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The battle for Heilongjiang

Published April 29th, 2010

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Dear citizens,

The last Insider showed how we live historical moments. Every once in a while we have in eRepublik a battle which is powerful enough to re-write the history and might even change the fates of countries, empires or entire Alliances. The battle for Heilongjiang has just ended, and what the future holds is yet to be reveal. Will Hungary counter-attack? Will another Phoenix country try to conquer again this region? We shall see.

Heilongjiang, also known as “Hello Kitty”, is a very important region of eRepublik, due to its high-iron resource and huge number of companies. For almost a year this region was under Hungarian occupation, which ended today due to a successful Resistance War. In the final hour of the battle a sustained and coordinated attack of a large number of tanks (aka very powerful soldiers) brought the 1,2 mil points wall to -700,000 in “conquered zone”, and kept it about so for another half an hour. Of course, meanwhile the defenders tried hard to regain the control, but this time the expeditionary forces sent to liberate Heilongjiang proved stronger. A total of 6,361,885 damage was inflicted by 3167 unique soldiers, most of that damage being dealt in the final moments.

We would like to congratulate all soldiers involved in this battle both entertaining and very important. No matter the side in which you fought for, you should show respect to your enemy. Because as eRepublik's history proved many times, there comes a day for each and every nation to feel the joy of victory and also taste the bitter feeling of losing. So, even if you lose never give up, fight for your country, fight for your beliefs, because someday you'll be repaid!

Congratulation everybody, and thank you all for offering such memorable moments in eRepublik!

Regards, The eRepublik team

Clash of the Alliances

Published April 26th, 2010

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Dear citizens,

We look to the choked fires all over the New World and still couldn't believe the epic clash which took place in the last week-end. We are living interesting times; the outcomes of the on-going battles may change the face of the New World forever. Just to give you an idea: in the last 60 hours more than 90 battles fired up! Of course, most of these battles were tactical moves, aiming to back-up and support the war efforts for the really important ones.

It all started Wednesday with Hungary attacking Croatia, that attack had delayed Eden's (one of the main eRepublik Alliances) plans for a simultaneous attack over some vital high-regions of Phoenix (the other Alliance). Or, maybe this was their strategy in the first place, who knows. But then Friday the madness has been unleashed: Polish fortress Rhone-Alps had been under a heavy attack, Serbia had to defend Lianoning and the Hungarian fortress Heilongjiang had also been under attack. But Heilongjiang (aka "Hello Kitty") was not Hungary's only problem: a simultaneous attack of Romania and Croatia was threatening the very integrity of Hungarian historical territory. And we all know the passions and emotions involved when it is about defending homelands.

And so the final moments of the "mother of all battles" had come: Rhone-Alps, the Polish fortress-region hosting at that time 9000 residents and a defensive wall of 1,300,000+ points. In the final 30 minutes there had been 8200+ citizens on line in eRepublik. This number only shows the scale of this battle. Let's see some breath-taking numbers: total unique fighters 20,848 and total damage inflicted 22,033,317! Impressive! If you've missed the end of this battle, you can only imagine how it was like. After an hour of extra time in which both sides struggled to tip the balance in their favor, the heavy Phoenix tanking managed to conquer Rhone-Alps! It's true that Poland lost Berlin and Rhone-Alps, but the war is far from over! And with about 5.000,000 damage inflicted in this battle by Poland alone, we are sure we'll soon hear more about them.

As it seems China starts to play a more and more important strategic role, helping Eden by simply trying to regain their homeland. And they meant business: on Friday China started battles simultaneously against Hungary in the legendary Hello Kitty (1,155,742 total damage and 2,201 unique soldiers) and Serbia in Liaoning (4,960,363 total damage and 8,225 total unique soldiers). Both Hungary and Serbia secured the regions, but the damage drained from Phoenix super-powers opened the opportunity for far more interesting battles to take place inside Hungarian borders. Romania conquered Northern Great Plain while Croatia (+13 allies) managed to conquer Southern Transdanubia (2,531,328 total damage and 11,909 unique soldiers). In the same time Hungary, helped by 15 allied countries, managed to secure Western Transdanubia (4,339,214 total damage and 8396 unique soldiers). In both Transdanubian battles we had 30 countries involved, a truly world-wide war!

So, after a very “hot” day and 36,519,026 damage inflicted by 56,552 soldiers, Poland lost Rhone-Alps and Hungary lost two original regions. But we were just in the middle of the week-end!

