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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatian
Date of birth 22 March 2009
Date of death N/A
Residence Flag-Croatia.jpg Northwest Croatia
Sex Male
Newspaper Raskolnikov's Axe
President of Croatia
February 6, 2010 – February 7, 2010
Preceded by GP.1
Succeeded by Apachy
President of India
July 5, 2010 – August 5, 2010
Preceded by hs1975
Succeeded by come2findu
Minister of Foreign Affairs of India
June 5, 2010 – July 5, 2010
Succeeded by ShadowMJ
Minister of Communication of Croatia
October 15, 2009 – December 05, 2009
Served under aurelije the family guy
Succeeded by Friend Freeman
Commissioner of National Police Force
May 8, 2010 – September 5, 2010
Served under Abhi347
Preceded by BroodRoosterNL
Succeeded by Iseutz
Minister of India
October 5, 2010 – November 5, 2010
Succeeded by David Forde
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force.png World Class Force
Aircraft rank Airman 1st class 5.png Airman 1st Class*****

General data

Jelen od Potoka was a Croatian citizen. When translated from Croatian his name means "Deer of the Stream" or "Water Stag" and this is the main reason all Jelen's avatars have this noble animal included. Jelen was born in March 2009. but is first mentioned in the Battle at river Ind epic.

During his life, he fought in many battles because of his membership in HOS and ultimately reached the rank of Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal. A greater part of his career Jelen spent in KOA working as a spy and a coordinator. In February 2010 he was elected as a President of Croatia, but he had to resign (he requested for impeachment) due to the personal reasons[1]. Unfortunately, due to this move, he will be remembered as the President that was only one day on his duty - the President with the shortest term ever.

He is the press director of Raskolnikov's Axe.


Jelen became a member of HOS on 15th of May 2009. This is the only unit he ever was a member of. In May 2010 Jelen celebrated first his HOS-birthday. At this opportunity, he remembered all of the founding members of HOS and concluded almost of all of them are dead and that he, an elder, is surrounded by youngsters. To overcome this depression he had taken a vacation and left for India once again. Jelen was deleted from HOS' member list in June 2010 on his own request.

Soldier of EDEN

Edem.png His entire life he fought for ATLANTIS and EDEN.


EKOA.jpg KOA is Croatian Intelligence Agency. Jelen was a high ranked officer in the organisation and one of the co-founders.


Jelen showed interest in visiting and helping small countries.

Peru was the first such experience. He first visited Peru in July 2010 after the country was added to eRepublik. His friend AnthonyCash requested some help in his political career so Jelen decided to help. He often visited Peru and started a very successful iron company with his friend. In November Peru was invaded by Brazil and Argentina and Jelen used his high position in Croatian government to help the Polish paramilitary GROM in defending the country. Together with stanleysts Jelen played a crucial diplomatic role in this war and was later very satisfied how it finished. However, the conflict brought to a serious political crisis in EDEN since Spanish troops fought against the Polish and Croatian ones.


For a month (1st Nov-3rd Dec) Jelen was also a citizen of Switzerland. This was the time before the Shaolin TO while Eleriel and Nicktheh reigned as presidents.

During this visit Jelen met Croats like postar51 and InChY and a Serbian player Qzman who were looking for sanctuary from the hectic political crisis in their countries. Even though he planned to start a new life, which included starting a company, the PEACE attack on Croatian borders on day 738 drastically changed all the plans as he was a part of Croatian government at that time. In December 2009 Jelen was summoned by his party (HSP) to run in the Croatian presidential race. One day before the elections he was Croatian again. He wanted to get back but India was chosen in the end.


First expedition (December 2009-February 2010)

Jelen's first contact with India was in December 2009 when he left Croatia after not succeeding at becoming a new president. Jelen claims he never wanted to win the election but it was all just a political compensation for Hrvatska Stranka Prava. India was ruled by Ashwamedh at that time and under constant threat of TO from Iranian MAFIA.

India only

Jelen joined Indian administration and government as an ATO multi account tracker. This position helped him to know India's desperate situation and was crucial for meeting new friends in this new country.

Second expedition (May 2010-August 31st 2010)

After recovering from various RL issues Jelen returned to the game and soon enough he planned his return to India. In May 2010 Abhi347 was elected Indian president. Jelen asked his old friend whether he could be of use to the country and soon enough he was appointed NPF Commissioner and Indian ambassador in Iran.

These duties are being obtained to the present day. Soon Jelen met Vladimir Alexei who was a great help in smoothing the relations with Serbia. The result of this friendship was also the forming of the Pretorian Guard in August 2010. Due to his hard work and earned trust Jelen was elected the first Indian president in V2 in July 2010. After the retirement, he founded Indian Wiki Team to promote his beloved country.

Third expedition (September 31st 2010-day 1015)

Jelen served as a Minister of Expansion and made some important reforms. He called upon all resources in the country and personally made the first prototype of the promotion video clip. His team also made several "browser game" expeditions and invited players from other Worlds.

