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Q1 aircraft weapon

Aircraft industry is industry which provides products that can be used in aerial battles. It was announced via forum post on June 3, 2016[1]. Q1 aircraft companies and aircraft raw companies were released on July 15, 2016[2].

General information

  • There is no work as manager available in the aircraft industry (similar to the housing industry).
  • The raw material production facilities for the aircraft industry have the same parameters as the one of the housing industry.
  • The finished goods factories have base productivity of 5.
  • In order to be able to use higher quality weapons, a citizen will need to reach specific aircraft ranks. Currently, only Q1 aircraft weapons are available and further qualities may be added in the future to the game.

Producing weapons

  • Icon - Aircraft Raw Materials.png Aircraft raw material is used to produce weapons.
  • If the country owns a region that's connected to the capital with neodymium, cobalt, wolfram, titanium and magnesium, every company in that country will get a certain production bonus depending on the type of the resource it has. Neodymium provides 30% bonus, cobalt 25%, wolfram 20%, titanium 15% and magnesium 10%.

If the region does not have a commercial route with the capital, the production bonus is halved. If the country has two or more regions of the same resource, they won't add up (for example, having two neodymium resources still gives 30% bonus, not 60%).