Eastern Siberia

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Eastern Siberia

Icon-Russia.png Russia

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Eastern Siberia
Map of the region
Capital Krasnoyarsk
Residents 67
Visitors 78
Language Russian
Moving zone A4
Resources Icon - Wood.png Icon - Limestone.png Icon - Granite.png

Last update: November 29, 2018

Eastern Siberia is a region in Russia and its capital is Krasnoyarsk.


Eastern Siberia was taken over by Norway in May 2008 as a result of the Norway-Russia War. As per an agreement with the Norwegian Government, the region was given to Romania. The region has also been of dispute before, when the old Red Resistance Front Party allowed the region to stay in Norway.
Region has been conquered by USA, which was then swapped to China.


Eastern Siberia is neighbored by following regions:


During V1, the resource was Iron, but today in the region there is a lot of Saltpeter.


The following table lists the known mayors of the region in chronological order:

Date elected Mayor Party
21 June 2008 unknown
21 July 2008 Raze United eNorway
21 August 2008 Raze United eNorway
21 September 2008 Raze United eNorway


The top newspapers in 2009 in Krasnoyarsk was:

Name Owner Subscribers
eBusiness Journal Raze 5