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Congress of Canada
Government of Canada

General Information
Country CanadaCanada
Headquarters Flag-Canada.jpg Ottawa
Established 2007
Part of Canada
Type Congress

The Congressional elections take place on the 25th day of each month. Only the top 5 parties can make nominations for Congress candidates.

Until October 2008, Congressional Elections were held as part of the general elections which included both Presidential & Congressional Elections and they were held on the 1st of each month. Up to this point, citizens voted for the party list in a certain region, not the individual Congress candidates.

From October 2008 up to September 2012, citizens voted for an individual candidate on a party list in a certain region. As of September 2012, citizens vote for lists of party representatives instead of individual candidates which is valid for a whole country, not a certain region.

The first Congressional elections in Canada were held on eDay 11 (1 December 2007) when first ever general elections were held in the New World. Unfortunately, not a lot of data is known from this period and the first known results are from June 2008.

Congress elections

Numbers of Congress seats by parties

Party Seats The last month present in the Congress
The Canadian Progressive Front 1404 July 2021
C.O.R.E. 565 July 2021
Canadiens Francophones 488 July 2021
Party of Opprobium 488 July 2021
Imperial Party of Canada 474 July 2021
Military Dictatorship Party 374 June 2015
Unknown party 349 July 2009
Democratic Action League 220 April 2011
Norsefire Coalition Funhouse 203 February 2012
Canadian Paradox Party 188 July 2012
EPIC 183 May 2012
Canadian Social Democrats 101 March 2010
Union Nationale 90 November 2011
Ministry of Opportunity 71 December 2011
Clan Wolf 67 October 2013
Canadian National Coalition 52 February 2010
Canadian Empire Party 49 January 2011
Canadian Freedom Alliance 40 December 2014
Norsefire Political Machine 37 December 2012
The Crimson Order 35 September 2012
The Norsefire Party of Canada 23 September 2008
Imperial Party of Canada (2012-13) 17 October 2013
Canadian Prosperity Party 16 December 2013
Parti Francophone Canadien 15 February 2014
Canadian Communist Party 14 February 2014
Coalition of Homicidal Anarchists and Organized Sociopaths 12 October 2008
Parti Quebecois 8 September 2008
United Party of Canada 5 November 2012
Sons of Anarchy 5 March 2013
The Imperial Wolves 5 November 2013
Conservative Party 4 February 2014
Bloc Populaire du Quebec 3 October 2008
Prosperity Party of Canada 2 September 2011
Canadian Reform Party 2 August 2013
The Muppet Show 2 January 2014

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