Department of Internal Affairs (Philippines)

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Department of Internal Affairs
Kagawaran ng Ugnayang Panloob
Department of Internal Affairs (Philippines).png
Formation 6 April 2009
Headquarters Department of Internal Affairs Center, Quezon City
Minister Vacant
Vice Minister Vacant

The Department of Home Affairs (Filipino: Kagawaran ng Ugnayang Panloob, abbreviated DoHA), sometimes Ministry of the Economy, Department of Economics, Department of Internal Affairs or Economic Affairs Committee along with the Department of Finance, is an executive department of the Philippine government that manages companies owned by the government. It is the department responsible for providing minimum wage and low-skill work opportunities to the public and regulating the prices of products in the marketplace.


The Department of Home Affairs is founded by April, May & June 2009 President Big Boy Bulley on Day 503 along with the Departments of Defense, Finance and Foreign Affairs. The ministry has been an irregular part of the ePhilippine government, being on hiatus from time-to-time.

List of ministers