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This page contains elements/concepts/ideas which are NOT eRepublik Game Features.
The House of Lords

The House Of Lords was a forum elected set of individuals set up to review legislation proposed by the House Of Commons. Members of this house were referred to as Lords, each with their own lordship title. Members of the lords were considered to be the top thinkers in their respective fields; thus the requirements to enter were:

  • 3 terms of office or longer in the House of Commons or
  • At least 2 months of service as a government minister or
  • At least one term as Prime Minister or
  • The person has held the rank of Commanding Officer or higher of one of the UK military branches.

The Lords, unlike the Commons, did not contain elected citizens by a large public vote and had no in-game power as such inside eRepublik. They existed to oversee the Commons running and add opinion into debates within the houses as appropriate. They also voted on matters concerning the country.

The country was practically split in two over the House of Lords. One half wanted to keep it, the other to repeal it. Eventually, a piece of controversial legislation was passed which although didn't remove the House of Lords, it forced all of the then Lords to be voted on again which needed a unanimous yes vote to be accepted back in. This was done by the top 5 Party Presidents, with The Unity Party and People's Communist Party both voting no to the readmission of the Lords. With no Lords, it was an empty house and so was abolished and was replaced with the House of Commons act.

Former Lords (in chronological order)