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Nationality Flag-Finland.jpg Finnish
Date of birth 10 January 2009
Date of death 29 November 2009
Residence Aland
Sex Male
Party president of Liberaali Edistyspuolue
16th April 2009 – 16th May 2009
Preceded by Engram
Succeeded by Mokkero
Minister of Communication of Finland
6th April 2009 – 6th May 2009
Preceded by Gabriel Lavanche
Succeeded by Mokkero
Minister of Culture and Sports (Lulz) of Finland
6th May 2009 – 3rd June 2009
Preceded by Jam Tzu
Succeeded by Vilhelmi Kanervikkola
6th August 2009 – 6th September 2009
Preceded by JokkeT
Succeeded by Uusis
Ambassador of Finland
6th June 2009 – 6th August 2009
Preceded by Erius
Succeeded by Griffoni
Congress member of Finland
26th February 2009 – 29th November 2009
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kammo22 was a citizen of Flag-Finland.jpg Finland, who died by Permanent banning in November 2009.


Kammo22 was Finnish politician, nobleman, soldier and media person. He was born on 10th of January in 2009 in Western Finland. Kammo22 was known for his career in politics and publishing his own newspaper Kammopaperi. On 29th of December in 2009, both Kammo22 and Engram died by Permanent banning in November 2009.

Kammo's heir Kammo XXIII has continued his predecessors work in domain of politics and culture.

Kammo22 get elected to Finland's congress eleven times in a row from February to December in 2009. Moreover he worked in many Finnish governments and also one term as party president of Finland's biggest party Liberaali Edistyspuolue. 11th of June was the day when Kammo was raised to the nobility and named as Governor-general of Zemgale. When Finland lost Zemgale for Latvia, Kammo lost his honorary title, but after that he get new title from Finland's president. Kammo became 2nd class E-cross knight of knighthood of Erius.

The Beginning

Kammo's tale began on 10th of January 2009. At first day Kammo chose to build constructions for living and at the end of his life his skill in construction was over 10. When Kammo had enough experience, he started to publish his own magazine called Kammopaperi. Newspaper started as a little and quite clumsy. Later his newspaper grew to be one of the most subscribed magazines of Finland. At the beginning of his political career Kammo joined Suomen Sosialistinen Puolue, but after few days he shifted to Liberaali Edistyspuolue, where he spent most of his life. On 5th of February, Kammo took part in an operation to try to save Norway from Political takeover. In congress elections of February and March, Kammo got elected to congress of Finland with notable amount of votes.

Kammo kept publishing new articles in Kammopaperi. Newspaper get positive feedback and Kammo started to write serial story called "Who murdered Count Schauman?". Later Kammo published several stories which each had a different genre ranging from western to horror.

Logo of Kammopaperi

Before presidential elections of April one of the candidates, Simppa, asked Kammo if he would like to be Minister of Communication of his government. Kammo agreed, and surprisingly Simppa beat his challenger Gabriel Lavanche and Kammo became first of the government for the first time, only about eleven weeks after his birth.

What happened later?

Kammo got elected again into the congress. When Engram get elected as president in May, Kammo was chosen to be Minister of Culture and Sports (a.k.a. Minister of Lulz). Two days before the next presidential elections, Kammo lost his office to Vilhelmi Kanervikkola due to a lost bet. This way Vilhelmi Kanervikkola became first minister to be a member of Suomen Sosialistinen Puolue. Finland's next president, Jorma Ollila, chose Kammo as his Representative of Ambassadors. Those times Kammo was also elected as 7th party president of biggest party of Finland, Liberaali Edistyspuolue. On 11th of June Finland conquered region Zemgale from Latvia. Government named Kammo as "Governor-general Of Zemgale" and so Kammo became Finland's first nobleman.

Later Kammo22 got elected to congress several times, serving the total of eleven terms as a congress member. He worked five times as Representative of Ambassadors, three times as Minister of Lulz and once as Minister of Communication. In addition, Kammo also worked as ambassador to India and as group leader of group Weasel in Hätäisen Toiminnan Joukot.

On 29th of November, Kammo and Engram got banned because of breaking the rule 5.1, "Creating or administrating multiple citizen accounts is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.", however they claimed they were babysitting each others accounts which the Finnish community had no reason to doubt. Nowadays citizen Kammo22 is dead, but he was reborn as Kammo XXIII.

Kammopaperi & culture work

Kammo22 was probably primarily known for is newspaper called Kammopaperi ("Kammopaper" in English). Magazine was sixth Finnish newspaper to reach 100 subscribers. Nowadays Kammopaperi is one of the most well-known newspapers in Finland. It published 67. articles and number of subscribers was at highest over 600.

Kammo took a part in Finnish football-league "eVeikkausliiga" first as player and later also as chairman of league cabinet. At first period Kammo got infamous prestige as the most worthy player in the whole league. Team where Kammo played was called Hupiveikot (English "clowns"). Team was so poor that it never scored even one goal and was last in the whole league.

Part of Viljami Koho's commentary (Punakone vs. Hupiveikot):

 KAMMO IS IN BREAKAWAY! BUT NO! He's ineffectual loser. Three breakaways and not even one goal. Why he even is on the field? Probably just for amusing the commentator -- KAMMO IS IN BREAKAWAY! AND HE FAILS AGAIN! HAT MAN IS TOTAL FAILURE! 4 breakaways and always slacky kick just towards goalkeeper! 
Trophy cup of eVeikkausliiga

When Kammo worked as Minister of Lulz in government of Gabriel Lavanche, someone scandalously stole all the money from organization Ministry of Lulz FI and the whole organization as well. People thought Kammo was guilty, but Chancellor of Justice Sossu announced that Kammo was innocent due to the lack of proper evidence. That robbery remained long as only unsolved case in criminal history of Finland. Several months later congress got new evidences and judged JokkeT guilty.

Kammo also wrote songs about life in Finland. His band Kammo and the Leavings published several songs in Kammopaperi.