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Arthur nGael

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 22 April 2010 - Day 884
Date of death 04 May 2010 - Day 896
Residence Louth
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Private***.png Private***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Arthur nGael was a citizen of Ireland, who lived in the New World for the whole 12 days. His recognized achievements are - None.

In those 12 days, he was able to create multiple accounts for which he has received a Permanent Ban.

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Personal Life

Birth and Education

Arthur nGael childhood in Dublin

In the time of is birth the current president of Ireland was patton who was serving his 5th mandate, presiding over 1619 citizens and Ireland had full control of its original territories while the economy was growing steadily and the army had more and more soldiers. Ireland was a full country member of Brolliance alliance, having also good relations with Croatia and Malaysia. Before the birth of Arthur the Philippines invaded Sabah region of Malaysia.

Arthur nGael became a citizen of Ireland after visiting the link on the SeaLion Shop. From day 884 to day 887, Arthur nGael has enrolled in the University College Dublin in Dublin. On day 887, he entered the Military College in Dublin. Later he attended the Graduate Institute of Development Studies of the University of Geneva.

Early Career

He concluded the military training with the hope of becoming a great Commander in the strategic and tactics fields. He had the ability of a great fighter, with high moral principals and standards he was helping his friends and allies.

From the first day he began to work for the company Rainbow*House owned by KLinvest Group, with headquarters in Florida USA. At the time (day 884), the company had 20 workers that operated and supervised the building of houses in Cork. The KLinvest Group also had business activities in the food industry by the name Rainbow*Jello that operated in the Southeast of Brazil. The Group also published the DeLuxe Messenger newspaper in Brazil.

Shield in the walls of the family castle. Arms of Royal House of nGael

Family and Heritage

The funeral of the last ruling King of Ulster.

His Succession and rights came from his family heritage that kept the lineage unbroken since the middle ages. Lord Arthur nGael is the closest male-line Irish royal descendant related to the High Kings of Ireland, the last royal rulers of the Sovereignty Irish soil. There are closer female-line relatives (who according to the Constitutional Charter of 1826 have succession rights), but none of these has Irish nationality (which was required by the Constitutional Charter for succession to the throne); so far none have made any active claim to the throne.

He also kept the family tradition to renunciation to the throne, and give up is heritage rights to the Irish republic the unique authority that he recognizes to be legitimate sovereignty representative of Irish people and all Irish territories.

Arthur nGael have Hereditary titles and Orders of chivalry, and the account his:

His Royal Highness, the Most Serene Lord, King of Ulster, and all Ireland , Marquis of Dublin, Count of Shannon, of Louth, of Cork , of Kerry, of Mayo, Sovereign of the Royal Order of Saint Patrik, Grand Master of the Order of the Immaculate Conception of Dublin, Grand Master by Birth of the Order of Saint Tiago, Judge of the Royal Brotherhood of Saint Columban and Knight of the Irish Order of the Independence

Final days

nGael Family Castle

Arthur nGael was a recurrent figure in forums and post who gave his commentary in every matter of Ireland, regardless was it about the town of Drogheda, or any other subject that had importance for the players of eRepublik. In his life he concentrated in business and financial endeavors, such the investment in stocks, and partnerships in imports and exports in products for Irish Market.

Arrived New World day Country Region
22nd April 2010 884 Icon-Ireland.png Ireland Louth

Since is birth, Arthur nGael was making a fast development, working every day. He also had management skills, and for that was consecutively asked by the owners of the companies where he worked, to have a more executive position as a team manager, raw material extraction engineer and construction manager. His strength was growing exponentially which was making him into a very prominent soldier and worker.

Manufacturing Land Construction Strength
Icon skill manufacturing.gif 0 Icon skill land.gif 1.25 Icon skill construction.gif 1.5 Icon skill strength.gif 3.1

Employee and Business Career

Arthur nGael in his office

Arthur nGael starts his career as an employee for the 'ainbow*House building new homes in Ireland, with an initial salary of 2.45 IEP. In early days he proved to have a great character and that he is a hard worker. On day 887, Arthur nGael resigned as an employee in the Rainbow*House and decided to help the Irish economy by working for a local company that directly helps to develop his own country, as well he decided to improve his skills in the raw materials. At the same day, he started to work in mining (iron) company Irish State Iron Land Training.

Stock Market

ERX is a stock exchange that allows citizens of eRepublik to invest in the companies through buying and selling their shares. It allows anyone to become a stock trader and any company owner to list their companies or organizations, no matter how small or big they are.

The investments in the stock market made Arthur become one of the Irish tycoons. The connections to the ERepublik Stock Exchange (ERX) seemed to have an important role in that process.

