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Pierric Bross

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Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth 31 July 2008
Date of death 25 June 2009
Residence Punjab
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Newspaper Personal Stockade
Party president of African Independence Party
September 2008 – November 2008
Succeeded by broc93
Congress member of South Africa
25 November 2008 – 25 April 2009
Party president of Furry Party
June 2009 – June 2009
Military rank Icon rank Captain**.png Captain**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen suspended for racism, extremism, trolling or flaming.
 ...your hair, your pouty nature, and your eyes...
all very tiger

Pierric Bross (born 31 July 2008) was an American-born, Australian-attributed, South African-made Pakistani.

He was the leader of the African Independence Party from September to November in the year 2008 and served as a congress member for Free State from November 2008 to April 2009. He lead the Furry Party in Pakistan for the remainder of his life span. His newspaper, Personal Stockade, reported on political and lifestyle issues, but degenerated into ramblings about how "cool" furries are.

Pierric Bross has received a Permanent ban in June 2009 for "trolling, extremism, flaming, racism....."

Pierric is survived by his son Captain Briggs.

Early Life

Pierric was born in the American state of California, but as a baby was accidentally shipped to South Africa by mobsters who mistook him for a rare white tiger thanks to an outfit his mother made him wear. Many recent historians have blamed this childhood incident for the strange and often controversial habits he developed as he aged.

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Political Background

Having grown tired of the South Africa, Pierric Bross joined the minority party, Democrats of South Africa and ran for the leadership position. Using his imagination and wit he scared off all of his competitors (none) and managed to be elected to the leadership position with 1 vote - his own. He changed the name to the African Independence Party and campaigned for freedom from sexual morality, especially children. He spent 2 and half months as leader, winning 2 elections and a surprise bi-election, but stepped down from the position when a clean-cut Italian man threatened to release pictures exposing his pedophilia nature and inter-species relationships.


On day 480 of the New World Pierric Bross proposed to and officially married his long time stalking victim Kirill Nowakovski, a French anthropomorphic wolf and successful soldier.[1] An article was released commemorating the event which can be seen here.

On day 529 of the New World Pierric Bross was officially divorced by his husband, Kirill Nowakovski. Pierric Bross made it known that he still loved Kirill and keeps a picture of him against his crotch for those lonely nights.

Others he frequently protests love to include,

  • Erwin Schauman - Famous Finnish person and hot arctic fox
  • Emerick - Famed American President and all-around sexy youngster
  • AgentChieftain - Several time Pakistani President who Pierric also had a one-night stand with.

Political Career

Black Lion Front

After leaving the African Independence Party, Bross was approached by members of the Black Lion Front, who liked his low-brow view on women and marriage. There he was promised a seat in congress, which was achieved during the November elections, winning a seat with just one vote - yet again his own. Pierric successfully defended his seat in the December 2008 congress elections (3 votes), and again in January 2009 (2 votes). Clearly South Africans loved Furries and the Furry way. Despite being guaranteed to win a forth consecutive term as congressman, Bross wanted to achieve a more respectable number of votes, after all he wasn't some low-class south African. He released an article explaining actions he had taken during his three congressional terms in an attempt to gain more voter support, such as donating AIDs to more South African children and giving birth to weird half-animal, half-human off-spring. His media campaign was a success and Pierric received 11 votes during the elections, the highest for his region, and the second highest across all of South Africa. As a result of the March 25 congress elections Pierric Bross maintained his seat as congressman for the 5th consecutive time.

South African Party

On returning from a drug party in socialist and low-strung Finland, Pierric Bross joined the South African Party, deciding he was too racist to stay in the 'Black' Lion Front, even though he would miss the sex with lions.

With 3 votes just 2 hours into the congressional election (the most of any candidate in Free State at the time), Pierric Bross broke out the puppies and started his famed animal orgy. This would mark the occasion as his first congressional term under the SAP, and his 6th for the country, having meant he was elected congressmen 6 times out of 7 since erepublik v1 began.

In his 7th congressional run INTERPOL were alerted to his activities by an anonymus person. He had to flee the country before the elections end to one of less appreciative status towards the international police; to Pakistan!

Furry Party

Pierric Bross ran unopposed in the Party President elections of the coolest Pakistani party ever, Diamonds will be unbreakable, gaining 2 votes to win the election even though there were 6 active members of the party. After taking control Pierric changed it's name and image, completing a life-long goal of controlling a party dedicated to the furry kind, calling it the... FURRY PARTY.

He prepared for the elections by hiring an elite team of Italian medal hunters in order to rig the elections in his favour, they went undercover as 'Furries' in order to fool the average citizens. The ploy worked and the Furry Party ran with a majority vote for most of the elections, constantly shifting between a 6 and 7 seat majority. Pierric's first PTO looked like being a great success!

However, mid-way through the elections Pierric Bross was no longer seen or heard from, and when a search and rescue party found him dead on his mansion floor the promising election outcome dwindled fast and the party ended up with just 4 congressional seats. A message on his body simply read;

"Citizen permanently suspended for racism, extremism, trolling, flaming or pornography."

To this day this cryptic message has never been deciphered.

Pierric in Popular Culture

Pierric Bross was immortalised via greasemonkey script called the 'Pierric Bross Advisor Script', article here;

As well as the 'advisor script', that replaced Pluto with Pierric Bross, he has been mentioned in many places among erepublik in popular culture, with a small sample of numerous articles below (many of them with a humourous tone);

Interesting Facts

  • Received the 'Arthk Stamp of Awesomeness' on day 518 of the New World for Kirill Nowakovski being his then-husband[2].
  • On day 528 of the New World, Pierric famously posted a picture of himself in a dress and blonde wig on the erepublik forums; human form[3].
  • As of day 536 of the New World, Pierric Bross was confirmed to have attained the highest non-repetitive-spam post count across the erepublik forums[4].
  • On day 539 of the New World Pierric Bross had a cheap one night stand with former Pakistani president AgentChieftain[5]
  • He is Benn Dovers friend [6].



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Hard Worker (x4)
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Congress Member (x6)
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Party President* (x1)


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Preceded by Party president of African Independence Party Succeeded by
none Sep 2008 - Nov 2008 broc93
Preceded by Congress member for South Africa as a representative of Free State region Succeeded by
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Preceded by Party president of Furry Party Succeeded by
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