Next day Spain took back Rhone-Alps from Slovenia in a battle with no MPPs triggered (2,158,891 damage and 6399 unique soldiers). Hungary remained trapped in the grip of Romania and Croatia. Again, it managed to secure Southern Great Plain against Croatia ( 1,531,965 total damage and 4805 unique soldiers) and Northern Hungary against Romania (2,296,006 total damage and 9199 unique soldiers). But the big battle had been the one for Western Transdanubia. Although it was secured by Hungary just the day before, this time Croatia & allies proved themselves as being stronger, conquering this region after a battle with a total of 9,591,393 damage inflicted by 17,866 unique soldiers!

Now, these were, if not the, then one of the most exciting days in eRepublik's history, judging from the scale of the events: to have 94,821 active soldiers and 52,097,281 total damage inflicted in just two days, all this spread over just 10 battles out of the 90+ active ones... Well, this is “wow”!

If you've missed the week-end events, don't worry, because things are far from over! Romania and Croatia feed the stormy weather in Central Europe, forcing Hungary to defend another two original regions: Central Transdanubia and Central Hungary. China once again started the enraged war in Heilongjiang. Poland, Germany, Russia and many other countries are literally war-zones. So, grab a weapon and write some history!

Regards, The eRepublik team

[New Economic and Military modules]. Closing overview

Published April 22th, 2010

Dear citizens,

We have reached the end of our journey through the new economic and military modules. This Insider is a closing overview, bringing together most of the cool stuff and main ideas from both modules.

So, what is it all about? Among other things it's about the new concept of time management which will allow your citizen to experience 24 virtual hours every day in eRepublik. This way you'll be able to decide what to do with your character, how much to work, to train, to learn or to have fun, each of these having a certain influence over your character's life (like your payment, your weapon skill increase, and so on). After a hard day it is time to rest, so don't forget to save some hours for this! And the best thing? You can do all that in just a couple of real-life minutes!

It's also about happiness, which adds a bit more complexity to your life and also turns eRepublik into a more realistic social simulator. After all, in real life you're not just stronger or weaker, more or less skilled on a profession, healthier or sicker. You are also more or less happy! This new attribute will influence your daily results when working/training/learning. Your happiness decreases with each hour spent on doing something, and is restored with each hour saved for resting. You can also increase your happiness by consuming certain products, or by spending leisure time.

It's about a whole bunch of new professions. Most likely the job of your dreams is included among them. You've dreamed to become a Project Manager ever since you were a kid? Consider it done! Or maybe an Architect? Or a Marketing Manager? No problem, we have eleven professions for you to choose from!

Professions will make possible the fill of marketplace with customized products, each type of product (like food, house, etc) consisting of several product components. Each profession will be responsible for supplying certain product components and each component influences a specific attribute. The new attributes range from the durability of buildings and weapons to the moving distance of tickets. But there are more attributes; the health and happiness of citizens, the damage, defense and attack value of weapons, the area of effect of buildings, all these are customizable attributes. It will be the General Manager's job to adjust these variables, such that their products will turn out to be truly successful.

But why would you want to buy a customized tank, or rifle, or helicopter? Well, because when you'll go to war, you'll need it. You'll be out there together with your friends but also all alone, just you and your weapon . When the moment of truth arrives, it will be a clash just between you and one of your enemies, chosen by you. Or, you might be the one chosen by an enemy. One versus one. This will take place on the map of the region, which is divided into tiles, each tile being able to host buildings. Out of the many tiles, one of them will be the most important because it will be the Capital city of the region. To lose a tile having a hospital on it might be painful, especially because once lost the building will apply its effects to enemies, the new owners of the tile. But to lose the Capital is one of the two conditions to lose the battle! The other condition has to do with the percentage of the total tiles held or captured.

Before deciding to attack someone, you need to take into consideration the terrain type of the tile and also the weapon skill of your enemy. This because each terrain type gives advantage to a specific unit and also each unit has an advantage over another specific unit. If you want to catch up with those advantages, have a look at this Insider. It is clear that the future battlefields will require both coordination and cooperation. Soldiers need to communicate, to have a strategy. The assault of a hot spot, like a bridge, will require not only sheer force but also strategy! Imagine a mass of infantry-only soldiers assaulting a bridge defended by a bunch of strong tanks. The outcome of the battle is pretty predictable.

