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The Book of Kiwi
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine

Chapter VIII


And New Zealand shall be allowed, and all the New Zealanders shall come from their countries, and shall go to New Zealand, for it shall be called:The Great Exodus. And hundreds of men shall come from around the eGlobe. And all the New Zealanders shall step on New Zealand, and smell the holy air of Holy Land. And they shall hear all the water of the land roaring upon the land, and a giant creature shall come out of the sea.

The New Zealander Globster

And they shall see a giant, mass of meat, that has no face, no ears, no eyes and no mouth and no nose. For he shall be a thing. And he shall jump from the waves to the New Zealanders, but shall stop. And a beam of light shall come from above him, and allot of beams shall come from above on allot of places in the eWorld, and for it shall be the Golden Kiwi. And the Globster shall burn, and for another Trunko, and The Tasmanus, and the Bermudus, and the Gambo, and the Four Long, and the New Foundland, and the Chileus. and they all burned and perished. For there will be many more. And the Holy Golden Kiwi shall say:"'I am the Holy Golden Kiwi, for I am the creator of the World, for I shall defend New Zealand forever and ever. And the New Zealanders shall thank him and shall worship him.

And the New Zealanders shall live in greatness and in holiness upon the Holy Land, with the holy protection of the Holy Golden Kiwi.

But exactly when things looked perfect, the worst will happen, Evilus shall attack.