Direct contact is the best as he later stated.

Forth expedition (Autumn 2011-for good)

Jelen finally retired at his palace in Gujarat. It is finished. His spirit and mind are free forever.

On day 1525 Jelen decided to pay off all of his debts if there are any.

Work in Office

Jelen was extremely determined to maximally use his term for the benefit of India. He was often masochistic about it. His work can be listed like this:

  • led India in heavily bugged V2 as the first president to have served under those conditions
  • reformed Indian diplomacy and administration using many innovations such as software tools and more efficient organization of staff
  • set the INR currency rate at the amount most beneficial for the Indian economy and defended the rate when needed
  • made national companies reforms, reorganized them and standardized passwords
  • implemented four domestically made hospitals to four of India's region; later on when V2 was abandoned Jelen fought more than a year with the admins to return the funds India invested; this resulted in victory and admins returned 200 gold to the country's account [2]
  • negotiated with the USA about the return of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh; both regions were returned at the middle of Jelen's term, tripling the Indian population, and the USA also paid its old debt in gold to India
  • made peace talks and signed peace with Iran, India's old enemy
  • fought TO groups and supported the ATO unit know as National Police Force
  • negotiated with Serbia about the passage from Sindh to Kerala; this was kept secret from EDEN since India was neutral in that time; the agreement was never made since Serbia, according to Jelen's opinion and also opinions of Indian Council of Elders was offered way too less as a compensation for such a deal
  • made peace talks with Indonesia and after hard and long negotiations, after peace agreement didn't pass in Indonesian parliament three times, finally made peace between two nations
  • settled Croatian refuges in India after the annihilation of their country the month before
  • negotiated with Thailand about his perfected idea of the first V2 war games between the two countries (this later failed due to Serbian TO and ending of V2 itself)
  • brought India closer to EDEN
  • supported Thailand and some foreign militia in the battles against Indonesia
  • made several trade agreements with Pakistan


Following the political crisis in India, Jelen and Sarfarosh party and military unit took refuge in Bulgaria on day 1628.

List of Residences

This is a chronological list of the regions that Jelen has lived in but does not include temporary stays and visits in regions.


In V2 Jelen became Guru* Harvester and Veteran* Artillery. He didn't like the economy or the military modules and especially not the bugs, lags, hacks, cheats and "features".


Jelen committed suicide by reaching 0 wellness on day 1015 and this date is considered the date of death. For his final resting place, he chose Karnataka to be close to certain two of his passed away friends. His heart is in his region of birth. His spirit will forever live on pages of eRepublik Wikipedia. Some say he can still be contacted via his organization. The tombstone is located on Graveyard of India.


After a few months, Jelen revived his account and with lesser activity than before he left for America to experience again the WW3 adventures. He was a member of the US Special Forces and in these days he moaned Iseutz, his beloved friend and a true hero.


 As long as there is eRepublik and India I shall be there to help you... 
(-->addressing the Indian people in the Presidential farewell article on August 6th, 2010)
 Phoenix?? You gotta be kidding me 
(-->just after the fall of Hungarian Heilongjiang)
 Ne seri s tim gurmanskim željama Azriel, štrumpfovi su dobri i bez hleba. 
(-->about the TO of Croatia in July 2009)
 Zelja is my Duke (Vojvoda) 
(-->speaking about his beloved HOS commander)
 ...ljubav bješe to... 
(-->last words; 31st of August 2010; day 1015)
 Babyboom, babyboom, babyboom... everything else is bullish. 
(-->his solution for a long list of India's problems, especially PTO)
 ko bi gori sad je doli, a 'ko bi doli na vrhu sad s'edi...The operation is complete 
(-->after fall of Sabah, the last Serbian outpost in Asia; 4th of November 2010; day 1080)
 I am staying for good(in India) 
(-->told to Ash while retiring, autumn 2011;)

V1 Skills

Manufacturing Land Construction Strength
Icon skill manufacturing.gif 12.02 Icon skill land.gif 0.5 Icon skill construction.gif 0 Icon skill strength.gif 21.86


Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x1)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x36)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x4)
First awarded: Day May 26th, 2010
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x2)
First awarded: Day February of 2010, Croatia
Last awarded: Day July of 2010, India
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x3)
First awarded: Day Sindh 900; Sabah 1021; Bihar 1043;
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x1)
First awarded: Day Andhra Pradesh
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x29)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x2)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x11)
Icon achievement ATLANTIS on.gif
ATLANTIS soldier* (x2)
Romania, Croatia
Icon achievement Sol on.gif
SOL soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement EDEN on.gif
EDEN soldier* (x3)
Croatia, Poland, Romania

Avatars used

Following are some of the avatars used by Jelen

Government offices
Preceded by
24th President of the India Succeeded by
Preceded by
15th President of the Croatia Succeeded by