Award Jan 'on the can' Baykara
The 'I owe Jan lots of awards due to dodgy dealings. Did you notice? <_<' Award Jan Baykara
'Ryhmes with woman' Award Jan 'not the woman' Baykara
'Ryhmes with fan' Award Jan 'the goatee fan' Baykara
'Ryhmes with Stan' Award Jan 'not called Stan' Baykara
'Ryhmes with ban' Award Jan 'survived a ban' Baykara
The last Jan award............for now Jan Baykara
The Epic Fail award Iain Keers[15]
The Seriously Epic Fail award Sir Scott Williamson[16]
The 'honestly thought he was called Steve until I looked up that thread' Award Bob Boblo
The Epic Return Award romansoldier
The Epic comeback Award Temujin94
The Epic Awesomeness Award Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
The Rising Political prospect award (Left wing) Avlana Kiarunto
The 'yes I am aware hes been around ages' award Bob Boblo
The 'Awesome, but according to me has the potential to grow even more awsum!' Award Avlana Kiarunto
The 'I think I just about dug myself out of that one' award Bob Boblo
The Rising Political prospect award (Centrist) Terribletiger
The Rising Political prospect award (Right Wing) deVillefort
The 'I'll end with a random user beginning with B' Award B, The
The 'so, um, yeah, more awards for Jan' Award Jan Baykara
Best facial hair Jan Baykara
The 'reminds me of bakeries' Award Jan Baykara
The 'still the best guy for graphics' Award Jan Baykara
Best user with 9610 posts at the time of writing Jan Baykara
Best Duke of Buckingham Jan Baykara
The 'I've literally run out of ideas but owe him more awards' Award Jan Baykara
An utterly pointless Award Jan Baykara
The 'biggest penis in the special air service' Award Jan Baykara
The 'One more to wrap it up' award Jan Baykara
Greasy Fast Speed Award McAfee
Most racist third syllable Diakun
Harshest title Sir Diakun of ceaseless faggotry
Best King Mr Woldy
Best RFA President GGRyan
Best taste in Lion King characters Lionbeard
The 'Didn't give him an award last time so I'll give him one this time' Award Stefan1992
The 'Did give him an award last time and hes awesome so gets another one' Award bowen199
The 'He seems important so I'll give him an award' Award Kevy Shabado
The 'He seems impotent so I'll give him an award' Award Shadow
Best Troll Tomazim
Best Knight Costume Tomazim
Best Username Evilpaperclip
Best Avatar Avlana Kiarunto
Most Underrated UK Citizen Dodgy Dude
Most Overrated UK Citizen jamesw
Most Underrated Spammer Johnobrow
Most Overrated spammer Shadow
Most improved spammer Terribletiger
Best Admin Frerk
Papal Order of Chivalry McAfee01
Uber Ultimate Citizen Award Tom Morgan
Lifetime Achievement Award Joachim von Bremen
Rising Star of Spam Mr Bull
Best BBH Poster Evilpaperclip and Horice P Fossil (Tie)

Edition 5

The winners of edition 5 are[17]:

Award Winner
The 'I'll start with random User Begining with T' Award tomf60
The 'Should have gone to Fezsavers' Award Top Hat Harry
Most Pathetic attempt at a Ragequit The Grump
Random Chime in Award rastari
Not completely random, but still somewhat idiosyncratic, Chime in Award Mr Bull
'Reminds me of a County' Award George Norfolk
The 'not too shabby' Award Kevy Shabado
Best Mask Jordan L Alford
Best Mask Fetish Invalidation
The 'dude put this on your Darkmantlepiece (derp)' Award Darkmantle
Best user with a urine euphemism for a middle name Horice P Fossil
The 'makes me want to RAWR' Award RAWdon
The 'woah I haven't given myself any yet' Award Bob Boblo
Best PP Election Victory Bob Boblo
Best Entrance Norman Ashcroft
The 'Fuck you and your shit antivirus' Award McAfee01
The 'coincidentally, make this guy President!' Award McAfee01
Biggest Star Wars Geek Painkiller
Best Troll Tomazim
Stupid Noob Award Painkiller
Oldfag Award Dish
The Epic comeback Award Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
Best Yank Arthur Wellesley
The 'He seems important so I'll give him an award' Award Emergy Maxfell
The 'He's been president like 10 times, I have to give him an award sooner or later' Award jamesw
Most Underrated Spammer Jimbojoy
Most improved Spammer Lionbeard
Best Pope Temujin94
Epic Fail Award Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
Best Admin Frerk
Best Username Top Hat Harry
Best Avatar Invalidation
Rising Political Prospect Award Thomas765
Best President Lionbeard
Rising Star of Spam Invalidation
The Epic Awesomeness Award Temujin94
The Malta_1990 Award The Bremen Clubhouse
Papal Order of Chivalry Rawdon
Lifetime Achievement Award Mr Woldy
Best BBH Poster Diakun

Edition 6

The winners of edition 6 are[18]:

Award Winner
The 'I'll start with random User Begining with T' Award Thomas765
Best Shoutbox Colonisation Liam Charlesworth
Most unintelligible Username Kcirp
Best Typo Spotter Kcirp
Best PTO Organiser McAfee01
The 'ESO person thats seems p cool' Award Elle Roslin
Best List Compiler Jimbojoy
The 'If Goku Jones was a piece of excrement, he'd Go-Poo Jones' Award Goku Jones
The 'It's Glados, need I say more?' Award GLaDOS
Most boring user Kevy Shabado
Most Turned On User Chris Kettle
The 'His username sounds like a Jamie Oliver Sex Tape' Award ApronChef
Most Iconic Goldfish TitanSmash
Best Squirrel stockyrocky
Best Donkey Rapist Trooper_c
Most Effectual Fezoj
The Perta-Maxx Award Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
Chess Grandmaster Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
Gif Grandmaster Horice P Fossil
Random Chime in Award bowen199
Best Troll Smack
Best Yank Arthur Wellesley
Sexiest Voice Woldy
Most Underrated Spammer Chaosthroty
Most Improved Spammer Chaosthroty
Best Pope unstupid
Best Penis Diakun
The 'Did you really think I'd have a Boblo Awards where I don't give myself an award?' Award Bob Boblo
Best Admin Frerk
Best Username unstupid
Best Avatar Invalidation
Rising Political Prospect Award unstupid
Best President Temujin94
Rising Star of Spam unstupid
The Epic Awesomeness Award Temujin94
The Malta_1990 Award Temujin94
Papal Order of Chivalry Dr Rosa
Lifetime Achievement Award Iain Keers
Best BBH Poster Invalidation

Multi-award winners

People who won more than one award are: