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Avatar 288 1296221940.png
Nationality Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatian
National rank 267
Date of birth 8 March 2008 - Day 109
Residence Central Croatia
Sex Male
Newspaper eHrvatski eTisak
Mayor of Nelspruit
21 August 2008 – 20 September 2008
Preceded by pipec007
Succeeded by gotcha1234
Congressman of South Africa
Party president of Croatian - African UNION
16 October 2008 – December 2008
Preceded by zocky
President of South Africa
6 November 2008 – 5 December 2008
Preceded by zocky
Succeeded by Compmage
Party president of Hrvatska Ujedinjena Stranka
9 December 2008 – 11 February 2009
Succeeded by John Jakeson
Congressman of Sumadija
26 February 2009 – 25 March 2009
Congressman of Croatia
26 June 2009 – 20 August 2009
26 March 2011 – April 2011
Military unit S.F.F.A
Position Soldier
Rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War

Sucko is the eldest citizen of Croatia.

He was one of the active members of the Add Croatia movement.

Member of Ambassador8.jpg Ambassador Program, awarded to honour those players who contributed the most for propagating eRepublik IRL, and in general help the improvement of the New World experience


Real life

In real life Sucko also lives in Croatia, Zagreb. His real name is Domagoj.

Early Life

Sucko was born in Norway. He was born on March 8, 2008. He is one of the oldest living Croatians in Erepublik. His first party was The Golden Party in Norway.
He soon moved to UK, where he joined in Croatian party with other Croats in UK.

Sucko's residencies

Sucko has lived in following countries:

  • Norway (around 2 weeks while he was Baby);
  • UK (around 3 months while there was no Croatia in game);
  • South Africa (around 3 months while there was no Croatia in game);
  • Croatia (more than 2 years where he also currently lives);
  • Serbia (one month as congressman as part of Croatian PTO);
  • Romania (around one month when he worked for Croatian military companies there);
  • Sucko also lived in countries like USA, Canada, Spain, Indonesia, Finland, China but not longer than 2-3 days, mostly because of some military operations in that time.

Sucko's citizenship's:

Since citizenship was introduced in the game, Sucko has always had Croatian citizenship, except Serbian once for a few hours when Serbian congress sensationally accepted his citizenship application, Sucko took back Croatian citizenship soon after that.

Political History

Sucko has been member of following parties:

Political experiences:

His first political experience was as mayor of Namur, where he served one term. He served in many different positions, including:


Sucko at the moment doesn't have any company. He became soldier and he sold all his companies. Sucko's economy level is 11 guru**.


Sucko is currently World Class Force*, his strength is currently 2,761.53. He became soldier after 11 months playing eRepublik. He is one of the strongest Croatian soldiers.
He fought for ATLANTIS and he fights for EDEN now. He used to serve many different positions in Croatian army.

Sucko has been member of following armies:

  • 1. Brigade (Croatian army) - (around 2 months)
  • ZDRUG (Croatian army) - (around 10 months)
  • EMC (EDEN army) - (around 5 months)
  • 5. Brigade (Croatian army) - (he's still member of 5. Brigade)

Sucko has never been member of any paramilitary army He was awarded with following military medals:

Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 22x Battle Hero.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 47x Super Soldier.


Sucko has his own newspaper eHrvatski eTisak. He has written more than 70 articles. His newspaper has over 2400 subscribes.

Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif 2x Media Mogul.