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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth April 10 2010
Date of death 2015
Residence Flag-UK.jpg East Midlands
Sex Male
Newspaper Gambit Lowdown
Party president of Every Single One
16th June 2011 – 28th June 2011
Preceded by jamesw
Succeeded by jamesw
Congress member of United Kingdom
26th June 2011 – 26th July 2011
26th November 2011 – 26th December 2011
Military rank Icon rank National Force**.png National Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Gambit's Story

Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Icon-United Kingdom.png

Gambit was born on a sunny day, rare to the UK on the 10th of April 2010. At this point Phoenix was at large and the Arabic countries had not been added to the game. After a few days, however, Gambit decided to quit as he didn't like V1 at all because he lost most of his health being a noob and trying to do something in a war. He quit at age (Level) 16.

Gambit then returned on the 29th of March 2011, because he's quit once, this made him an oldfag, as all oldfags have quit at least once. He returned with the sight of a just system for smaller players and able to make a difference in wars. However, after a few days, he realised that admins needed their heads kicked in. Gambit was unhappy about one thing when he returned. It was that people in the UK were still plotting to attack Ireland, yet nobody had actually done it yet. (Gambit later found out that we had wiped Ireland off the map while he was gone)

Gambit spent some time in the UK and made his mark as more of a writer than anything, and generally was well-known for just chatting on IRC rather than doing anything special, but after a time he began to get tired of all the political squabbles between UKRP and TUP and since he was getting busy in RL he decided to take a quiet break in Estonia so he could two-click for the most part. He later returned on the 1st of October during the war with Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Icon-Estonia.png Estonia Icon-Estonia.png

On the 2nd of August Gambit applied for citizenship to Estonia, two days later it was accepted. Being ambassador there the month before and generally being awesome, Estonia's citizenship committee agreed to let him in instantly. Gambit spent all his time in Estonia in the military unit of Estonian LEEGION (Eestimaa Leegion), the Estonian national army for people with 1K - 2.9K strength. However, after UK signed an MPP with Estonia, Gambit began fighting for the UK in important battles such as the battle for London against Canada and other battles during the UK - Canada + Ireland war.

Gambit didn't get into Congress in Estonia, however, during his time in Estonia, he was two-clicking and found google translate to be a little difficult at times and therefore couldn't get into the politics side of Estonia.

Gambit left Estonia on the 1st of October 2011.

Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia Icon-Slovenia.png

Povezani Demokrati Slovenije logo

On the 10th of February 2012, Gambit got his citizenship accepted to Slovenia. The UK was in bad shape with France, Canada and Ireland occupying them and without resources, Gambit was gaining no money. Being a traveller and liking change anyway, his next country to go to was always going to be Slovenia anyway and decided it was the right time to make the change. He was saving up gold to upgrade his weapons company to Q5 and in the UK he was losing money instead of gaining it. Once enough gold is gained to upgrade he'll be able to self-supply and leave The ESO legion and join a Slovenian Military Unit. Although Gambit joined Povezani Demokrati Slovenije, he remains an official member of Every Single One.

Icon achievement Party President on.gif Citizen Info


50,140 / 55,000
Level 17
Level 18
Level 19
March 29, 2011 March 31, 2011 April 03, 2011
Level 20
Level 21
Level 22
Level 23
Level 24
Level 25
Level 26
Level 27
Level 28
Level 29
April 15, 2011 April 28, 2011 May 23, 2011 May 12, 2011 June 08, 2011 June 25, 2011 July 11, 2011 August 04, 2011 October 09, 2011 November 14, 2011
Level 30
Level 31
Level 32
Level 33
Level 34
Level 35
December 20, 2011 January 13, 2012 March 23, 2012 June 2012 October 7, 2012 April 19, 2014


Gambit has made many friends on this game, most of which came from being either in the military or in the party of ESO. The first people he liked on eRepublik were Nathan Slater and Simon Hind as Simon Hind accepted him into the military and Nathan Slater was his first Colonel.

