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Ambassador Program

The Program

The official Ambassador Program was a one-time program in eRepublik, to honour those players who contributed the most for propagating eRepublik IRL, and in general help the improvement of the game experience by translations and added programs. Requirements included having reached Level 12 and being an active player in the game; and also various activities connected with the improvement of the site and its public relations.


Duties of the Ambassadors included:

  • Translation and proofreading (localization) of the game
  • Inviting large numbers of players into the game (does not include multiple accounts)

Location on Profile

Ambassadors have the Ambassador Program icon below their avatar on the profile page.

Ambassador display.jpg


The current Ambassadors are:

In-game Active Ambassadors:

Name Country
4RN0 Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
Admiral General Mickey (XMikiGOx) Israel Icon-Israel.png
Ahsan Pakistan Icon-Pakistan.png
Albert tseng Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
Alexandross Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
alpho Romania Icon-Romania.png
Amli Nujhan Malaysia Icon-Malaysia.png
Andreas Bo Greece Icon-Greece.png
andycro Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
Apokalipto Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png
Aradjanski Branko Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Arcanic Legend (theirina) South Korea Icon-South Korea.png
Arlind Albania Icon-Albania.png
Arthk Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Axithe Russia Icon-Russia.png
bandigarf Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Bogdan-Halamydnyk Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
Boyan Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
BrunoCostel Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Ciobi Spartanu Romania Icon-Romania.png
Clopoyaur Romania Icon-Romania.png
Curlybear Belgium Icon-Belgium.png
CybeRNerO Greece Icon-Greece.png
Darth Pointy (Cidadao) Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
dimikala Greece Icon-Greece.png
Don Machak (aurelije the family guy) Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
DrKaban Chile Icon-Chile.png
El Corazon Quemado (Karolina Jesieniecka) Russia Icon-Russia.png
elbandido Romania Icon-Romania.png
Elbert Gong Poland Icon-Poland.png
Es Guile Russia Icon-Russia.png
Fairy King (M4st3rM1nd) Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Freiheitskaempfer Germany Icon-Germany.png
(ayase sayuki, milk ole)
Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
GabryFure Italy Icon-Italy.png
Garmacor Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
Gh.Nirvana Iran Icon-Iran.png
Gucio Poland Icon-Poland.png
Gulitiwi Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
gyika Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
higter Germany Icon-Germany.png
IM7 Armon (Armon) Montenegro Icon-Montenegro.png
Josx Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
Kentavr Russia Icon-Russia.png
Kherehabath Poland Icon-Poland.png
Kimilla Italy Icon-Italy.png
kloraq Turkey Icon-Turkey.png
Kris Tine China Icon-China.png
kyuu bee China Icon-China.png
Lagertha. (Altario, Gramozor) Albania Icon-Albania.png
Leo Syahmessi Malaysia Icon-Malaysia.png
Madre Superiora Italy Icon-Italy.png
Madvieri Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Magic Poland Icon-Poland.png
Maine Coon Denmark Icon-Denmark.png
Maked0ner Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png
Markus S Germany Icon-Germany.png
Master_rg Germany Icon-Germany.png
MaZzA Italy Icon-Italy.png
MemphisHU Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
MickeyHowl Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
Misho (Swedish.) Sweden Icon-Sweden.png
Mr.CaCkO Slovenia Icon-Slovenia.png
Nerzhu1 Malaysia Icon-Malaysia.png
NIKrumov (Chukcha) Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
Papichello (KE LE, teknik562) Turkey Icon-Turkey.png
Persian Myth Iran Icon-Iran.png
PetrovichVrag Russia Icon-Russia.png
Pisco Sour (Tio Lucho, Humerus) Paraguay Icon-Paraguay.png
Plato eRepublik Icon-eRepublik.png
pernik1948 Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
R O B E R (fanasimpson) Argentina Icon-Argentina.png
Rapaz_avr Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Rudolf Maist3r (Persian Punisher) Iran Icon-Iran.png
Sergeant Spring Goat
(Sergeant Spring, Sergeant Autumn)
Israel Icon-Israel.png
Starkad Rorlikson Germany Icon-Germany.png
StrozeR Poland Icon-Poland.png
szeku Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
theface Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
TheJakal Pakistan Icon-Pakistan.png
Troqneca Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
Unihorn Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
vingaer Poland Icon-Poland.png
Z N Gorki Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
Rudolf Peresin
(Zadarski Osvetnik, Antonio Wimer)
Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
ZmicerU Belarus Icon-Belarus.png
Zordacz Poland Icon-Poland.png
zvoc Croatia Icon-Croatia.png

