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Nationality Flag-UK.jpg British
National rank 231
Date of birth April 22, 2010
Residence London, UK
Sex Male
Minister of Communication and Information of Indonesia
October 6th, 2010 – November 6th, 2010
Preceded by Ipewannasay
Succeeded by Adrinta Abdurazzaq
Minister of Communication and Information of Indonesia
December 6th, 2010 – January 5th, 2011
Preceded by Adrinta Abdurazzaq
Military unit Royal Navy
Rank Icon rank General.png General


mrrasyid is real-life Indonesian and now citizen of United Kingdom. He is known as journalist, manager, and newbie!

Early eLife

Born in Sumatra, mrrasyid had played this game before his born. And from little knowledge of his old characters, he just work and train for almost 1 month. He met LordAeArc, one of babyboomer from Indonesia that push him to join AoI. AeArc and people from AoI taught him how to life this elife, and then he completely move to Russia in orders follow MoFinance's project, eTKI or eWorkers exchange.

Settle in Icon-Russia.png Russia

In May, after gained his first Hardworker Medal, he move to Moscow and Central Russia and increased his land skill. In that time, Russia was one of strong country from both Economic side and Military side. Live in country with highest salary in eWorld, mrrasyid almost prefect. He settle in Icon-Russia.png Russia for a month and back to Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia. He brought about 3 Gold.gif, about 30 Flag-Russia.jpgRubel, and 1 Hardworker Medal.

Back to Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia

In June 2010, he back to his homeland, Sumatra. After living in Russia, made him know about blackmarket and other things in eRepublik. In end of June, he asked to run to congress by his party president at that time, Cozm. By lack of knowledge and seeking new exprience, he moved to Papua and run to congress via PRM, one of top 5 party in Indonesia.
Condition in June 2010, taken Aug 2011
Choosen as Congressmember, he was annoying by asking too much to Parliament President djonie and
Gath Jakarta 11-07-2010
Parliament Vice President sionk van Guloon. And in July, first eRepIndo Jakarta Gathering, held in Citos, He is one of them who attended. In the end of July, or near August, he moved to Icon-Australia.png Australia and join Angel and Demon project.

Part of The Pirates

Being part of Angel and Demon, he became one of puppet human congress. In the transitions of eRepublik Rising, he is one of strong soldier, killing high-ranked and skill soldier, in PvP Mode. Gaining rank of Colonel, and have enough skills of tank, the skills became useless after unifying of all skill back into strenghts. In orders became a pirate, he met people who taught him to survive in eWorld, like Kandon, threesecond, ekrem_chehab, and many others. Beside being a soldier and a pirate, he was Press Director who wrote about eWorld-Wide-News, like his ancestor did, o0n3m00o. After 2 months, the project closed, and all member of team back to Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia. Before back he got his first Battle Hero medal.


eGoverment Life

In October 2010, he firstly expand his exprience to Govermental, beside his place isn't official. Under President Admiral Proudmoore, he became Minister of Communication and Information.