During his time in ESO however, he mostly talked to Vadigor, Elle Roslin and The Grump. The Grump and Gambit worked together in ESO to do many things, such as recruitment and sorting out congress, later being known as Team Grumbit, due to their success when working together, and generally being super cool people. Gambit has come to like many people within ESO, one worth mentioning are Emergy Maxfell, Daeres, Olly Fox and Harrington.

Gambit has also made friends further out than just the UK. Deathrider made a brief visit to the UK before returning to Portugal, yet continued to keep talking in the ESO channel even after. ReconWarHawk is from Egypt and got talking through Gambit's newspaper and after a month ReconWarHawk actually offered Gambit the place as MoD in Egypt if he were to win the election for President. Gambit declined to due not having a market license in Egypt and not feeling as if he were up to the job.

Gambit also gained many friends in the military, especially when he was General as he communicated with the Branch well and made close friends such as Xmac, Mr.Brayford and Tom Court. After spending time talking to other military commanders, he also became friends with Germanstar and Smack.

During his time in Estonia he spoke to Kcoore, his military commander and Mister Margooni, other than that, Gambit didn't tend to talk to anyone in Estonia due to the language barriers.
Gambit's Notes
I know I've missed someone out on that list of friends but c'mon, I can't remember everyone =P

Market Licenses

Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom

Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus

Icon-Estonia.png Estonia

Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia


Icon skill producer.png Work
11 Guru**
160,433 / 320,000

Gambit owns a total of 14 companies in the United Kingdom

Company Type Quality Level
Gambit's Grain Icon - Grain.png 0stars.gif
Gambit's Grain+ Icon - Grain.png 0stars.gif
Gambit's Grain++ Icon - Grain.png 0stars.gif
Gambit's Grouper Icon - Fish.png 0stars.gif
Gambit's Grub Icon - Deer.png 0stars.gif
Gambit's Grub+ Icon - Deer.png 0stars.gif
Gambit's Groceries Icon - Food Q3.png 3stars.gif
Gambit's Groceries+ Icon - Food Q2.png 2stars.gif
Gambit's Adamant Icon - Iron.png 0stars.gif
Gambit's Gird Icon - Aluminum.png 0stars.gif
Gambit's Grease Mine Icon - Rubber.png 0stars.gif
Rubber Plantation Icon - Rubber.png 0stars.gif
Gambit's Guns Icon - Weapon Q2.png 2stars.gif
Gambit's Guns + Icon - Weapon Q2.png 2stars.gif
                              On the 15th of October (Day 1,424), Gambit had worked for the 200th consecutive day.
                              On the 23rd of January (Day 1,524), Gambit had worked for the 300th consecutive day.
                              On the 26th of February(Day 1,559), Gambit had worked for the 335th consecutive day.


Beginner missions
Mission01.png We are all warriors Mission02.png Food is scarce Mission03.png Join the rebuilding effort Mission04.png Image matters
Intermediate missions
Mission05.png Offense is the best defense Mission06.png A Future Hero Mission07.png Working days
Icon mission la resistance.png La Resistance Icon mission true patriot.png True Patriot Icon mission super soldier.png Super Soldier
The Lost City of Gold
Icon mission find el dorado preparation.png Find El Dorado - Prepare for the journey Mission11.png Healthy Hard Worker Icon mission find el dorado the search.png Find El Dorado - The Search Icon mission find el dorado now or never.png Find El Dorado - Now or Never
Icon mission defend your land I.png Defend your land (I) Icon mission defend your land II.png Defend your land (II) Icon mission defend your land III.png Defend your land (III)
Icon mission the food factory.png Join the Rebuilding effort Mission02.png The daily Bread Icon mission fight your biggest enemy.png Fight Your Biggest Enemy
Icon mission eager to be free.png Eager To Be Free Icon mission refill resources I.png Refill Resources I Icon mission refill resources II.png Refill Resources II
Icon mission chapter 1 raw materials.png Raw Materials Icon mission chapter 2 finished products.png Finished Products Icon mission rumors.png Rumour Icon mission armory bazooka.png Bazooka
Icon mission full power ahead.png Full Power Ahead! Icon mission true mercenary I.png True Mercenary Icon mission true mercenary II.png True Mercenary (II) Icon mission world campaign.png World Campaign
Harvest 2011
Icon mission refill resources I.png Mission 47: Refill Resources I Icon mission refill resources II.png Mission 48: Refill Resources II Icon mission harvest time I.png Harvest time (I) Icon mission harvest time II.png Harvest time (II)
Icon mission training time.png Training Time Icon mission fighting where needed.png Fighting Where Needed Icon mission rank up your rank.png Rank up your ... rank
Christmas 2011
Icon mission stock up for 2012.png Stock up for 2012 Icon mission become stronger for 2012.png Become Stronger for 2012 Icon mission have a big meal.png Having a Big Meal Icon mission enter 2012 as a true patriot.png Enter 2012 as a True Patriot
Icon mission get your best stats before 2012.png Get your best stats before 2012 Icon mission get into the top.png Get Into the Top Icon mission increase your damage.png Increase Your Damage

