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The following is a list of Presidents of Icon-Denmark.png Denmark.

Year and Year President Party
February 2009 Grev Per Dansk Folkeparti
March 2009 A. Holst Weberian Bureaucracy Party
April 2009 HrBjorn Weberian Bureaucracy Party
May 2009 Lerdeif Weberian Bureaucracy Party
June 2009 Dale Marks Weberian Bureaucracy Party
July 2009 Dale Marks Weberian Bureaucracy Party
August 2009 Grev Per Danish Liberal Party
September 2009 Zeb Jolnas Dansk Folkeparti
October 2009 HoeMarx Dansk Folkeparti
November 2009 HrBjorn Free T-shirts and Carlsberg
December 2009 dragosv Danish Liberal Party
January 2010 BNMaarcher Free T-shirts and Carlsberg
February 2010 crillep Dansk Folkeparti
March 2010 Gustav Andersen Danish Liberal Party
April 2010 drenic Socialist Party of Denmark
May 2010 Vuk iz Sumice Socialist Party of Denmark
June 2010 Rune Larsen Danish Patriot Party
July 2010 Carlos Danish Patriot Party
August 2010 Coldplayer Denmark for change
September 2010 Mr. Naizugai Great Two Fish Ovens
October 2010 Hurkancs Great Two Fish Ovens
November 2010 Hurkancs Great Two Fish Ovens
  • Some names of the parties in 2009 could be wrong as names used were from 2010 party names so they may or may not be the correct party names
  • Last president of Denmark before Denmark joined to "Scandinavian Union" was Hurkancs.

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