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Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg Spanish
Date of birth 19 September, 2009
Date of death 2013
Residence Otago
Sex Man
Ambassador to North Korea of Spain
7 October, 2009 – 6 March, 2010
Congress member of Spain
26 April, 2010 – 25 May, 2010
26 August, 2010 – 25 September, 2010
Ambassador to Spain, Peru and Chile of New Zealand
7 January, 2011 – 5 March, 2011
Ambassador to New Zealand of Spain
7 March, 2011 – ?
Military rank Icon rank National Force.png National Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Khebit was a proud old-citizen of Spain, former member of the militia Black Fear and follower of Varnish.


His life started on September 19th, in 2009. Javier Dinozzo was his father, as he was his referrer.

The beginnings

When he appeared in the New World, Spain had been conquered by both France and Brazil, so when he registered in Andalucia, his Real life homeland, he was born as Brazilian. This was, in fact, his biggest motivation to keep playing eRepublik, as he couldn't stand seeing the Brazilian flag next to his name. After about a week, he finally moved to Asturias, capital at the time and core region of Spain, where he was a 2-Clicker for some time. He joined Proyecto Fénix in October's first week, after reading about all Spanish parties. PF's manifesto, their ideas of a technocratic country, he liked the most. After some days there, he enlisted for their militia, Black Fenix.

Meanwhile, in Iceland...

In the first week of October 2009, he also joined the Icelandic Campaign after he read an article in the Spanish media. He spent a lot of time there, til Summer 2010, when admin announced that 6 new countries will be added, but Iceland wasn't among them. He met a lot of people there, who ultimately become his good friends, like Mappo aka QWERTY95, Lionbeard, Clonesean9 and Devioux.

New Year, New Life

In February 2010 he started to be more involved in Politics, doing many things in PF. In April, he decided to run for the Congress and was successful.

In Black Fenix, he also made really good friends, especially siibert, who was really one of the closest friends he had in Erepublik, who left the game in September, 2010.

Rising (a.k.a. The End is near!)

With the arrival of Erepublik Rising, everything changed. It was summer, and he planned to spend A LOT of time playing eRepublik, but the new version was a huge disaster for him. Instead of having fun, he became a 2-Clicker, although he entered the Congress for the second month and he tried to become active in the Spanish outgame life. Black Fenix disappeared, but admin announced the addition of new countries, which was the only thing which made him still play the game. Although he thought Iceland was going to be selected, when it wasn't he decided that New Zealand will be his new destination, mostly due to his knowledge of the English language.

New Kheb! New Country! New Zealand!

He arrived to fight against the Serbian-Slovenian PTO, and since the beginning, he joined the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP), party where he met the people that he thought were the most hard-working people of New Zealand. He helped than in the Congress and in the Presidential elections, but nothing could be done against the power of the Serbian block, who had always had a big majority. He ran for Congress (epic fail: at the end, he decided to change his avatar to prevent people from voting for him), and tried to be active in the forums. He also joined the first New Zealand Defence Forces. The activity wasn't high, and in his opinion, there were no chances for a better future after the big fail in the land-swaps with Indonesia and Argentina. It was because of that, on the 6th of March 2011, he decided to leave NZ and return to Spain.



In Erepublik V1

The last day of eRepublik V1 version, he had the following skills:

Icon skill manufacturing.gif 8.74 Icon skill strength.gif 14.44 Icon General.jpg


He migrated his skills before the transition to V2 on day 959, and he appeared in V2 as:

Icon skill fitter.pngA 9 Guru fitter in his economic skill (51322/800000).

Icon skill tank.pngA 9 Nemesis tank in his military skill, withIcon rank General.pngGeneral rank (99792/160000)

Iceism Sensation

Iceism Sensation is Khebit's newspaper, established on 24 October, 2009. He has written many articles in the Spanish press, about war, international events and political random things. He has also written many articles in other countries, like Poland, France or the USA. He had 102 subscribers.