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Military

Gambit joined the military with some complications. Gambit was still new to the game and didn't know he needed to be IRC active to be in the British Army, and so he was put into the Royal Naval Reserve since he was IRC inactive. As soon as he got the private message telling him he was put in the Naval Reserve he instantly told his commander the issue and Gambit got help in registering his IRC nickname but since he had already said he was IRC inactive the army found it difficult to reset Gambit's army application. Once everything started to run smoothly Gambit was transferred to the British Army, where he wanted to be in the first place.

Although Gambit has multiple companies he still asks for supplies since he tries to keep his business life and military life separate and doesn't want military work interfering with his income.

Grenadier Guards.jpgGrenadier GuardsGrenadier Guards.jpg

Gambit was placed into the Grenadier Guards, in the British Army and his first colonel was Nathan Slater, although because of him being busy he resigned as colonel within two days of Gambit joining, adding more confusion to the military life from Gambit's point of view.

Gambit's new and second colonel was and is still Colonel Camcam. As Gambit was dedicated to progressing through the military (As he saw no future in politics as he found it a little too complicated and full of trolls) and was promoted to Corporal within a week. No longer than three days later, Gambit proved himself as a worthy soldier and skipped the rank of Captain and was promoted from Corporal straight to Lieutenant as Camcam's right-hand man.

On the 5th of May 2011, Colonel Camcam stepped down due to the upcoming exams so Gambit then assumed control of the Unit becoming Colonel. One of Gambit's main goals in eRepublik is to become Colonel of his unit and he achieved that with hard work, high activity and good fortune.

British Army v2.png British Army British Army v2.png

After the new change in the command structure for the British Army, Gambit became Major General, or Commanding Officer of the whole British army, after Mr.Daniel stepped down from his Major General seat. Unfortunately, due to the changes the most active unit in the United Kingdom Armed Forces, Grenadier Guards, run by Gambit had to be merged with the least active, King's Regiment, run by JamesB009.

Gambit then resigned as General from the army giving his seat up to JamesB009 and temporarily giving Xmac the rank of Brigadier as JamesB009 will have the final say as to who will have the rank of Brigadier. The reasons for leaving are stated in an article he wrote.[1]

40 Commando.jpg 40 Commando 40 Commando.jpg

After spending some time fighting where he wanted, Gambit then returned to the military scene and joined 40 Commando as many ex-army colleagues had joined and Gambit felt it was time to be part of a group again. After just a few weeks of joining things went downhill as the admins made it so only 5 people could join a company, thus messing up supplies which ultimately led to the military unit being forced to disband.

Gambit then joined UK's Independent Forces as they were a smaller unit, Gambit thought he could try and change the military unit and turn them into a bigger, more active unit as Gambit was one of the few experienced players in the unit at the time.

