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The Book of Kiwi
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Chapter Two
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Chapter IV

Travel of Michael I

Michael shall hear a voice from all over saying to him:I am the creator of all, for I am your mother's, father's, father's, mother's, father's, father's father's, father. And I shall create of off the living and of the created, and you shall pass my rules and my teachings forward, across the land, for I could not appear to all, only with the holy blooded and the chosen by me. And Michael shall accept and shall travel across the land teaching the rules and teachings of the Golden Kiwi.


Michael shall travel through Frenkia and shall say in Parri to the Frenks in a whole light and glory of the Golden Kiwi. And that he shall say:Listen to the devine glory of the Golden Kiwi, for he is the holy father, and for he is the holy creator of all! And these are his teachings. Thou shall not contaminate the New World with filth such as External advertising, Spam,Insults, Pornography, Vulgarity or Racism. For you cannot deny the holiness of the Golden Kiwi, for he is holy before you and before all. And the frenks shall say rude about him, and shall hate and attack him. For he shall have mersy on them, for his power from the Golden Kiwi, for they are been created by New Zealand. And shall say to them:You ignorant people! For thou believe you are innocent! But for you are ungrateful! Thou gave you life from the holy wool, and you shall be sinners before the messanger of the Golden Kiwi? For evil shall perish before the Golden Kiwi, in his judgment!. And the Frenks shall have fear in their eyes and love in their hearts for the Golden Kiwi, but for they not show.


Michael shall continue to travel, and he shall come to Romanus, land of the Romans, for they are descendants to the Frenks. And he shall set in Florance. And he shall say to them:For I came to you by the name of the creator, thou name the Golden Kiwi. And hes shall set another of Rule, for it shall be Thou shall not obtain any properties or gains through illegal means such as cheating, betting, bugs or exploits, and the Golden Kiwi shall be pleased. The Romans shall add menace to Michael, and he shall get his heart strong and shall separate Sardinia and Sicilia from the main Romanus. And the Romans shall ask for forgiveness from Michael, and he shall say:Thou shall ask forgiveness from the Holy Golden Kiwi, and shall not believe in no one but him! and he shall leave there with pride.