Gael Enterprises

With his son (Dillian nGael) and with the support of the nGael Clan, he founded the Gael Enterprises. The founding of the conglomerate, uniting all of the family companies made Gael Enterprises a strong conglomerate.

By 2010, Dillian nGael had brought together several of his business interests under one corporation to form Dillian Enterprise. At about the same time, nGael and Sons Company, under the leadership of Arthur nGael, gained access to a number of key patents through the acquisition of a number of competitors. Subsequently, Gael Enterprises was formed by the 2010 merger of Dillian Enterprise of Dublin, Ireland and Arthur nGael and Sons Company, Drogheda, and both companies remained in operation under the GE banner. The company was incorporated in Galway, Mayo, office as its headquarters.


Arthur nGael was an active promoter and defender of the Pan-Celtic ideals, as he believes in the union of Celtic countries and regions. However, in eRepublik it is difficult that regions became separate from their capitals, and other Celtic regions cannot become independent and forge an alliance with the other Celtic nations, therefore nGael promoted the idea that Ireland goes and rescues other Celtic nations and liberate them from their oppressors.

 The Celtic Culture must be preserved at all cost in Ireland and in the rest of the world. The Irish Culture comes from the Celtic Spirit. Our motherland must be kept safe from foreigner interests. Our economy must grow stronger and start to provide goods and raw materials to other nations in an abundant way, not by the black market. We have to call our brothers and sisters that live around the world, and say to them [...] to return Home, to return to our beloved Ireland. We must call Our friends, and promote a way of peace and prosperity. 
(Athur nGael in the speech for the Independence)

Early political career

Arthur nGael entered Clann na nGael party on day 886. The promotion of a strong Irish economy and the idea to make of Ireland a great nation. It is Center-Right orientated party, promoting Privatization and Conservative fiscal policy. Clann na nGael is also a Libertarian Party, sharing the Ideology of Democracy and Freedom of Press. Arthur was warmly welcomed by the party president, Apples123, and shared many thoughts about the party activities and ideals. He voted at the May presidential elections, encouraging other citizens to express their will through voting.

Military Service

Arthur nGael in uniform.

In military school, Arthur nGael was an energetic and ambitious cadet, deeply interested in the teachings of Dennis Hart Mahan and the theoretical strategic principles of Antoine-Henri Jomi. Arthur appreciated the Irish mind (and culture), and had an understanding of the political and military implications of the sectional differences with United Kingdom that led to the War of the liberation of Northern Ireland. He graduated on day 886, second in his class of 59 cadets, losing the top position (to Allan Mac Anckor) only because of poor drawing skills. He was commissioned a brevet second lieutenant in the Malaysian Corps of Mercenaries.

Arthur nGael was enlisted in the Irish Defence Forces from day 884, at that time the Minister of Defence was Niall H. He became a better soldier in the IDF as he trained every day to achieve the status and privileged position of super-soldier. Rather than using conventional weapons and threats to win battles, Arthur fought with martial arts techniques, such as jogo do Pau , which usually causes fatal injuries to the enemies.

Military rank history

  • Icon-Ireland.png Icon Private.jpg-Icon Corporal.jpg Private to Corporal, Reserves, Irish Defence Forces
    • 22 April 2010 (enlisted on day 884)
    • 23 April 2010 (moved to reservist army on day 885)

Military Ranks and Medals

As an active military, he was recognized by his efforts to help Ireland in its strategical endeavors, being in Irish soil or allied territories. The records also contained information about service awards and medals and date of promotions that Arthur nGael as being received.

Campaign Medals IDF Defence of Malaysia Campaign Medal.jpg IDF Croatian Campaign Medal.jpg
Campaign Name Defence of Malaysia Campaign (mercenary) Defence of Croatia Campaign (mercenary)

Service as a Mercenary

On day 884 Arthur nGael, Private at that time, participate as a mercenary in The Filipino-Malaysian Conflict to help the efforts to defend Sabah and drive out the Filipinos. With other allied soldiers led by Anpkiev from Ukraine, Arthur and his troops ambushed an enemy scouting party of some 30 men, led by teknik562, the Turk. In this confrontation, Arthur was wounded, but they manage to survive and call for the reinforcements. After this baptism of fire, Arthur became a more efficient soldier in the Irish Defence Forces. The result of the battle here

War New World Day Fights Damage done Fought for Region Winner
Icon-Philippines.pngvsIcon-Malaysia.png 884 4 13 Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia Sabah Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia

Service as an Irish Soldier

Arthur nGael becomes an Irish Soldier on 22nd April 2010, with his appointment as private in the Irish Defence Forces.