British Army Service Medal
Second British Invasion of NorwaySecond Invasion of Ireland Campaign Medal
WWV UK-TerraColonial Expansion Campaign Medal
Icon adv train.png
Strength: 12,009
12,009 / 12,250
Icon rank National Force**.png
Rank: National Force**
7,040,586 / 9,000,000

Icon rank Sergeant.png
Icon rank Sergeant*.png
Icon rank Sergeant**.png
Icon rank Sergeant***.png
Icon rank Lieutenant.png
Icon rank Lieutenant*.png
Icon rank Lieutenant**.png
Icon rank Lieutenant***.png
Icon rank Captain.png
Icon rank Captain*.png
Icon rank Captain**.png
Icon rank Captain***.png
April 04 2011 April 06 2011 April 09 2011 April 11 2011 April 19 2011 April 23 2011 April 29 2011 May 3 2011 May 8 2011 May 8 2011 May 13 2011 May 17 2011

Icon rank Major.png
Icon rank Major*.png
Icon rank Major**.png
Icon rank Major***.png
Icon rank Commander.png
Icon rank Commander*.png
Icon rank Commander**.png
Icon rank Commander***.png
Icon rank Lt Colonel.png
Lt Colonel
Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png
Lt Colonel*
Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png
Lt Colonel**
Icon rank Lt Colonel***.png
Lt Colonel***
May 22 2011 May 25 2011 May 29 2011 June 02 2011 June 07 2011 June 13 2011 June 19 2011 June 22 2011 June 26 2011 June 30 2011 July 05 2011 July 17 2011
Icon rank Colonel.png
Icon rank Colonel*.png
Icon rank Colonel**.png
Icon rank Colonel***.png
Icon rank General.png
Icon rank General*.png
Icon rank General**.png
General** Jack-o-lantern.jpg
Icon rank General***.png
Icon rank Field Marshal.png
Field Marshal
Icon rank Field Marshal*.png
Field Marshal*
Icon rank Field Marshal**.png
Field Marshal**
Icon rank Field Marshal***.png
Field Marshal***
26th July 2011 5th August 2011 3rd September 2011 23rd September 2011 8th October 2011 19th October 2011 31st October 2011 12th November 2011 25th November 2011 10th December 2011 17th December 2011 30th December 2011
Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png
Supreme Marshal
Icon rank Supreme Marshal*.png
Supreme Marshal*
Icon rank Supreme Marshal**.png
Supreme Marshal**
Icon rank Supreme Marshal***.png
Supreme Marshal***
Icon rank National Force.png
National Force
Icon rank National Force*.png
National Force*
Icon rank National Force**.png
National Force**
17th January 2012 6th February 2012 22nd March 2012 30th April 2012 26th August 2012 16th April 2014 20th April 2014


Influence Per Hit (Q7): 10,424

                                                     Most Influence in a Campaign: Flag-Slovenia.jpg 2,663,943
                                           Achieved while successfully defending Central Croatia against Hungary on day 2,339

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Politics

Political Career

Every Single One party of the United Kingdom

Party-The Unity Party.pngThe Unity PartyParty-The Unity Party.png

As soon as Gambit was able to at level 7, he joined The Unity Party because the only person running for CP at the time that he liked was GLaDOS but his stay at TUP was short lived as he felt the V1 game was unfair to newborn players and so he quit the game.

Party-Every Single One.pngEvery Single OneParty-Every Single One.png

After a 10 month leave from the game, Gambit was automatically taken out of The Unity Party as he had died. In consequence, he went in search of another party and with more knowledge of the political area he could make a better calculated decision. Again, it was the time of the general election and the only person that he wanted to win was Artela, who, at the time was party president of Every Single One, so he checked the party out and agreed with the policy of ESO and joined ESO on the 29th March 2011

It was not until a 3 weeks later that he realised there was a private section in the UK forum for parties, and it was the perfect time as Gambit was already looking for a way to get more active within the party. He joined the forums and got told to go on their IRC channel and from then on he became more and more active within the party and became Head of Recruitment.

