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Nationality Flag-Finland.jpg Finnish
Date of birth 1 September 2008
day 286
Date of death 2013
Residence Southern Finland, Finland
Sex Male
Congress member of Finland
26 January 2009 – 6 April 2009
26 September 2009 – 26 October 2009
26 December 2009 – 26 January 2010
Congress member of Japan
26 April 2009 – 26 May 2009
Minister of Immigration of Finland
6 March 2009 – 5 April 2009
Served under Okkius Pyromanius
Minister of Education of Finland
6 March 2009 – 5 April 2009
Served under Okkius Pyromanius
Succeeded by Okkius Pyromanius
6 August 2009 – 5 September 2009
Served under Gabriel Lavanche
Preceded by Okkius Pyromanius
6 October 2009 – 5 November 2009
Served under Urokhtor
Party president of Liberaali Edistyspuolue
16 March 2009 – 6 April 2009
Preceded by Erwin Schauman
Succeeded by Engram
President of Finland
6 November 2009 – 6 December 2009
Preceded by Urokhtor
Succeeded by Patekki
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kuhaa, originally born to Finland, is an ex-politician, a soldier and a world citizen. He was born to the New World on a September afternoon, during the Great Rush when hundreds of Finnish became citizens due to a successful recruiting campaign that took place on major Finnish discussion boards.

First steps under the Norwegian flag

After entering the New World, Kuhaa found himself from the streets of Helsinki, capital of Southern Finland, that was at the time under the Norwegian occupation. Trying to get a hold of his life he found himself a job, started training his strength and joined Finnish party Sovereign Finland that played a major role in liberating Finland.

During his first weeks in the New World, Kuhaa was not a very active citizen. He had a faint idea of what was going on in the world, but he did nothing else than just work, train and occasionally read a newspaper. He worked hard to maintain his wellness and stayed loyal to his first employer, Finnish weapon company Ase-Jee, even when the war module was shut down in the preparations of moving to V1 and no one was buying weapons.

V1 and the liberation of Finland

All Finns' hard work finally paid off, after Sovereign Finland's candidate inunova won the presidential elections with the massive amount of votes from all the new Finnish players. This was an interesting time for Kuhaa, because this was exactly why he joined the game in the first place, and now something was finally going on. Negotiations about giving Finland its own regions back started, and Kuhaa felt himself important playing a role in all this, as minor as it might have been back then.

After V1 arrived, all life seemed to disappear for a while
Kuhaa and a group of other soldiers
A natural disaster later known as V1 was a shock for everyone. Warm and happy world of Beta changed to a much colder place, and the whole order of the world seemed to have changed. Life was miserable, and people started to get sick (with modern technology researchers have been able to determine that the biggest cause of death during early days of V1 was a disease called Trivia) and die. Many citizens all over the New World either withered away or moved back to the mysterious land of Real Life. Kuhaa decided to continue his life despite this major change. He figured time would heal all the wounds, and eventually, it did. As he would later find out, you can get used to almost anything.

Finally, the first resistance war started, and Eastern Finland was the first region to get to rise a Finnish flag up high. With the co-operation of the Norwegian government and ATLANTIS, on the 12th of December Finland was completely liberated and Kuhaa among many others started to build their new homeland.

Kuhaa joined the newly found party Liberaali Edistyspuolue and immediately found his place to be. He did not know it back then, but he would achieve a great deal in that party. However, during that time Kuhaa was not about to achieve anything, he just wanted to work and train and enjoy the freedom of his country. Somehow he managed to gain enough Gold to start his own newspaper which he named Kuha-Sanomat.

Kuhaa tries his wings at politics

After the liberation of Finland Kuhaa started to participate more in the developing of Finland. He joined various gentlemen's discussion groups, talked with people in bars and started attending Congress's plenary sessions. He made connections and started speaking his opinion out loud instead of sitting in a corner rolling his thumbs. He developed a desire to leave his mark to Finland and wanted to play an active role in improving his homeland.