The Croatian defence war

This conflict is in the scoop of a bigger picture that is the invasion of Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia by Icon-Croatia.png Croatia. Slovenia, at that time a small country of PHOENIX, had long since pestered much stronger Croatia of EDEN by wasting Croatian damage in battles opened by Slovenia. Croatia took advantage of the chaos in the region and invaded Slovenia which lost all regions except Prekmurje without giving up much fight. Slovenia thought that Icon-Hungary.png Hungary would help them in their capital and last region, however, Hungary was busy in Asia and Slovenia was defeated.

After the battle of London, Icon-Croatia.png Croatia invaded Icon-Austria.png Austria using borders from their captured Slovenian territory and Croats won most of eastern Austria from the true Austrians. No offensive was pushed westward. Icon-Hungary.png Hungary swapped into Austria and attacked Croatia, but unfortunately could not win due to Croatian MPPs activated against Hungary. Croatia let all its Austrian territory fall to resistance wars and built a Q5 hospital in Upper Austria. Due to Croatian preoccupation, Slovenia managed to liberate all of its territories. Upper Austria then fell to resistance war and Croatia was gone from Austria and Slovenia.

Arthur nGael in Serbian Prison.

Later, Icon-Poland.png Poland swapped regions through Austria to try to get Croatia into Asia through America again, like their first attempt alone. It worked until the Icon-USA.png United States brought troops to fight in a resistance war instead of Slovenia. The bridge failed and then Slovenia had active MPPs against Poland.

On day 885 Serbia invaded the region of Slavonia commanded by oddyZR. This battle was one of the battlefronts against Croatia, while the other front was Northwest Croatia which was attacked by Hungary. In this battle Arthur, under the command of Ante b, become a prisoner of war, but managed to escape in an airplane cargo container. The result of the battle here.

On day 886 on the Southern Transdanubia front Arthur nGael fought and became wounded severely. Hungary attack late at night on the Croatian border, in the means to pass unnoticed by allied forces. This attack happened a day before the Serbian attack in the region of Slavonia.

The attack was a massive scale attack on Croatian sovereign soil by two major battlefronts. Arthur nGael, although wounded in the last battle against Serbians, fought against the Hungarians that launched an attack on Southern Transdanubia, while his fellow soldiers fought on the Western Transdanubia front. The Irish battalion that fought on this front brought home a major victory in the military history of Ireland. The result of the battle here.

Arthur nGael returned home sooner because of the war wounds since Irish Hospital treatments had great technology at is disposal so he had a better chance to return to normality.

War New World Day Fights Damage done Fought for Region Winner
Icon-Serbia.pngvsIcon-Croatia.png 885 7 30 Icon-Croatia.png Croatia Slavonia Icon-Croatia.png Croatia

The Croatian offence in Hungary

On day 888 Arthur nGael participated in the operations abroad as a soldier of the IDF to help the efforts to restore peace in the region. Fredrikstadtilian led the offence against the warmongering Hungary, the battle was terrible long and Commanders have died in this offensive ordered by Croatia. Arthur has a brief presence in the battle because is health condition at the time was not the most favorable, but he makes a small propaganda campaign announcing to every allied nation to help in the efforts to drive back the Hungary minions of Elle Dinar Andari. The result of the battle here.

In the news:

Romania attacks Hungary and Republic of Moldova, Russia attacks Poland and China, Serbia and Hungary attacks Croatia, and a number of other attacks and Resistance Wars breaks out.

Southern Transdanubia offence and use of a new paramilitary vehicle by Arthur nGael, help in the resolution of a dispute inside of a town, Komló. The use of the new weapon proved decisive in the capture of this town that later was used as a base of operations to conquer the rest of the region. Further conquest of the Baranya County proved to be a strategic point in the occupancy of the region.

The new weapons used are a pre-load of the new version of eRepublik, that soon will be future of military warfare, as said by Arthur after the capture of the town.

War New World Day Fights Damage done Fought for Region Winner
Icon-Hungary.pngvsIcon-Croatia.png 886 1 4 Icon-Croatia.png Croatia Southern Transdanubia Icon-Croatia.png Croatia
War New World Day Fights Damage done Fought for Region Winner
Icon-Croatia.pngvsIcon-Hungary.png 888 1 5 Icon-Croatia.png Croatia Central Transdanubia Icon-Croatia.png Croatia
War New World Day Fights Damage done Fought for Region Winner
Icon-Croatia.pngvsIcon-Hungary.png 890 5 14 Icon-Croatia.png Croatia Southern Transdanubia Icon-Croatia.png Croatia