Head of Recruitment

Gambit became Head of Recruitment because he had searched the forums and got hold of very useful websites and since the party was all about helping new players into the game he decided to use what he had and started to message the newborn players in the game and help them get more involved. The Grump and Gambit went on a mass recruiting campaign during the time of the April 2011 congress elections and gained a total of 36 members within 10 days.

Citizen3123006 v3.jpg

After Artela left, there was a space to be Vice President of ESO. Vadigor and Gambit put their names forward although doing this wouldn't help as the PP (The Grump) would be the one to choose, no matter who puts their name forward. The Grump took 4 days to choose as it was a tough decision and in the end, Elle Roslin became the VPP of ESO and made Gambit the Head of Recruitment. Gambit later stepped down from being Head of Recruitment as he was to busy with the Military and his Newspaper.

Party President

Because of a Croatian PTO threat, the party president elections were done over the UK forums so the winner will be running unopposed concentrating votes on one person. Three people ran, JUracan, Stockyrocky310597 and Gambit. Gambit just won by little under 10 votes making him the one who will candidate unopposed. However, things didn't go all to plan as new party members decided to candidate themselves as well as a Turkish PTOer, however, none of them posed much of a problem and Gambit won by over 93% of the votes.

Gambit made StockyRocky his Vice Party President as he had shown amazing activity within the forums and obviously had enthusiasm about having a job within the Party. StockyRocky allegedly had multiple accounts which was, of course, false, but was banned for it anyway. Stockyrocky made an appeal and was forced to step down as Vice Party President.

Elle Roslin was Vice Party President for two days until StockyRocky became unbanned and reclaimed VPP.

Gambit then resigned as Party President for almost the same reasons as he left the Army[2] - him not having fun. The thing that finally made him leave was The Grump telling him how to run the party during the presidential elections and generally trying to control the party even though it isn't anybody's to control. The Grump was especially critical as to how he was voting presidential candidates and kept telling Gambit the 'right' way to run the votes, this is the point in which Gambit had enough of getting on at and then resigned his Party Presidential seat and straight after he then resigned as General of the British Army.

Icon achievement PEACE on.gif Avatars

Gambit liked to make new avatars regularly, it was unknown as to why he does this and Elle Roslin actually joked about making a petition to make Gambit have one avatar per month. These are some of them.

Avatars/Templates Made For Organisations

Icon achievement Entente on.gif Medals


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Hard Worker (x22)
Icon achievement Country President off.gif Country President (x0)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Super Soldier (x49)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Congress Member (x2)
Flag-UK.jpg 26 June 2011 for the ESO party of the United Kingdom in the East Midlands
Flag-UK.jpg 26th November 2011 for the ESO party of the United Kingdom in Wales
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif Battle Hero (x3)
Flag-Bolivia.jpg 23rd December 2011 for Bolivia against Argentina in Chuquisaca and Tarija (869,675 Damage
Flag-Slovenia.jpg 28th January 2012 for Slovenia against Italy in Lombardy (1,315,848 Damage)
Flag-Peru.jpg 1st April 2012 for Peru against Brazil in Northern Low Amazon (1,298,566 Damage)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero off.gif Campaign Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Media Mogul off.gif Media Mogul (x0)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero off.gif Resistance Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Society Builder off.gif Society Builder (x0) Icon achievement Party President on.gif Party President (x1)
Flag-UK.jpg 16th June 2011 for the ESO party of the United Kingdom
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif Mercenary (x1)
First Awarded On: 5th November 2011
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif True Patriot (x6)

Alliance Medals

Icon achievement Phoenix on.gif Phoenix Member (x1)
Flag-UK.jpgUnited Kingdom
Icon achievement Terra on.gif Terra Member (x1)
Flag-UK.jpgUnited Kingdom
Icon achievement Order of New EWorld on.gif ONE Member (x2)
Flag-UK.jpgUnited Kingdom

Additional Notes

Fhaemita Malodorous is a sexy beast.