25th of January 2009 was a big day. Kuhaa was running for Congress in Aland from his party Liberaali Edistyspuolue and got elected, though only with a few votes. He somehow managed his first term as a congressman and decided to run for the position again. This time running from Eastern Finland Kuhaa gained a fair number of votes and started his second term as a congressman.

At the beginning of his second term Kuhaa took the task of writing down the duties of congressmen, Finland's different ministers and president, with the kind help of Okkius Pyromanius and Erwin Schauman. It also worked as a guide for new congressmen or anyone with the general interest of how things were done in Finnish congress.

Kuhaa's second term was a big success. Working hard and debating on practically every proposal, he was claimed to be the most active congress member that term, alongside with Gabriel Lavanche, Engram and Okkius Pyromanius.[1]

Being a congressman, minister and party president at the same time kept Kuhaa busy
His activity during congress term 02/09 had been noticed, and eventually, Kuhaa was contacted by Okkius Pyromanius who was going to be LEP's presidential candidate. He asked if Kuhaa would be interested to take up the position of Minister of Education and Immigration if Okkius were to be elected. Kuhaa agreed, and when Okkius was elected Finland's president in a tight race between him and Engram on the 6th of March, Kuhaa had already worked a massive four-part guide for new players that was going to be published in a help-section in Finland's official forum.[2] As a Minister of Immigration Kuhaa organized a recruiting campaign that was not a big success, mostly because most of the big Finnish discussion forums were already familiar with the New World.

During his third congressional term, Kuhaa was elected LEP's party president and he was working three(if Minister of Education and Immigration are counted as one, otherwise four) position at the same time.

Trips to far away and back

Kuhaa has spent a few longer periods of time abroad with practically no connections to the country he's officially the citizen of - the reason why he likes to refer to himself as a world citizen when asked his country. The reason why Japan is under this section is that while staying there, Kuhaa went back to Finland for a short time, and he has always considered himself at least a "half-Finn" no matter what country he serves.


Before continuing his journey through the New World to Japan (read the next chapter) Kuhaa spent a fair amount of time working and fighting in Romania. This was because he had lived in Finland for so long without fighting (well, maybe in bar brawls), and he wanted to enjoy foreign cultures. This was easy in Romania because during that time it had people of many different nationalities living inside its borders.


In Japan Kuhaa used to meditate in his garden exploring the true nature of his reality
After president elections of April 2009, Kuhaa and a group of other experienced Finnish players decided to leave Finland and move to Japan, as they thought they only had from little to nothing left to give to Finland. Seeing Japan's potential of growing a big nation they decided to settle and participate in everyday life there.

After a month of working as a congress member in Japan Kuhaa decided to visit Finland and fight in a war against Latvia, where Finland fought its way to Zemgale, and got itself a high grain region. Kuhaa decided to stay in Finland for a while, enjoying some quality time in his summer cottage translating a database about the New World for future Finnish generations to benefit from.[3] He said it was a good way to reminiscence his days as the Minister of Education and Immigration.


After spending some time in Finland writing dictionaries and composing Finnish folk music Kuhaa received a message from Japan, where all the JIA Elite members were encouraged to spend few weeks abroad training gaining experience and higher military ranks. Kuhaa decided to settle in Hungary because of its high salaries and many active wars. He traveled to Hungary by train, making a short visit to Lithuania because it was impossible to move straight to Hungary from Finland. After arriving in Hungary and risking his life on the battlefields he was eventually promoted a General.


After training his military skills in Hungary Kuhaa decided to leave Japan. The biggest reason for this decision was he hadn't been in contact with Japan during his training period in Hungary (although the idea came from JIA) and no longer considered himself as a citizen of Japan. Again, he made a very quick visit to Finland and decided to settle in the warmth of Madrid, Spain.

Kuhaa and Finland reunited

Some higher force slowly started drawing Kuhaa back to Finland. After exploring parts of the eWorld - some overcrowded, some featuring breathtaking nature scenery and even some with indescribably strange society structures - he started longing for the quiet and peaceful life in Finland.

