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The Congress is the highest political body of the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands. With a 66% percent majority, Congress can change anything. (In order to amend the constitution, two votes needs to be held in two consecutive terms.)

In the Netherlands, we distinguish the in-game Congress, where simple adjustments to the game, like changing taxes, can be made, and forum Congress, where more complex laws and policies are debated and voted on. Every new law needs to be debated and voted on in forum Congress before being processed in-game.

Forum Access

Every citizen of the Netherlands may participate in public Congress debates. However, if you wish to be able to vote on laws or start a debate, please contact your party president to find out how best to obtain a seat in Congress for your party. (Don’t have access to the forum? Register on and request access to the eUNL usergroup here.)

Congress elections

Congress members are elected on the 25th of every month. All top 5 parties are allowed to propose candidates; the elections are region-wise. Those elected (for exceptions see the Law book) have the right to participate in Congress as stated in the Lawbook of the Netherlands.

Historically, the standard amount of seats was 8 per region; furthermore, there are 4 wild card seats in the capital, the Western Netherlands.

Former Forum Congress

All law proposals (including those of the in-game type) are first debated on the forum. All registered Congress members are added to this forum, where they have the right to propose new measures and vote. A debate lasts for at least 24 hours before a proposal is voted on.

Accepting Citizenship requests

The same rule applies towards giving out citizenships, all citizenship request should be debated at the special SCI forum before being accepted. Accepting a citizenship request without debating it could be seen as a form of high-treason

In-game Congress

All Congress members can propose two in-game laws per term. It is strictly forbidden to propose a law that has not been discussed in the Congress forum.

In-game law proposals

As a member of Congress, click on “propose a law” to propose one of the pre-set law proposals. There is a maximum of two proposals per term.

Don’t forget to post a link to the original forum debate; otherwise, your proposal will be considered illegal and all members are advised to vote “NO”. Donation laws do not need to have a debate and therefore it should link to a specific thread for donation laws on the forums of Netherlands.

Ending your term prematurely

By doing this, you waive all your forum Congress rights. An exception is made for elite soldiers, contact your party president for the conditions.

Congress code of conduct

  • Read the rules of Dutch Congress
  • Using English is preferred, Dutch is allowed if using English is not possible
  • Forum polls don’t count as votes
  • Laws should be quoted in the exact form as when they were first accepted
  • Flaming, provoking flaming, ranting and other forms of abusive behaviour/spam will be deleted.
  • Debates last at least 24 hours

Congress tax

If you are elected to Congress, you are obliged to pay at least Icon-gold.gif 2.5 GOLD to the De Nederlandse Bank.

Chairman and Deputy Chairman

Every 5th of each month a Chairman (CoC) and Deputy Chairman of Congress (dCoC) are elected to help run the debates and voting smoothly. Before the outgoing CoC is leaving his office on the 5th, he will start a debate where all Dutch citizens can run for CoC, when there's a candidate a voting round will be started. The new CoC or outgoing DCoC will start the same procedure as the election for CoC.

Congress newspaper

eNL Congress newspaper is the official publication of the Congress.


The first elections of the Dutch Congress were held in September 2008.