Anthony Martin

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Anthony Martin

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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 90
Date of birth 20 March 2009 - Day 485
Residence Flag-Canada.jpg Alberta
Sex Male
Political party EPIC
Military unit Canadian Armed Forces
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Anthony Martin, OMM is a Canadian soldier and skilled member of the Land industrial sector. He has a distinguished Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) service record spanning the last six of his seven months of eLife. He was an enlisted soldier from April to September 2009, and was then granted an officer's commission. He is best known in the Canadian community for his service in the CAF, and internationally for actions in EDEN military operations.

Early Life

Martin was intrigued by the New World upon arriving there, and quickly took a job and began strength training. However, after approximately a week, he had some difficulty in becoming further involved in the community. Having joined the game of his own accord, he did not have an experienced player in his repertoire of friends, and was unsure of where to start. He had the impression that there were places where citizens (specifically those of Canada) gathered as a community, but simply continued to work and train. However, it was not until the prospect of a 5 Gold bonus for every 30 straight days worked that Anthony became a daily contributor - and thus began his rather quick rise through the experience levels. Finally, he joined the Canadian Forum, and wandered its halls in search of knowledge of the history of Canada and the New World. It was here that he discovered the existence of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Military Career

Martin has been a member of the CAF for the majority of his life. He has never served in another army, and has never fought in a battle contrary to the interests of Canada or its allies.

Recruitment and Training

Martin signed in for his training with the CAF on April 24 2009, completing his training on April 28 and receiving assignment orders to the 10th Royal Canadian Hussars platoon on the same day. Sharing a Platoon with members such as then-Commanding Officer Ramizeth, John Wilkmot and Vulcain, he had an excellent opportunity to learn much from such experienced and dedicated citizens and soldiers.

Service in Asia

Upon assignment to the 10th "Hussars," Martin was almost immediately shipped out with his unit to the then-raging theatre of war in Asia, fought between members of ATLANTIS and PEACE GC with Romania and Indonesia as primary belligerents. After weeks of fighting on the Romanian front lines in over a dozen battles, most notably in Central Black Earth and Western Siberia (at the time the largest battle in the history of the New World), the CAF was recalled after Romania retreated to its original territory and hostilities ceased. The war ended in a staggering defeat for ATLANTIS forces, and the loss of nearly all of Romania's non-national territory, but the hostilities provided the young Private Martin with immensely valuable combat experience.

Return to Canada and Training Missions

Anthony Martin returned to Canada with the rest of the Canadian Army in late May 2009, taking part primarily in training wars orchestrated by the USA and Ireland, in addition to sporadic overseas missions as part of minor operations. These training wars were irregular, and the overall state of war in the New World was rather quiet, and as such he and his fellow soldiers did not gain as many damage points (or rank upgrades) as would have been ideal - a fact that became painfully obvious to him, along with nearly every post-ATLANTIS soldier and leader, in July of 2009.

Great War of 2009

The drums of war began beating around the New World on July 10, when Indonesia and Hungary were given the territories of Kyushu, Japan and Scotland, United Kingdom (who at that time had recently broken off talks with the prospective nations of Fortis) to provide them with connections to the USA and Canada, respectively.

Defence of the Home Front

Nova Scotia and other early battles

On July 13, it would be France who opened hostilities, initiating the First Battle of Nova Scotia as the first step in a meticulously pre-planned invasion of the North American continent by PEACE GC forces. Anthony Martin was one of thousands of soldiers, from over a dozen allied countries, to take part in a desperate defensive attempt to prevent PEACE from obtaining a foothold on North America. In what would dwarf the earlier Battle of Western Siberia and become the new, largest battle in the history of the New World, Canada and her allies (for much of the war lacking the benefit of any legally binding alliance treaties) suffered a close, yet crushing defeat. The invasion of North America has begun, and Nova Scotia was followed up by Russian attacks on Alaska and further French victories in Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador, Martin's birthplace. At the time still of modest Land skill and income, he spent a substantial amount of his savings in a personal effort to bolster its defence, but his efforts were not enough, even combined with the efforts of Canada and all her allies. After this, he put the remainder of his Gold and money toward the purchase of Canadian Victory Bonds.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 7x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 4x Super Soldier