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Coat-Denmark.png Flag-Denmark.jpg Coat-Denmark.png
Flag of Denmark   Coat of Arms of Denmark

On the map

General rank 72
Anthem Der er et yndigt land
Motto Through Bureaucracy Denmark Will Prevail!
Capital Hovedstaden
Language Danish, English
Population 44
President paoluccio
Party The Vikings
Political titles
vCP Maine Coon
MoD Kristian Klausen
MoFA Kitarou
Governor Gucio
Currency Flag-Denmark.jpg Danish Krone (DKK)
Minimum salary Flag-Denmark.jpg 5 DKK
Average salary Flag-Denmark.jpg 2241.14
Territories 1
IRC #eDenmark

Map of Denmark

Last update October 16th, 2021 by Stephan Condurachis

Denmark (Danish: Danmark) is a country in northern Europe working for its independence and original territory. The country was annexed by Sweden on April 23, 2008. Denmark was re-established on January 14, 2009, with the liberation of the regions Hovedstaden and Sjaelland. Denmark borders Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom and Norway. English is the most commonly spoken language in Denmark, which is mainly because of the small amount of real Danes present. The original capital region is Hovedstaden.

Wiki Link blackbook.jpg History of Denmark

Main article: History of Denmark

Icon allcountries.gif Geography

Denmark is a country located in Northern Europe consisting of a mainland (Jutland) and 443 other islands. The country is bordered by Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom and Norway.

Danish regions

The original territory of Denmark is composed of several regions: Sjaelland (occupied by Icon-Netherlands.png), Hovedstaden (occupied by Icon-Netherlands.png), Syddanmark (occupied by Icon-Netherlands.png), Midtjylland (occupied by Icon-Netherlands.png), and Nordjylland (occupied by Icon-Netherlands.png).

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource Map


Citizen-shape.gifCitizen-shape.gifCitizen-shape.gif Population

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Top 5 most experienced players in Denmark

Nickname Experience level
1. n0s3 2041
2. Maine Coon 1454
3. Ushlau 1026
4. Libertas33 529
5. Gucio 440

Last update: October 2021

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Top 5 strongest players in Denmark

Nickname Strength
1. Maine Coon 308,048
2. n0s3 300,873
3. Libertas33 299,154
4. Hanibal den grumme 294,078
5. Ushlau 293,620

Last update: October 2021

Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif Top 5 patriots in Denmark

Nickname Damage
1. Maine Coon 1,308,646,436,144
2. n0s3 1,180,138,125,587
3. Ushlau 834,892,997,002
4. Gucio 248,687,687,314
5. Libertas33 86,441,658,851

Last update: October 2021

Icon-taxes.gif Economy

The Danish economy is very small, but also very strong. Denmark is looking to become a country that produces high quality products and sends them overseas.


The currency of Denmark is the Flag-Denmark.jpg Danish Krone (DKK).

Country Trading Embargoes

Denmark has country trading embargoes with the following countries:

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.


Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 1 % 1 % 1 %
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 1 % 1 % 1 %
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft weapon 1 % 1 % 1 %
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Moving ticket 1 % 1 % 1 %
Icon - House Q3.png House 1 % 1 % 1 %
Raw material Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 1 % 1 % -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 1 % 1 % -
Icon - Aircraft Weapon Raw Materials.png Aircraft weapon raw material 1 % 1 % -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 1 % 1 % -

Last update: 12th September 2019

Icon discussion on.gif Media

External Forums and IRC


Icon position country president.gif Presidents

The Monarchy

Main article: Nobles of Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark, or Denmark for short, is one of the oldest monarchies in the world.

Each month a new king is chosen by the former king. The new king chooses the new nobles of Denmark.

Icon position party president.gif Political Parties

After being PTO'ed by Serbians in 2010, Denmark lost all parties when Sweden attacked Denmark on request from the Danes. In March 2010, two parties were established. Shortly after, the Danish party was taken over by the Serbian PTO'ers but was later taken back under Danish control and is now known as the "Danish Patriot Party" while the Serbian PTO control "Danish People's Party" still exists.

In August 2010, the Danish Patriot Party was once again taken by the Serbian PTO'ers, rendering the Danes unable to control their own candidates for next congressional election. Luckily a new party named Great Two Fish Ovens was donated by a Croatian named Hurkancs who had come to Denmark to fight against the Serbian PTO. With the help from Hurkancs the Danes once again secured the Danish congress, taking 17 seats out of 30, getting majority over the Serbian PTO'ers.

In October 2021, there were only 3 parties on Danish political scene:

Party Logo Orientation Initials Members Congress seats Party president
The Vikings Party-The Vikings.png 6 2(33.33%) Citizen5150463.pngKristian Klausen
Ministry of Pink Flamingos Party-Ministry of Pink Flamingos.png Far-left, Totalitarian 3 3(50%) Citizen4278596 v2.pngGucio
MERACUS DK Party-MERACUS DK.png Center, Totalitarian 3 1(16.67%) Citizen6095163.pngUshlau

Updated: 23/12/14

Constitution of Denmark

Constitution of the Kingdom of Denmark

See also

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Military

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - ground battle.png Top 5 Rank Points (Ground) in Denmark

Nickname Damage
1. Maine Coon 294,964,933,894
2. n0s3 275,057,641,406
3. Ushlau 131,629,462,041
4. Gucio 52,353,772,368
5. Libertas33 37,656,179,835

Last update: October 2021

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - aircraft battle.png Top 5 Rank Points (Air) in Denmark

Nickname Damage
1. n0s3 88,041,175
2. Joshua Morriseau 6,508,993
3. Maine Coon 6,054,240
4. Kristian Klausen 4,454,738
5. Ushlau 4,201,397

Last update: October 2021


Denmark was not aligned with many alliances. The closest relationship that they have was Homonavian union with Sweden that lasted from November 2010 until August 2011.

From in-game alliances, they had two tries, first in February 2014 when Denmark joined already dead Circle of Trust alliance which Alesis Bonte tried to revive, however Danish membership lasted for only one day[1][2][3]. The second try was with the Banana alliance, which Denmark joined in 2016, and membership lasted for 61 days; from February 2nd until April 3rd[4][5].

Denmark is currently not part of any alliance.

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