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Karl Khan

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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth Day 562 (6/4/09)
Date of death 2010
Residence Florida, USA
Alberta, Canada
Sex Male
Faith Anti-Dioism
Newspaper The Exotic Traveler
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Karl Khan (born on Day 562 (6/4/09) in the New York region of the USA) was a citizen of USA and Canada. He has been travelling the new world since the PEACE Invasion of North America and first moved to the Netherlands on his world tour when Florida was the only state of the USA at the time. Since then, he has traveled to Bolivia, Hungary, Netherlands, Pakistan, and Germany. He continued his world tour in Slovakia after being stranded in Pakistan in late August. Karl also calls himself an Anti-Dioist.


Early Life

Karl was born in the state of New York, and like other new people to the game, he was extremely curious to how the game works. However, he learned quickly and no longer held the 'Newbie' status. Noticing the political climate in America, he strongly supported Scrabman in his presidential elections several weeks before moving to Australia Temporarily. Although not involved in American Politics, he still supports Scrabman in Canadian politics as well, before the early stages of World War III.

World War III

Karl became angry at the inefficiency of the American administration when World War III started. As he moved to the District of Columbia, he was told to move out immediately, ignoring the fact that he had just arrived. In New Jersey however, he was not informed of the overnight invasion of the state, just as he started working. Therefore, he had been dissatisfied with the American administration, leading to his anger at the free ticket service, which had ignored him the whole time when he needed the money to leave. In the waning months of the Russian offensive on North America, he left New Jersey to Florida after having to spend his credits on Russian notes.

Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands

 Hopefully, once i come back, first thing i wanna do is to eat a large American cheeseburger. - Karl, the day he left Florida for the Netherlands. 

After inviting long-time real-life friend Amz Danial, who was residing in Malaysia, he left for Netherlands, along with him, on his friend's suggestion to cool off from his anger. At that time, it was already when the southern states began to be freed from Portuguese hands. He stayed there for a maximum of 1-2 weeks, before returning to the USA. He was also delighted at the fact that he was earning more than his American Friends. At the time, he kept his citizenship as an American, since it was rare to hold such a title.

First World Tour

Karl has traveled to:

He made a long list of countries he had not been to, and set out on his journey. He saved up a considerable amount of money and food, as well as a house, and set off to his first destination, Bolivia. He had also convinced Amz Danial to join him in his quest, which Karl would look after him as well. He had also started a travel guide in the selected countries, which can be read through his travel diary in his newspaper.

On his first day in Bolivia[1], he shared a common relationship with several people. As usual, the political scene wasn't like the United States. The decline in Population finally led him to leave the country without deep pockets, noting the high unemployment rates for his skills. He left the country at a wellness of 30, considered low at the time.

Hungary was filled with a buzzing Media scene once he arrived there. The best country he had been to so far, he considered it of his interest and decided to rank it as one of the best destinations on his list. Struggling with an unemployment scenario just like Bolivia, and a very 'alien' language which Karl could not translate, Karl unfortunately finally left Hungary at 1:01 Am, Sep 05, Day 655 of the New World, earlier than he expected to do so.

Karl arrived in Germany on 01:15 Am, Sep 05, Day 655 of the New World, becoming the third country in his world tour to visit. So far it was the best country he had ever been in, as the elections of Elisa Vorimberg heightened the political atmosphere. The employment rates also meant that Karl could attain a well-suited job there rather than the last two countries. After staying in Germany for several days, Karl left the country on 02:22, September 08, on Day 658 of the New World.

Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan and Icon-Canada.png Canada

 With eyes so aflame with the intensity of his waning life, that his words had the effect of an explosion. - Karl's relief after escaping to Canada from his worst experience in Pakistan. 

Karl arrived in Pakistan, arguably thought to have been where some of his heritage originates, ot 03:00, on September 08, on Day 658 of the New World. On the first few days, he encountered financial problems as he ran out of Gold. Furthermore, he also had a feeling that the government was denying him of any retreat from Pakistan, as the moving tickets were priceless there. Being a religious person himself, he became dissatisfied with the people's followings in Pakistan. A majority of the people of Pakistan were followers of the Dioism, which he claims that Pakistan should be a country whose state religion should and always be of Islam or no religion. Furthermore, he disliked the fact that Pakistan only had one region, and that it was a popular country for exile. Karl finally refused to give out a review on day 661, and tried to leave Pakistan as soon as possible. However, as he had deep financial problems, he was stranded in Pakistan, and requested the help of Scrabman on the same day whom he promised to pay back. After being stranded in Pakistan, Karl exhaustively left the Diost-run country on September 11, Day 661 of the New World.

After escaping from Pakistan, Karl stayed in Canada for awhile before returning to USA.

Icon-North Korea.png North Korea and back to Icon-USA.png USA

After several days in Canada, Karl applied for the United States Mobile Infantry during his days as a Corporal. He was still in Canada, awaiting deployment when his application to the Mobile Infantry was accepted by tsewell. He started to leads the 6th Platoon of Charlie Company, as Platoon Sergeant, under Lieutenant Christopher Moltisanti. Then, he was asked by his other commander, n4no to join the Air Force as well. As a result of this, he was deployed to North Korea on the morning of September 25 to vote for Mekell in his Congressional elections.

He returned to USA, after spending some time in Canada, the following day. He had traded his Canadian funds for his very own company, the Arbiter Corporation. Karl also worked as a Air man, and known for his activeness in travelling, he decided to join both the Air Force and the Mobile Infantry. Unfortunately however, he arrived in the USA after fighting, which put his wellness to an all time low. With no hospitals in New York, Karl desperately needed to get out of his home state before he eventually gets killed. He needed to get out of work, and second of all, get to a hospital.

After several months in the United States of America, he finally left for Slovakia to continue his world tour.

Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia and Icon-Singapore.png Singapore

Karl reached Slovakia originally on the Air Force's orders, but resigned several days later to continue his world tour.

Arbiter Corporation

Before he went to North Korea, Karl bought a company, entitled the Arbiter Corporation. Intended as a last measure to his economic career, his first investment came about in September 20 for a sum of Icon-gold.gif 1 GOLD. The corporation soon moved to Singapore, on Day 742, the company purchased Arbiter Petroleum. Arbiter Corporation was based in Singapore.

Media Career

On the first creation of his newspaper, he only featured facts and how to's. However, upon his first visit to Bolivia, he finally created the The Exotic Traveler.