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The Book of Kiwi
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine

Chapter II

Genesis of the E

For Jacob shall be lonely, and he shall say to his father:For thou make me a friend, I am lonely. And the Golden Kiwi shall create a great ocean around the Holy Land. And he shall raise up from the bottom of the sea a great earth, and he shall saparate it to six.

First Part - Australis

The Golden Kiwi shall saparate Australis from the great wooly Earth, and shall saparate it to seven. And he shall name each of them by name: New Wales, Northen Territory of Australis, Land of the Queen, South Australis, Tazmania, Land of Victorya and Western Australis. And he shall create from the wool the first Australis called zaney, and he shall rule over Australis bravely.

Second Part - Asia Great and Asia Small

The Golden Kiwi shall separate Asia Great and Asia Small from the great wooly Earth. He shall start with Asia Great and shall separate it to twelve, and name each one of them:Black Land, East Serbian land, Far of the Great, City of Kalinin, City of Lenin, Moskva, Cavcas, Northen Great, Ural, Volgha, Vytkha and West Serbian Land. And he shall set there Sasha Igorovich to run and produce Q2 and Q1 products for the Russianis. And he shall continue with Asia Small and shall separate it to twenty eight, and for he shall let the Chiners to set the names. For he shall create a ruler to these lands and he shall be Balash, but then he shall go to Airan and Norwigia, for he shall not be loyal to his land.

Third Part - Afrikaans

And he shall separate Afrikaans from the great wooly Earth and shall separate it to nine. And he shall name them:Cape of the East, Free Land, Gauthengh, KiwiZulu Natal, Limphopo, Cattleland, Province, Cape of the North and Cape of the West. And he shall create from the Holy Wool a leader that shall be named Albanian and he shall lead bravely with courage.

Fourth and Fifth Part - Brassil and the Great North

And the Golden Kiwi shall separate Brassil from the great wooly Earth and shall separate the Brassil of South Ammerika, to six. And he shall name each one of them:Center of Brassil, North of Brassil, Eastern North of Brassil, Parana Land, Grand Rio and Western South of Brassil. And he shall create a leader that his name is isidor that shall lead Brassil bravely. Then He shall create a new continent that he shall call The Great North, that shall be called by many The Great North of North Ammerika. And he shall separate it to Thirteen, and he shall name each one of them:Land of Albert, English Columbus land, Free Land of Toba, Fresh Bruns, New Found Land, Territories of the Western North, New Scott, Nunavuth, One Trio, Island of Edward, Que Back, Land of the Saskatchewan and Yukonh. And he shall set a great female leader called Olivia, and she shall rule with strength and good power.

Sixth Part - England and Frenkia

The Golden Kiwi shall create these lands for their names are England and Frenkia, for England shall be the land of the English and Frenkia the land of the Frenks, and they are all descendants to New Zealand. And first he shall separate Frenkia from the great wooly Earth, and shall separate it eighteen, and The Golden Kiwi shall not name them. And he shall create the whole land called Europa. And he shall create to Frenkia a Leader and his name shall be Alexis bonte, with George Lemnaru and shall rule there ever since. And then The Golden Kiwi shall separate the whole of England from Europa and shall call it an Island, to be like New Zealand. And he shall separate England to twelve, and he shall name every one of them: London, East Middle Lands, East of England, Northern East of England, Northern West of England, Land of the Ire (Later on became a whole different Land), Land of the Scott, Southern East of England, Southern West of England, Wales, West Middle Lands and York. And he shall create a leader that his name is Snow Gibbon, and he shall lead the land bravely.

And Jacob shall be pleased.