Department of Education (Philippines)

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Department of Education
Kagawaran ng Edukasyon
Department of Education (Philippines).png
Formation 7 July 2009 (11 years, 7 months and 20 days ago)
Jurisdiction Flag-Philippines.jpg Kingdom of the Philippines
Headquarters Department of Education Complex, Pasig City
Newspaper Encyclopedia Filipiniana

The Department of Education (Filipino: Kagawaran ng Edukasyon), abbreviated as DepEd, is an executive department of the Philipping government that educates citizens on all aspects of the game and the Philippine nation and its government. It is the department responsible for helping newborn eFilipinos become more experienced.


The Department of Education is started by July 2009 President HazzN on Day 595 along with the Ministry of Merriment. It undergoes through many changes throughout its run in the government. When HazzN started DepEd, the leader is called the Dean and the others are called Faculty Team. President Ariel David Buena changed this the next month. The Dean is now called Director. And the Faculty Team are called Professors with specific subjects assigned to them.

It is often called the Ministry of Education but informally referred to as DepEd. It also merges to the Ministry of Merriment from time to time, mostly during Boy Pick Up's tenure as the Minister of Education during the early part of 2013. He named the ministry as the Ministry of Culture. The ministry functioned as the educator of the masses to the beautiful things RL Philippines has to offer.

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