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The Book of Kiwi
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine

Chapter VI

The Holy Land

The Holy Michael shall cross the ocean, and shall go to the center of the eUniverse, the Holy Land, New Zealand.


Michael had arrived to New Zealand, and there waited him a woman, a young one. She went to him and said:Michael, the Holy Golden Kiwi created me to thank you for your holy prophecy and entire holiness, so I want you. Because Michael is a single guy, he went for it. Michael thanked the Holy Golden Kiwi for it on every day.

After his "work" with Alexis, she is the woman that was created, he went to the Harbor of Wellington and saw there a man sitting, and he had a white beard and long hair, and his palm shall be on his chin. Michael shall go ask for his health, and the man shall say:Thank you mate. My name is Concertinus, and my health is 0.5, so I am about to die. And Michael shall say to him:I shall stay with you in these moments of end. and they set there, and Concerinus shall lay his head on Michael, in a manly, not homosexual, way.

And in the last second, Concertinus shall become Wool. And Michael shall bury the wool in a cave near Wellington, in a cave he called "The Cave of A Million Staws" or by the name of newer New Zelanders "Cave of Gardner's Gut". He called it by that name because in the minute he placed the Wool, a thousands of straws came bursting out from the ground of the cave.


Michael shall walk through the Holy Land and shall see a Sheep, and he shall walk to her and shall say to her:O Holy Sheep, Give me thou holy wool, so I would create a wonder that no one had saw before. And the Sheep looked at Michael, and spread her wool from her body, and gave it to Michael.

Michael shall take the wool and shall create men, for he shall call them:Māori, and they shall be the native of the land. With that last of the wool, he shall create a mountain of Gold, and all the Māori and all the New Zealanders shall take that gold and buy lands and more lands, to expand New Zealand.

Not Now

Michael married Alexis and they moved back to England and had a child, that no one known his name and his nationality.