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Flag of Brolliance
Map of Brolliance
Headquarters Ontario
Members 5

The term Brolliance refers to the close relationship between Canada and the United States, especially during World War III. The word "Brolliance" is a combination of both the words brother and alliance. Since then, it has been used many times and was solidified as an actual alliance by the contract below. Later on, it was expanded to include Australia, Ireland and Japan shortly before the United States seceded from EDEN.


Fortis is no longer an alliance in existence. Due to other potential members opting out, and having only the USA and Canada as members, Fortis eventually gave way to the Brolliance.

Alliance Contract

Main Article: Contract of the Brolliance

The contract for the Brolliance was written by a former President of the US, Emerick, and then signed by the presidents of both countries, with Gaius Julius representing the USA, and Jacobi representing Canada. Although it was written with a comical style, it was a lawful contract that was in effect, until the ruling by the Admin invalidated all national contracts not signed by all elected congress members.

Member Nations

Member countries (orange)