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Pollution was introduced on 5 May 2016[1] and officially added to the game on 2 July 2016[2].

Pollution factor is calculated based on the number of goods of the same type that were produced in the region compared to the overall average production for that type of goods. The factor varies between 0 and 25%. The more goods are produced in the region, the higher the pollution will be. Each product type/quality pair will have its own pollution.

Productivity bonus = country productivity bonus + region productivity bonus + player booster - region pollution factor

All raw factories will share the same pollution for their respective industry (example: fishery, grain, farm and all other food raw materials will share the same pollution factor).


Pollution is displayed on the page of each region.

Based on the numbers presented and assuming a pollution factor of 25% and no individual productivity boosters, the productivity for a food company will be computed as:

Total productivity = 100%(base_productivity) + 100%(country_bonus) + 18%(region_bonus) + 0%(individual_booster) - 25%(pollution) = 193% (93% productivity bonus)

For the same example but with no pollution we would 100% + 100% + 18% + 0 - 0 = 218% Total productivity (118% productivity bonus)

Other examples
  • 0% country bonus, 0% region bonus, maximum pollution: 100 + 0 + 0 + 0 - 25 = 75% Final productivity (-25% productivity bonus)
  • 50% country bonus, 5% region bonus, 5% pollution: 100 + 50 + 5 + 0 - 5= 150% Final productivity (50% productivity bonus)


Q: Will the pollution be visible anywhere?
A: Yes, it will be displayed on the page of each region.

Q: How often is the pollution factor updated?
A: It is updated every few hours, meaning that the productivity bonus will change several times aswell during the day.

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