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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Erepublik Logo v1.jpg Step 1 – Welcome to eRepublik

eRepublik is a massive multiplayer social networking and online strategy web-browser game. It provides a real-time model of the modern world and allows players to simulate their political, business or military aspirations, in so doing potentially changing the course of history. This tutorial covers the points mentioned by Plato in his introductory video, the first issue of which is the homepage. Familiarize yourself with the homepage.

10 Steps In The New World
Icon adv uploadpic.png Step 2 - Upload your avatar picture

Experience points unlock eRepublik's features and the easiest way to achieve your first two is to upload an avatar for your citizen.

Icon adv idle.png Step 3 - Your profile page

You'll find the information about your citizen's career and biography on the profile page. The wellness indicator and the inventory area should be closely monitored as they're vital to the day-to-day routines of your citizen's life in eRepublik. Learn more about your profile page.

Icon adv buyfood.png Step 4 - Buy / Consume food

Just like in the real world your citizen must eat daily in order to survive. You can acquire food from the marketplace, and once a day the highest quality food unit from your inventory will automatically be consumed. See more details about buying and consuming food units.

Icon-adv-getajob.png Step 5 - Get a job

Working daily is essential as your citizen needs money in order to buy products, so visit the job market and find a job. Find out how you can get a job.

Icon-adv-work.png Step 6 - Work

In order to work, you'll need to visit your employer's headquarters. Your citizen will receive a salary for each day worked... and don't worry, working in eRepublik is more fun than in the real world! See more details about working in eRepublik.

Icon adv train.png Step 7 – Train

Serving your country in a war is important in eRepublik as it helps you to receive the recognition of your fellow citizens, one of the key concepts of the game. To achieve a higher score when you fight you should train daily. Find out how you can train.

Icon adv idle.png Step 8 - Exchange money

In eRepublik you can exchange any currency (including Icon-gold.gif gold, an intermediate currency in its own right) for other currencies, each of which is particular to one country. You can do this by accessing the "Market" tab in the main menu, followed by the "Monetary market" button. Learn more about the Monetary market.

Icon adv fight.png Step 9 - Fight for your country in eRepublik

You can see if your country is involved in a war or resistance war by viewing the wars list, accessible from the homepage. After you decide on a battle to fight in, click the green "Fight" button on that page. Learn more about the military system.

Icon adv vote.png Step 10 - Vote in eRepublik

There are three major political events occurring monthly in eRepublik where a citizen can vote to elect party presidents, members of Congress, and country presidents. You have the ability to express your choice in these elections once you reach experience level 6. Learn more about the political system.

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