Indonesian take over in South Africa

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Flag of South Africa
Flag of Indonesia

On April 18th, Australia fell to Indonesia. South Africa, as Australia's neighbor, felt threatened by the situation. As a response, South Africa found allies through several MPPs. One of the first was Denmark, which eventually forced South Africa to fight against Sweden in the Sweden-Denmark War along with Bulgaria. After the Sweden-Denmark war, South Africa then surprisingly allied with Sweden. Venezuela, the UK, and finally Norway also followed through and allied with South Africa.

With so many nations allying South Africa, which bordered the Australian region, Indonesia finally decided to accept the request for MPP from Germany and Russia, doing so as a counterbalance to the situation in South Africa. The Indonesian MPP turned to be the trigger for massive European war, where Sweden declared war against Germany and Norway against Russia, before the MPP activated.

Feeling uneasy that Indonesia cannot do anything against these wars, eventually Indonesia decided to politically takeover the general election in South Africa to remove Nordic influence, even though the UK and Sweden protested. In the end, Indonesian-backed African National Congress party won, and mamangbakso as the new president dissolved all previous European MPPs.

However, due to the political pressure toward Indonesia as well as the changes within the government of Indonesia, the new South African government decided that South Africa will remain neutral as a sovereign state and will request new MPPs, especially from Indonesia and Sweden. After that moment, there were talks within South Africa and also throughout the international communities to develop South Africa.

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