Dead citizen.png Dead citizen
Dead Ambassadors:
Name Country
3meu Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
Acoutinho Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Adin Odmin Romania Icon-Romania.png
Ahmed AE Saudi Arabia Icon-Saudi Arabia.png
Ahmed Am Saudi Arabia Icon-Saudi Arabia.png
Alexander Matteo Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
Alexis Nikiforos Greece Icon-Greece.png
AlexMCS182 France Icon-France.png
AlexSkopje Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png
Allyenna China Icon-China.png
AmirA2 Iran Icon-Iran.png
An1mewn1k (RoDmiS-73) Russia Icon-Russia.png
Anarchist UA (Banderivets777) Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
AntrikosA Greece Icon-Greece.png
Artiga Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Asomac Greece Icon-Greece.png
AThompson Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
Atracurium China Icon-China.png
Big Brother USA Icon-USA.png
boikov Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
Bond Guevara Indonesia Icon-Indonesia.png
Buck Roger Canada Icon-Canada.png
burakkocamis Turkey Icon-Turkey.png
BuzzY Poland Icon-Poland.png
C4nis Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Caroline au Marymont Poland Icon-Poland.png
carpet15 Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
Cavalcanti Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
(KSA Fighter)
Saudi Arabia Icon-Saudi Arabia.png
Chicco USA Icon-USA.png
chugaystyr Russia Icon-Russia.png
Christian Doe Canada Icon-Canada.png
CoKTaTiN Turkey Icon-Turkey.png
Colansi France Icon-France.png
CroRuxa Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
columbia Greece Icon-Greece.png
Cyrus_Great Iran Icon-Iran.png
DarichTheThird Russia Icon-Russia.png
Dark Thunder Italy Icon-Italy.png
Dartooth Russia Icon-Russia.png
(Sir Marvin, Twoj Stary)
Poland Icon-Poland.png
DFPMP Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Dimow Brando Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
Dokabi South Korea Icon-South Korea.png
Dom DomiBoss Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Eashoa Msheekha Turkey Icon-Turkey.png
Eav Grey Russia Icon-Russia.png
edmako Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Edward Edison Russia Icon-Russia.png
Emergy Maxfell United Kingdom Icon-United Kingdom.png
Enkel Albania Icon-Albania.png
Ernesto Jeon South Korea Icon-South Korea.png
EucliwoodHellscythe Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
Eugene Rozov Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
FelipeII Spain Icon-Spain.png
Fleija Italy Icon-Italy.png
FlorenciaC Argentina Icon-Argentina.png
Franz Sigel Japan Icon-Japan.png
Furio Italy Icon-Italy.png
GerRove Russia Icon-Russia.png
Gianpaolo Buccheri
(Hallelujah eBrazil, Henrique CS,
King Solaris, Johannes Solaris)
Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Glorietta (Gloriux) Italy Icon-Italy.png
Gustavius Sweden Icon-Sweden.png
GustavoGomes (Aritex, Gustavo CAT) Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Happy Drunk Goat
(ISRAELI GOAT, a neria, 449 MAE Air Wing)
Israel Icon-Israel.png
hazem95 Saudi Arabia Icon-Saudi Arabia.png
hawkerhunter07 (Marcchelala) Canada Icon-Canada.png
Henrique G. Pinheiro Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Herr Schmidt Germany Icon-Germany.png
Hoffman12 Slovenia Icon-Slovenia.png
Hopesa Indonesia Icon-Indonesia.png
Ingo Wilmes Poland Icon-Poland.png
Isy Germany Icon-Germany.png
Jan Karal Chadkievicz (Hyena Black) Belarus Icon-Belarus.png
John Wilkmot Canada Icon-Canada.png
Kalle Holm Sweden Icon-Sweden.png
karaj22 Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
Kartalon Spain Icon-Spain.png
Kirill Volkov Russia Icon-Russia.png