Nopean Toiminnan Joukot

Kuhaa during his first military operation
On the 10th of July 2009 Kuhaa was sunbathing on his mansion's terrace in Spain when he received a phone call. A familiar voice told him some good news. Finland's Minister of Defense Okkius Pyromanius told Kuhaa that the application for Nopean Toiminnan Joukot (Finnish Rapid Reaction Force) Kuhaa had filed while visiting Finland had been accepted and he would be welcome to join the notorious group of Finnish elite soldiers fighting under the Finnish flag for the justice in the world. This way Kuhaa had again formed close ties with Finland despite the fact that he still lived and worked abroad. He finally knew where his real home was.

He was given his uniform and identification tag, and placed in a group Wolverine. Kuhaa was thrilled by the fact he could once more serve his fatherland, just in a different way this time. He would wear his uniform with pride and be part of organization that would defend Finland and it's allies at all cost, seeing exotic places and gathering respectful gazes from local people when they would return from the battlefield. This was the romantic image Kuhaa had about being part of the well-organized military troop. His comrades-in-arms, however, told him they would sleep in the dirtiest holes, eat only food thrown away by the locals(if they could find anything) and travel in shipping containers. This was said to inure soldiers.

Mere days after his affiliation to NTJ Kuhaa was promoted to team Wolf.

Back on the leash

After Kuhaa had enjoyed his life in the warmth of Spain he was contacted by his long-term colleague and partner Gabriel Lavanche who asked if Kuhaa would be willing to return to Finnish politics as his Minister of Education. On the 624th day of the New World Lavanche won Finland's presidential elections with an amazing amount of votes and Kuhaa moved back to Aland to serve in Finnish government during Lavanches presidential term.

Kuhaa started working on updating the "political guidelines" he had completed when serving as a Minister of Education last time. Although he had been without any proper contact with Finland for so long, he didn't hesitate coming back as he knew he would have professional and trustworthy people working with him. As Kuhaa had spent the last few months battling abroad he felt good to return to Finland's peace, though he continued to serve in the Nopean Toiminnan Joukot. National anthem of Finland in eRepublik.

During the term, Kuhaa conducted an enormous job writing down the complete history of Finland from its very first days up until Lavanche's presidential term. He was given a job of composing a national anthem for Finland, which he did with help of his friend Okkius Pyromanius.[4][5] These tasks exhausted him, but he was very pleased for having once again been able to contribute to Finnish cultural heritage. His military career was also doing well: following NTJ's structural renewal, Kuhaa was promoted to team Bear.

A funeral march for Okkius Pyromanius
Although the same day Kuhaa was promoted, the Day 632 of the New World was a sad day as Kuhaa among many others lost a long-time friend. Okkius Pyromanius was found dead in his apartment in Aland, with a suicide note next to him.[6] The people of Finland showed their grief by wearing black, and that day not a single person dared to smile. Looking for comfort Kuhaa and nanton founded Okkius Pyromanius Memorial Org to honor his memory - anyone who knew Okkius and wanted to show they felt sorry for the loss could show it by adding themselves as an organization's friend. Although the situation seemed totally hopeless, a small sparkle of hope lived among the people of Finland. Maybe Okkius would someday return from the dead?

Quick visit abroad

When Gabriel Lavanche's presidential term ended on 6th of September, Kuhaa decided to leave Finland for Romania to relax a bit. He resigned from NTJ and headed for Muntenia where he would train his military skills following his own schedule.

On the day 663 of the New World Kuhaa once again felt a great pain in his heart. Okkius had been dead for a whole month. That day he wore black to show his grief and longing, and so did many others. He decided to return to Finland, but first, he wanted to honor Okkius's memory in one more way. Kuhaa traveled to Latvia where Okkius had once liberated a region. He didn't know why it felt right, but it just did. He arrived to Vidzeme and unloaded twentysomething shots in the air as a gesture of deep respect towards his late friend.

