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List of taxes that can be found on Economy tab in My country. Work tax is in the first column.
Icon law work tax.png Work tax is a tax set forth by the country administration that is deducted both from wages received by employees and from citizens working in their own companies as general manager. Work tax is the same for all industries in the country. Work tax is calculated based on the citizenship country.

Tax rates can be viewed by clicking on the Economy tab on My country.

Tax revenue is added to the treasury.

The work tax replaced the income tax on Day 2,089 of the New World[1].

Taxes when working as an employee

Work tax is taken from the wage that is set by the general manager when the citizen takes a job from the job market and becomes an employee. The tax is calculated after the employee clicks the work button. The tax is paid to the citizenship country of the employee.

If an employee has Icon - Money.png 5 CC wage, and the country work tax is 5%, it means that after working, the employee would receive Icon - Money.png 4.75 CC net wage and the work tax value (Icon - Money.png 0.25 CC) would be added to the treasury.

Taxes when working as a general manager

Average net salary is found just below the aforementioned list of taxes.

Work tax when working as a general manager is calculated differently. The tax is calculated on work tax percentage multiplied with the average net salary paid in the country. The tax is calculated every time general manager clicks the start production button. If the general manager doesn’t have enough money to pay the Work Tax, he will not be able to start production in his/her companies.

The average net salary paid in the last 30 days is Icon - Money.png 100 CC and the set Work Tax is 10%. In this case, the Work Tax value will be Icon - Money.png 10 CC. If a general manager marks 5 companies and clicks on start production, he will pay the Work Tax value multiplied by 5, in this case Icon - Money.png 50 CC.

Which country gets the tax?

As of day 3145[2], general manager's work tax will be shared between the country where the holding is based and the country of the manager’s citizenship, as follows:

Paid tax: 80% (holding country) + 20% (citizenship country).

Please note that if both countries are the same, 100 % of the work tax value would be paid in that country's treasury.

Work Tax value that general manager needs to pay is Icon - Money.png 10 CC.
This means that in the treasury of the country where holding is - Icon - Money.png 8 CC would be paid in.
In the treasury of the citizenship country - Icon - Money.png 2 CC would be paid in.

Please note: the amount received by each country will depend based on daily fees. Each country will:

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