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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
National rank 818
Date of birth Feb 3, 2009
Residence London, UK
Political party Spectrum
Vice-Party president of Radical Freethinkers Alliance
November 16, 2009 –
Congressman of United Kingdom
April 25, 2009 – July 25, 2009
UnderMinister of Foreign Affairs of United Kingdom
5 April 2009 – 4 May 2009
Preceded by rastari
Succeeded by intrepid132
Military unit The Royal Marines|The Royal Marines (Squad 2)
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

RyanMcCulloch (born February 3rd, 2009) is a British politician, member of the British Royal Marines and a prominent journalist currently serving as the Vice-Party president of the Radical Freethinkers Alliance.



RyanMcCulloch was born in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom. He had aspirations to go into Foreign Affairs which he attempted to follow within a day by messaging the Minister of Foreign Affairs intreprid132, however, with one day left before the CP elections intreprid132 advised him to wait until a few days after this and message the next Minister.

Political Allegiance Formed & Career Begins

Ryan joined the IRC and forums quickly and met Oexis, the then-Party president of the Movement for Democratic Unity. He formed a strong friendship with Oexis who gave him a quite neutral guide to all of the parties in the UK. Ryan made his decision and joined the MDU.
He joined and got used to knowing everyone, made friends with MDU members such as IndieKid and thehorseltd. Ryan become the Director of Foreign Affairs within the MDU but after a week resigned from the role because he was now an Apprentice in the actual Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Minister, Squiddy.
Under Squiddy's term, the European Social Alliance (ESA) was the main task of the Foreign Office. Squiddy was quite set on the formation of it although it later declared itself to be a Military alliance and was disbanded. The Foreign Affairs Database was another field that Apprentices were doing. The term was quite unremarkable, the Prime Minister Deathtoll32 (a UKRP Prime Minister) left office with good reviews and few critics.
The next term was the first term in months a non-UKRP candidate had won and Final Destiny won with The Coalition of Destiny. But after his third day in office he disappeared and has yet to be seen. He was impeached and JerryGFL took over.

The Career Solidifies

SaraDroz took over as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ryan became a Senior Apprentice. As Senior Apprentice he assembled the list of Ministers for a range of different countries throughout the New World. Sara and Ryan also reviewed the entire Department, and started considering how to turn the Ministry into a diplomatic and political tool instead of just a representative. The European Social Alliance idea was also thrown out of the window, it was dismissed and continued allegiance to ATLANTIS continues. During this term he also became an Ambassador to the USA and wrote a lengthy and controversial report on the Mexico-USA situation.
Throughout this Ryan went through changes in political allegiance and changed party from the MDU to the UK Reform Party (UKRP), a party he continues to be a member of. When Ryan joined, funky44 was one of the first people Ryan met and continues to be friendly with today. He is happy he left since the MDU reformed and became the Forward Britain! party who participated in a boycott of the House of Lords that Ryan disapproved of.
Ryan was the one who at last proposed the dismissal of The Foreign Affairs Database, Sara and Ryan finally dismissed the Database in the following term (under Malta_1990. Ambassador forums were finally sorted out when Ryan took the UnderMinister of Foreign Affairs position, notable UK/Belgian Malchert was a key figure who assisted in this - being an UK Forum administrator. In this he was the Leader of the Ambassadors, coordinating and arranging all embassies and contacts. The term ended with Ryan being a successful UnderMinister, however, when SaraDroz became Prime Minister she picked Goku Jones - a then Apprentice and Ambassador - over Ryan to become the Minister which Ryan was, in truth, happy about since he wanted to move to a different Department. Ryan instead took the position of Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, in the Prime Minister's Private Office. Sara's decision was gritted by the British public and several people did express concern at Goku becoming Minister and notable individuals such as shadowukcs and Deilos; Ip Lockard also quoted Deilos' remark showing approval. Goku was involved in the boycott of the House of Lords mentioned earlier.

First Congressional Term & Banning Controversy

Ryan was going to run for Congress under the MDU flag in March, but his original account was banned. The reason it was banned was because when Ryan was originally trying to sign up to eRepublik he made his account but lost the password. Ryan did not know enough about the game to do anything so he created a new account, not thinking about any consequences. Months went by but eventually the admin thought that Ryan had been cheating by multi-accounting and his old account was banned. He appealed with the help of SaraDroz and RoadRunnerSpeed but they took too long to reply and Ryan lost out on the Congress elections. After they did reply his account was already dead and so he asked them to keep it banned and he would just make a new account. He did so and that is the account he uses to this day.
He ran for Congress again in April and was successful, he had by this time decided to relocate to the West Midlands. He got in narrowly beating Listhp Tomptos by two votes through the night.

Journalism Career

Ryan publishes a newspaper named The Defamatory Remark but also writes as a freelance journalist. He wrote a tongue-in-cheek article for rastari's entertainment newspaper newspaper2. He was planned to write for critically acclaimed and successful newspaper The Economist but had to drop out due to personal disagreements with the editor; the two have since went their own ways.

On October 31, TDR's articles were all removed and the newspaper was relaunched with a new name and avatar, Rapture. No articles have been released so far but are expected soon.

The Royal Navy, Absence and Subsequent Return

On the 7th of July Ryan joined the British Royal Navy as a Private. On the 18th of July he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Two weeks following his promotion he disappeared for several months and did not return until the beginning of October. Since returning, he has applied for the Navy again and has switched party - originally being in the UKRP (and serving for several terms as MDU Party president, he moved to the Radical Freethinkers Alliance. He was appointed Vice-Party president of the RFA and currently serves as such. He was made a member of the Special Forces of the UK, but left after several weeks to rejoin the Navy, where he was offered to join the Royal Marines, an invitation he accepted.