However, when the bullets landed, they hit a truck loaded with explosion meant to use in a terrorist act against a small village near Latvia's and Lithuania's border. Kuhaa, of course, claimed that was exactly what he had planned to do, and for that, he was promoted to Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal and given a Battle hero medal.[7] Kuhaa traveled back to Finland and decided to return to politics as he felt he no longer had anything to accomplish as a soldier.

"Wheels on a bus go round and round..."

On September 2009 Kuhaa was elected a congress member of Southern Finland and so he started his fourth term as a member of Finnish congress. He felt very nostalgic and was eager to prove "he still got it", although he didn't aim to be as effective as he used to be because he was afraid that he would burn himself out. Few days after the elections, he was chosen a Liberaali Edistyspuolue's representative in the Finnish "Council of State" where one congress member from each Congress party was given access to a certain forum where they could discuss and vote on important "top secret" matters with the Government. After October's presidential elections, where Urokhtor became Finland's president, Kuhaa had to resign from the council as he was yet again asked to step up as Finland's Minister of Education.


Somewhere during October, Kuhaa was asked to become Liberaali Edistyspuolue's presidential candidate. He was pleased by this honor and started preparations. On 5th of November, Kuhaa, supported by parties Liberaali Edistyspuolue, Pyhän Laupeuden Kaarti, Kansallinen Eliittipuolue and Nassen Posse, gained 314 votes and became Finland's 13th President[8]. The same day he gained Media Mogul achievement.

It took Kuhaa a while to get used to being a president. Although he was an experienced politician, it was strange to be given so much power and responsibilities. Main focuses on Kuhaa's term was to finish various projects started by his predecessor Urokhtor that would pay off later in the future. Other than that, he wanted to ensure Finland's independence and prevent the total destruction of his country which, however, probably wouldn't have occurred even if someone else had won the presidency. It just happened to sound better than "I don't want to fix anything that's not broken, let's just go with the flow and see what's ahead of us.". One of the first things Kuhaa did as a President of Finland was to attack Lapland that was at the time under Russian control. Aided with Finland's MPP's, Finland managed to conquer Lapland back on the 8th of November, 2009 and the country was a whole once again.[9]. After that things calmed down and Kuhaa's role was mainly to represent Finland in EDEN and reply letters sent my diplomats, ambassadors and presidents of both allied and enemy countries. On November, Finland joined a training war between Ireland and USA.

On November relations with Estonia and Latvia were a big issue in Finland. On 1st of November, alliance PEACE had started a massive attack against Croatia, and both Russia and Latvia, which Estonia let go through their land in order to get a border with Finland, attacked Finland in order to drain their damage from defending Croatia. This put pressure on Kuhaa's government, as most of the citizens demanded revenge. However, citizens of Estonia didn't seem to approve their government's decision to aid Latvia, and new Estonian president s33vald assured that Estonia's new government wanted to have good relations with Finland. Even though Kuhaa's government officially stated that they would not let Estonia simply get away with their treachery, their decision not to just blindly attack without worrying about the consequences didn't satisfy a few loud Finnish individuals. When Kuhaa proposed a peace treaty with Estonia in order to get them off Finland-Latvia War, people went completely apeshit as they thought Finland would've otherwise been able to attack Estonia. However, Finland had never declared war on Estonia so signing a peace treaty with them prevented Finns from attacking Estonia as much as signing a peace treaty with Hungary would've prevented Finland's attack to Southern Great Plain (with which Finland has never shared a border and probably never will). When Kuhaa's government announced that no attack against Estonia or Latvia was possible under current circumstances, some people went as far as to demand Kuhaa and his government to resign.[10][11][12] But the real bomb was yet to drop!

