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I, Karacticus, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint Pensive, Member of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth Day 648 - Aug 29, 2009
Date of death 2011
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Party president of The Unity Party
16/06/10 (Day 939) – 16/07/10
Preceded by Dan Moir
Succeeded by Kevy Kev Kev Junior shabado
Ministry of Rations of UK
06/05/10 (Day 898) – 10/5/10 (Day 902)
Ministry of Defence of UK
15/02/10 (Day 819) – 06/04/10 (Day 868)
Underminister of UK
06/02/10 (Day 810) – 15/02/10 (Day 819)
Underminister of UK
09/01/10 (Day 780) – 06/02/10 (Day 810)
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Pensive was a citizen of New Zealand from birth of the nation and also citizen of UK.

In the UK he was a member of the Council of Unity and a former president of The Unity Party. He was most well known for being a former two term Minister of Defence for the UK and April Prime Minister runner up as well as being an eight term Congress member for the UK.

Biography - The UK term

Military Career

This soldier has been Mentioned in Despatches by the UK Military.

Having progressed to level 7 with no major incidents and after a discussion with GLaDOS and Necrosis about what to do next on #EUK one evening, after showing utopian opinions about politics he was pointed in the direction of the military and promptly applied to the Navy. After being accepted his first post was HMS Thehorseltd under the command of Ian Passmore (Captain) and Fezoj (Lieutenant). Promotions of both officers a short time after placed Stu Beard and Amalie Lohzen as the new command team onboard "the horse".

A short time later, then current Fleet Admiral of the Navy R.R. Napier opened applications for the new replacement to the previously disbanded Special Boat Service, the Royal Marines to which he applied for and was accepted. On November 17, he becomes a Colonel in one of the new Marine squads - squad 4. On 21st November 2009 he was interviewed for The Economist, written by Iain Keers.

On Day 747 Pensive was offered to take over from Stu Beard as Commodore of the Atlantic Fleet and his former position of Colonel in Squad 4 (merged into Indian Fleet) was given to Viktsa Massea. He has since been helping to defend the country from EDEN forces alongside allies in PHOENIX. He was Mentioned in Dispatches due to his valiant work for the military in December 2009 and awarded an MBE for services to the UK by the then Prime Minister Karacticus.

On day 814 he elected to call time on his illustrious navy career, and resigned his commission. On Day 823 he was offered Minister of Defence after the sudden resignation of Polio under the Dishmcds administration of February 2010 and gladly accepted. Karacticus upon winning the March Prime Minister election promptly requested his service for another month. His term was largely controversial due to his unique methods of command but the military was better for his terms of service.

He attained the rank of Field Marshal on 30/05/10; before Version 2 was released. He was also skilled in Choppers in Version 2 and member of the UK Army Reserves.

Political Career

He was a lifelong member of The Unity Party having joined at Level 7, when it was then possible to join parties. He was a candidate for the Unity Party presidency in December 2009, finishing third behind Lord Weiis and eventual victor of the election Stefan1992. He first stood for Congress elections in the West Midlands on December 2009 on his first attempt, narrowly missing out on a position. He was the underminister for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs serving under Mr Woldy in January 2010. He was previously the UnderMinister for Wiki under the remit of the Ministry of Home Affairs minister Karacticus but had to step down due to large commitments with the Ministry of Defence. He was appointed Minister of Rations under JamesW but requested to resign a short time into his tenure due to a change in situation and time abroad.

He has been successfully elected to the House of Commons (Congress) for eight terms; as a member for the North East of England four times, London twice, Wales once and South West of England once.

On Day 857 he was named The Unity Party Prime Ministerial candidate for the April elections and finished runner up to GLaDOS.

He ran for Party Presidency for the party in June 2010. Jhorlin challenged the seat in order to bring back the removed House of Lords by destroying the party internally by denying congress seats to the party. Pensive countered the threat with a landslide vote of over 80% and was elected President of the party. His month was almost on record to be the party record based upon a percentage of seats but due to invasion from Poland he was left with nine candidates to run.

Military Decorations


Service Ribbons

Member of the British Empire British Army Service MedalRoyal Navy Service Medal (Metioned in Dispatches Awarded)Royal Marine Service MedalThe Royal Parachute Regiment Service MedalSpecial Forces Support Group Service Medal

Campaign Medals

North Atlantic Campaign MedalNordic Campaign MedalSecond Central European Campaign MedalSecond Asian Campaign MedalNew England Campaign Medal
Second Eastern European Campaign MedalGreat British Campaign MedalUlster Campaign MedalAmazon Campaign Medal


On Day 814 Pensive decided to go on a journey of self discovery and considered a great many things.

Having travelled the world from birth as a soldier; he had seen many corners of the world. He once visited Iran to help the evil Bob Boblo gain supporters to his evil cult; but Pensive disobeyed orders and to visit Sistan and Baluchistan - disobeying orders to visit the capital Fars as issued from the wicked Bob Boblo; acting through the UK Government.

Unknowing to Pensive at the time; Emperor Dio Brando had foreseen that the region would be attacked by Pakistani Freedom Fighters and move into the rule of glorious Pakistan; to coincide with the foreseen visit of so many mislead soldiers who had fallen into The Gutters of Bobloism amongst other things. The Iranian soldiers moved out of the region; leaving Pensive staring at the golden sands Pakistan; and henceforth missed the beauty of the sands because he was too busy injecting his daily dosage of the sinister mind-control drug Spam; used by Bob Boblo to control his zombie armies into his life.

Upon considering these facts Pensive soon realised how blessed he was to have experienced this event; and promptly discarded the evil Bob Boblo from his life. He is winning a daily battle to destroy spam in his life; although the drug has already taken hold and is difficult to shift. He has pledged to return to Pakistan after his glorious work in the UK was done.