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Starks Hayter

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 13 February 2009
Date of death 2010
Residence Wexford
Sex Male
Congress member of Ireland
25th March 2009 – Unknown
Party president of Irish Socialist Republican Party
16th April 2009 – 15th July 2009
Preceded by Theus Jackus
Succeeded by Darragh O Faolain
Minister of New Citizens of Ireland
7th April 2009 – 8th May 2009
Preceded by uaithne
Succeeded by binksy
Minister of Information of Ireland
8th May 2009 – 8th June 2009
Preceded by Severin
Succeeded by Theus Jackus
Minister of Finance and Industry of Ireland
8th June 2009 – 6 July 2009
Preceded by Patton
Succeeded by Brian Boru
President of Ireland
6 July 2009 – 5 August 2009
Preceded by Nithraldur
Succeeded by Aran Tal
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Starks Hayter became a citizen of Ireland on the 13th of February 2009 (Day 451).
He worked and trained every day, and become active on the Irish Forums. There he made the errors of prompting citizens to make a formal apology to Zagarius, a US immigrant who he felt had been treated unfairly; and supported a controversial movement for a referendum on ESA membership. He began to gain trust and support from other citizens when he became a congressman. There, he proved to be very active. His first bill was reasonably received and passed. He has also served as Party president for the ISRP and Ministers of New Citizens, Information, and Finance an Industry; and President of Ireland.

Starks is considered to be one of the top citizens to emerge from the 'Baby Boomer Revolution'. The Baby Boomer Revolution was a period from January 2009 to early March 2009, where many citizens joined Ireland each day. Severin is another top citizen to emerge from this time. To 'pull a Starks' is to run for an elected position with little experience, and to beat the competition by a wide margin.

In November 2009 Starks Hayter re-emerged into Irish politics, announcing his candidacy for the upcoming Party president elections in his old party, now under the name of the Irish Social Democrats. This was met with mixed skepticism, amusement and support for the former impeached President.

Political Activity


Starks Hayter joined the Irish Socialist Republican Party under Party president Theus Jackus.


In his first month, he ran for Congress in the Southeast and was voted in. He is responsible for the bill, Referendum Policy and Referendum Organisation in response to a call for a referendum over the issue of ESA membership. He has been active as a congressman, discussing and voting on every issue and law in his term.

Minister of New Citizens

When Top Gun won the Irish presidency, Starks became a member of the Cabinet as Minister of New Citizens. He has been answering questions and has written several articles to help new citizens in Ireland.

Party president

Starks ran for the position of Party president for the Irish Socialist Republican Party in April 2009. Every other candidate for the role, Kiemar, Sean Greene, Thomas Page and Kevin Hutchinson, were older and more experienced citizens. Starks became the youngest Party president in Ireland by a week. In his first congress election as Party president, 17 of the 19 of his party's candidates to apply won seats, breaking the party record and making his party the one with the most seats in the country

Despite heave allegations against him in May that he was in fact not socialist, and was letting the party drift center-right, Starks took a second term as Party president, beating candidates Theus Jackus, binksy, Thomas Page and Leon Boneparte.

Starks ran unopposed in June and decided shortly thereafter that it would be his last consecutive term as Party president

Minister of Information

Starks became the Minister of Information when Nithraldur took his second term as President. His job consisted of releasing articles informing citizens of various events in Ireland.

Presidential Campaign

In June, Starks led a very successful campaign with Aran Tal as the running mate. Starks and Aran led a five-party coalition known as the Alliance of Change against incumbent Nithraldur, and Starks lost his first ever election by a mere 19 votes.

Minister of Finance and Industry

Starks took one of the top jobs in the Irish cabinet, as MoFI. His job mostly consists of regulating the government-owned State Companies, as well as regulating Ireland's finances and private industry.

President of Ireland

Running a second time, with the same running mate, Aran Tal, and many of the same policies, Starks managed a victory over incumbent Nithraldur in July. During his term, he went inactive during a turbulent time and cited much Irish criticism.

Economic Activity

Aspiration Org

Starks Hayter co-owns an organisation with Blair Kelly, Aspiration Org, which currently owns a Q1 Weapons company, Aspiration Arms. Arguments started over the org, as Starks felt Blair was not pulling his weight and was interfering in company business. In June, with the prices of weapons crashing, Starks found it difficult to sell weapons. He closed Aspiration Weapons and decided to buy a Gifts company in the Philippines, which has yet to open

Offaly Enterprises

Starks also started business with fellow entrepreneurs, Carter Malloy, binksy and Mannimarco. Offaly Enterprises at the time owned a Q1 moving tickets company and a Q2 oil company. Starks had a disagreement with his co-investors shortly afterwords and left the group.

Media Activity

Starks owns a newspaper, The eIrish Review, and has posted some successful articles to date. Most notable of which was an article entitled The Low Quality of Irish Media, which received 44 votes and yielded the newspapers first subscribers. He has also used his newspaper for political platforms and for his work as Minister of New Citizens, Irish Department of Information and Irish Department of Finance.

Starks also controls the ISRP Press Office.

Military Activity

Starks enrolled himself in the Irish Defence Force in the 1st Semi Mechanised Division but was unable to become involved due to political activity. He later rejoined, in Division 10. He has fought in the war games between the United States of America and Ireland.