In November, it became apparent that the super-alliance known as PEACE GC had become dysfunctional, and its members began resigning from it at a rapid pace. Finland, having had a long, prosperous and fruitful relationship with PEACE and its member countries, thought it was time to follow the trend, and soon after Indonesia and Hungary had resigned from PEACE, Finland too published a resignation from PEACE GC. The announcement provoked both great joy and great anxiety amongst EDEN and PEACE countries as Finland had long been a stalwart friend to several countries whom they could always count on.[13]

At the end of November on the 26th day of the month, history repeated itself. Finland was once again under attack when Russia and Latvia simultaneously opened fire in order to draw Finland's damage from defending Croatia. Again Finnish government ordered their citizens to defend Croatia, but not everybody liked it. Still, Croatia was saved, and Finland could start regaining its regions. Latvia was quickly kicked out of Finnish soil, but Russia took few more days.[14][15] Finally on 3rd of December Finland conquered Oulu and controlled all of its regions. After the war, Kuhaa's government was kept busy by all the new players that had joined the game to defend their mother country. An informative article was published. Citizen message was also updated to warn new players from joining companies over quality 1 or 2, as a suspected enemy had established a Q5-company in Finland that hired low-level players. That was presumed to be a countermeasure to a similar activity that few Finnish players carried on in Russia.[16][17]

What after?

Kuhaa really enjoyed Spanish beaches...for a while.
After his term Kuhaa felt exhausted and decided to try to relax for a while. He stayed in Finland, worked, trained and fought every day and was glad to let his successor Pateroyer take care of things. He's grateful to have experienced what it's like to lead a country and would like to thank his government for being a part of the machine. Kuhaa really didn't feel like doing anything except updating Wiki where he was promoted to be a Sysop. However, when his good friend Squirrel became Liberaali Edistyspuolue's party president on December, Kuhaa decided to run for Congress. Although he was again among the most active congressmen, he didn't really enjoy being in politics and when the term neared it's end, Kuhaa decided it was his last time as a congressman.[18] When the 26th of January came, it was like taking a deep breath after being underwater for weeks. He had finally lost his shackles and was free to go anywhere and do whatever he felt like. Life was good again.

Kuhaa decided to once again settle to Spain where he felt a certain connection to. It had been roughly a year when he became an active player, so he felt this was the time to lay back and relax for a while. He still went to work and trained every day and kept in contact with his friends in Finland, but he didn't want to bother himself with too difficult things as in his point of view, he had done his part in building Finland - just as he had hoped over a year ago when he touched the ground of independent Finland for the first time. He didn't get to enjoy a peaceful life for long, though. On January, Finland's president Stogis decided it was time to pass judgment on Estonia who had betrayed them so many times before. A chance for this came when Estonia forgot to renew their MPP with Hungary, and Finnish government didn't waste any time thinking whether or not to declare war.[19] Although the battle was lost[20], only a few people seemed to be disappointed. Because of the war declaration, Finland had been dropped off from training war in Malaysia and some people complained about the waste of money - the same people who had demanded Finland to attack Estonia two months earlier.

After manufacturing weapons for some time in Finland, Kuhaa decided it was time to leave. He bought a moving ticket and flew to Northwest Croatia where his good friend and colleague Andycro lived. After staying in Croatia for about a month, Kuhaa moved back to Finland when his friends' company needed skilled workers to manufacture weapons.


Here are listed small things about Kuhaa some people might care about.

Organizations and newspaper

Kuhaa has founded three organizations: Kalifin Salakammio (Caliph's Hidden Chamber) that has been used mainly for storage, Okkius Pyromanius Memorial Organization to honor his late-and-then-three-months-later-resurrected companion, and Kuhaa Inc which he uses to gift himself. His newspaper World In a Nutshell(ex-Kuha-Sanomat, ex-Enlightenment) has so far published articles concerning Spain, Croatia, France, the UK, PEACE GC and Bacon in a humorous way.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 29x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 12x Congress Member
Icon achievement Country President on.gif 1x Country President
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 1x Media Mogul
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 1x Resistance Hero
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 1x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 35x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif 1x Mercenary
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif 10x True Patriot

Facts about Kuhaa

  • His name comes from a Finnish word "kuha" which means zander
  • He'd like to see Jamaica and Cannabis added to the game
  • Kuhaa is very concerned about global warming in the New World
  • He secretly enjoys reading newspaper articles with funny pictures, especially those with lolcats