The current generic strength will turn into four types of “weapons skills”, and these will no longer be something like “skill 16,8”. Each level of skill will have a name, be that “rookie” or “greenhorn” or “veteran”. Same goes for economic professions: you'll no longer be “2.3 manufacturing points skilled”, instead you'll be something like “Junior Carpenter”. This way we'll overcome the current limit of skill 7 in the Jobs Market. We are also adding stars to “Field Marshall” rank, so your military career won't end there anymore.

As we said, there are many other details, which you'll discover yourself in time. The only thing left is an Insider dedicated to migrations, which will offer answers to questions like what happens to current strengths, skills, companies, stocks and so on.

Regards, The eRepublik team

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Treasure Maps

Published April 10th, 2010

Dear citizens,

Today we are going to present you a new concept, called “treasure maps”. Treasure maps will become one of the most loved things in the eRepublik world, as they are the ones offering you the chance to find free GOLD. We said “find”? A better term would be “discover” because you will, literally, discover hidden treasures!

Treasure maps are replacing the simple Achievements Rewards system that we have now. So, instead of a basic alert announcing that you've just received a GOLD reward when you reach an achievement or one of the citizens you invited reaches level 6, you will be offered a cool treasure map with many possibilities. You are not forced to explore the map immediately, but you have a limit of 30 days in which you can use the map. This because after 30 days the map becomes unreadable thus unusable! Each map has three paths, each ending with a marked “X”, and each revealing a treasure of a specific value in GOLD.

It must be said that the average treasures value will vary, but here comes your luck and inspiration: the path you choose will lead you to a treasure that might contain an average, slightly smaller or slightly larger amount of Gold. Of course, the difference between them will not be that big. But you are a lucky citizen, aren't you? :) Remember you can only choose one path.

Speaking of luck, you will surely hear some citizens shout what would seem to be legends about some poor citizens turning into pretty rich men overnight. Who knows, maybe it will be YOU they'll talk about, one of the Treasure of Kings discoverers! If you'll get your hands on such a legendary treasure, you may easily quit your job and live your e-life with style, at least for a while :D We know, you're thinking: “Seriously admin? One in a million winner, right?” but this is not the case. The Treasure of Kings discoveries will be pretty frequent, the old kings from before the New World had untold riches, so expect many such legendary treasures! So, all you have to do is to choose your path, dig and believe in your luck.

But, once again, let's have the pictures talk:


May your chosen path lead you to untold riches and change your destiny or why not that of your nation!

In order to implement the Treasure Maps, tomorrow (day 874 of the New World) we will take the eRepublik servers offline for about an hour, starting with 02 AM, eRepublik time.

Also, we kindly ask you to avoid spamming of the Insiders. Each eRepublik Insider has a topic so please debate that specific topic. Comments like "first", "second", "add that language" or "remove x thing" are spam unrelated to Insider's subject.

The eRepublik team

[New Military Module] How the battle goes on (I)

Published April 6th, 2010

Dear Citizens,

In this Insider we will shed some light on how battles and Player-versus-Player (PvP) fights will actually work in the new military module. Let's start with the big picture: battles and how to win them.

All kinds of battles share the same victory conditions, be it an attack on a region by another country or a resistance war. Once a battle has started it rages on for an initial 24 hours. In order to win the battle either the attackers or the defenders have to meet the following victory conditions: capture a certain percentage of all tiles of a battlefield map and capture the tile with the capital city. If both conditions have been accomplished after 24 hours the battle ends and we have a winner; if not it the battle will continue in sudden-death-mode until one side achieves the victory conditions. The battle must end with a draw after 72 hours if neither the attackers nor the defenders managed to win.

Battles will not continue forever because we introduced the so called Battle Queue. At the moment multiple countries can attack one region. This will change with the new military module: only one country can attack a region at a time. If another country wants to attack a region in which a battle is already raging, it has to wait until the current battle has ended.

A battle is going and you want to enter the battlefield. What do you have to do? First of all, you will need to go to the battlefield just as you do it right now. Once there you can scroll around the map, have a look at the mini map or the Battle Info window to get an overview what's going on, who is winning, and who are the most powerful soldiers on the battlefield.