KittyKet Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
Kixtart Netherlands Icon-Netherlands.png
KOR_Sohn South Korea Icon-South Korea.png
KOSOVA PEYONI Albania Icon-Albania.png
kozman szlachetny Poland Icon-Poland.png
Kryvich Belarus Icon-Belarus.png
Kumnaa United Kingdom Icon-United Kingdom.png
Kushtrimzz Albania Icon-Albania.png
KutlukBilgeKulKagan USA Icon-USA.png
LadyArgana Greece Icon-Greece.png
Last Life (Lignja) Albania Icon-Albania.png
Laveol Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
LcfR Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Leaffly Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Light Bulb Israel Icon-Israel.png
Lipec Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Lord Vaako Turkey Icon-Turkey.png
Lucius Varenus USA Icon-USA.png
Martin134 Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
MAt1307 Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Matthieu Bonne France Icon-France.png
Mcsam Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Meiko Spain Icon-Spain.png
Michael Collins Ireland Icon-Ireland.png
MiDoLi Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
MissingYou Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
MKVII Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
Monkeyboom Yau Malaysia Icon-Malaysia.png
Mr. Apocalypse (junecaz) Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Myrfalas Greece Icon-Greece.png
Nick Auditore Italy Icon-Italy.png
nickname778 Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
niouton France Icon-France.png
Papa Frantz France Icon-France.png
paranoik Spain Icon-Spain.png
PaulPro Russia Icon-Russia.png
Pjatt Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
Podgoricki Zvijuk Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
Quicksilver Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
Radio Active Goat
(Meitnerium 109, Rickolas)
Israel Icon-Israel.png
Raikael Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
RegisAjR Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Rhevard Italy Icon-Italy.png
Rhodesknight Greece Icon-Greece.png
ricky4a (Riccardo Quarta) Italy Icon-Italy.png
Rosa Violet Carson (Ryan Cullen) Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
(Pinky Freud, Scorpiu)
Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Sakal_ks Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
salonikiosss Greece Icon-Greece.png
Santirub Argentina Icon-Argentina.png
ScimitarInd Indonesia Icon-Indonesia.png
Siewca wiatru Poland Icon-Poland.png
Sinan Ks Albania Icon-Albania.png
Smurfius Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Snayke China Icon-China.png
Soonchica Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Squall Leonheart Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
srdant Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
Sucko Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
Sunsetter Romania Icon-Romania.png
Szkodniq Poland Icon-Poland.png
T.FatherGO (T.GodFather) Israel Icon-Israel.png
taguaro Spain Icon-Spain.png
ThomasRed Belgium Icon-Belgium.png
Tsunayoshi Ryuzaki Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
Valz Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
Varlosh Egypt Icon-Egypt.png
verdiszno Poland Icon-Poland.png
Weyder Spain Icon-Spain.png
Wooucake Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
wrennina Italy Icon-Italy.png
XDDrz Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
XtaSia Romania Icon-Romania.png
xSteviex Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
Yamisuke Italy Icon-Italy.png
yoskyyyyy Belarus Icon-Belarus.png
ZeNaifas Portugal Icon-Portugal.png

- ambassador banned

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