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Welcome to the Philippine Portal

The Republic of the Philippines
The current map of the Philippines. Bounded by China and Hungary in the west, Malaysia and Indonesia in the South and by the Pacific Ocean in the east.

The Philippines, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, is an archipelago nation which is located in Southeast Asia. It encompasses 7,107 islands stretching from around 36,000 kilometres of discontinuous coastline. Though it has many islands, the people of the Philippines are mostly found on Luzon region, Mindanao region, and the rest of the largest islands of the Visayas region. The rest of the remaining islands are then uninhabited.

It shares maritime borders with Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Hungary.

The Philippines was officially added to the New World last February 11, 2009.


The Golden History of the Philippines
The Philippines officially became a nation in the New World on February 11, 2009, along with other 3 new nations, 2 of which are its Southeast Asian neighbors.

After the Admins of eRepublik created the Philippines, eventually many of the real life eRepublik Filipino players came to the Philippines. There were also a lot of foreign players who moved to the Philippines most of whom were the Iranians, Turks, Hungarians, Brazilians and Macedonians.

For more details of our history, see History of the Philippines.

Philippine Related Pictures
Quezon Memorial Circle.jpg

Quezon Memorial Circle, a famous tourist spot in Quezon City, the capital city of Luzon. It is a national shrine bounded by an 8-lane traffic circle known as the Elliptical Road.

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