After a quick look you will see where your fellow comrades and allies are already fighting on the battlefield. It is always a good idea to join the battle where other friendly units have already been deployed. Simply choose the weapon you want to fight with (tank, rifle, anti-air artillery, or helicopter) and select the tile you want to deploy on. You can easily see where the enemy troops are located on the map as well. Move your unit to a tile next to the enemy and attack that tile. You can now pick one opponent from a list of five. Additionally you can select a Booster (e.g. Frag Grenades, Rocket Launchers, etc.) that will give you an advantage over your opponent. You can also select if you only want to fight against one enemy or if you want to continue fighting in case you win the fight (=going Berserk).

So you have deployed, moved, and picked an opponent; the only thing left now is to wait until your turn ends and the PvP fight will start. During the fight you and your opponent will shoot at each other one after another. Each shot can hit or miss the other player. The hit chance depends on the attack and defense values of your weapon and the one of your opponent. The rule of thumb is: The higher your attack value is compared to the defense value of your opponent, the higher the chance that your shot will hit the target. Boosters can influence those values as well. For example, a Telescopic Sight Booster will increase the chance to hit the other player, while a Smoke Grenade will increase your chance to dodge a bullet. There is always a free Booster you can use, others you can use for Gold.While you increase your weapon skills and your military rank you will unlock more powerful Boosters.

While fighting you also have the chance to deal critical damage to your opponent. The higher your military rank, the higher your chance to land a critical hit. Your weapon skill on the other hand (=your career as a tank driver, infantrist, artillery gunner, and helicopter pilot) directly influences the damage your weapon deals. The higher your skill, the higher the damage output.

You can follow the actual fights in a story-like format that tells you how much damage you deal and how much damage you take from the opponent. In the end there can only be one winner in the PvP fight. If you got defeated you can redeploy when it will be your turn again. If you won the fight you stay on the battlefield. But now it is the turn of your enemies first, while you can prepare for a possible attack by restoring your health and selecting a Booster. If you are in the area of effect (AoE) of a hospital your health will recover with each turn.

The road to victory is made of tiles your country and its allies have to capture. In order to capture a tile that is under control of the enemies, you can simply move on it if it doesn't contain any enemy units. Once the next turn starts it will be yours. If there are enemies on a tile your side has to defeat all hostile units on that tile in order to move onto it and to capture it. This will lead to heated battles especially around choking points on the battlefield like bridges and mountain passes. And here the strategy comes into play! Powerful and wise generals will emerge from the ranks of soldiers to lead them to victory. Maybe you will be one of those soldiers whose name will enter the history books and will forever be connected to epic battles.

Stay tuned! The eRepublik team

Military1.png Military2.png

The new eRepublik Forum Platform

Published April 2nd, 2010


You can also read this Insider article on our shiny new forum posted here in our shiny new forum, as there are some advantages to do that.

Dear citizens,

After weeks of hard work we can now proudly present the new eRepublik forum. And by hard work we mean it, because the required amount of customization was tremendous in order to create several bridges between eRepublik and the new forum platform. We were happy to do this work because of just how important the forum is for in-game communication. Not just between you, the citizens, but also between you and the eRepublik team. As you know, the media module is not an official supported channel by the eRepublik team because of the difficulties involved. But we aim to become more responsive and communicate more with you using the forums.

There are tons of new features which will turn communication into a really pleasant activity. Compared to the old forum we now have a greatly improved structure of forums and sub-forums. We have a powerful search function, helping you to find immediately what you're interested in. We have the option to sort threads in various ways as well as a quick button “what's new” which lists the new posts since your last visit. We have cool formatting options and easy video/picture embedding. You can subscribe to favorite threads and easily access new posts. And of course we have quoting capability, quick reply boxes, search for all the posts of a citizen and much more. We invite you to discover the new forum yourself!

Our short-term plan is to bring some small improvements to the forum (your suggestions would be appreciated) and implement National Forums for each language supported by eRepublik. These National Forums will have a standard structure of forums and sub-forums translated in the respective languages, but a much more own backyard-orientated one, not so general as the main forum. Of course, the content created in the National Forum of X country will be mostly in X language. On the forum Home Page you will be able to jump directly to your National Forum based upon your eRepublik citizenship. Or, you could create a bookmark if you want better access to it.

Things to be considered:

  • your forum account is automatically created (or re-validated) as soon as you reach the forum while logged in eRepublik;
  • the forum server is completely independent and this means that you can be in eRepublik with your citizen account and in forum with your Organization account, or switch them all the time without interfering;
  • eRepublik main site could be completely off-line, the forum would still work full-speed.

That being said, Happy "foruming" everybody!